3 Great Reasons To Book A Stay At Hotel Sogo [Must-Read]

August 15, 2021

Here's why I think Hotel Sogo is a great choice for family-friendly celebrations as well as corporate events.

Hotel Sogo is a good choice for overnight accommodation or even a weekend staycation because of its clean, affordable, and high-quality rooms. These days when lockdowns are still the norm, a reliable and safe lodging such as Hotel Sogo is definitely a big advantage to essential workers.

Hotel Sogo personnel

3 Great Reasons To Book A Stay At Hotel Sogo [Must-Read]

    The evolution of the Hotel Sogo brand

    Hotel Sogo has always been known as a budget hotel, catering to a wide range of clientele: from travelers to motorists, and even couples who are looking for a comfortable place to spend the night in.

    Over the last several years though, Hotel Sogo has built a brand based on Filipinos love for celebrations. As such, Hotel Sogo has evolved to become a hotel that caters to family-friendly and even corporate gatherings. These days, one can expect to find intimate celebrations for all occasions in Hotel Sogo.

    What to love in Hotel Sogo

    Hotel Sogo is truly living up to its tagline of being “So Clean…So Good.” Its clean and affordable rooms combined with a welcoming image make Hotel Sogo an attractive choice especially to those who are looking for a place near their workplace to spend the night in.

    Here are some of the reasons to love Hotel Sogo even more:

    1. It has doubled up its effort to ensure safety within its premises

    We are all aware of the impact brought by the Covid-19 pandemic to businesses especially those in the hospitality industry. Health and safety have been a concern that’s why Hotel Sogo has focused on these two aspects as we navigate through the new normal.

    Hotel Sogo keeps its rooms and utensils sanitary

    “Here at Hotel Sogo, we are trying on things to help improve the situation in our hotels as early as March 2020 last year. From that point on, we continued to research, invest further, and develop innovative ways to upgrade our safety protocols especially in cleanliness and sanitation,” said Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Corporate Marketing Manager.

    Hotel Sogo has put in place enhanced new normal protocols like no contact fixtures and thermal scans, UVC disinfection in rooms, lobbies, and air-conditioning units, increased ventilation, microbial testing (a method to indicate the presence and number of microorganisms), Covid sniffer dogs, reduced touchpoints, and application of anti-microbial coatings on frequently touched surfaces.

    Hotel Sogo health and safety protocols

    Hotel Sogo has 11 So Safe Innovations which puts a priority on the safety and wellness of guests and its employees.

    “This ongoing pandemic has helped us to take further steps in giving importance to safety. The innovations that I speak of are the development and improvement of amenities that revolve around the 4 major ways to prevent the spread of the virus and protect our guests like reduction of touchpoints, improve air quality, disinfection, and testing.," Geminiano added. 

    "It is important to test all these protocols to make sure that all these innovations are really effective to keep our guests safe; we want our guests to feel safe and secured whenever they stay at Hotel Sogo. We will continue to protect our guests and develop more upgraded protocols even after the pandemic,” concluded Geminiano.

    2. Hotel Sogo has been very active in helping frontliners in the pandemic

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, Hotel Sogo is one of the hotels that has been very active in helping frontliners. It has donated 800 rooms in key areas around the country for free, giving clean lodging to healthcare workers from about 25 hospitals.

    Hotel Sogo lobby safety

    "Even at this time of GCQ, Hotel Sogo is still accepting frontliners, essential, repatriated OFW, seafarers, and economic workers across all Hotel Sogo branches. We are also accommodating those who prefer long-term stay for their work purposes,” said Geminiano.

    3. Hotel Sogo has a heart for the needy

    Even before the pandemic though, Hotel Sogo has been active in helping communities via its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Sogo Cares. Hotel Sogo is helping indigent communities who need basic necessities, such as food, medicines, and water.

    Hotel Sogo safety measures

    “Recently, we donated food packs with linens and towels to the fire victims at Manila. We also donated essential needs such as bottled water, linens, pillows, surgical masks, pillowcases, and mattresses to the Philippine General Hospital with the help of AFP and we also gave assistance in different community pantries in Bulacan and Quezon City. Our team will definitely help those who are in need in these trying times," Geminiano shared. 

    Since 2015, Hotel Sogo, through Sogo Cares, has conducted over 400 medical missions with more than 100,000 beneficiaries and led over 600 donations with over 170,000 beneficiaries.

    Hotel Sogo’s branches

    Hotel Sogo has branches in several locations around the country. Here is the complete list of Hotel Sogo branches so that you won’t have to google “Sogo Hotel near me” anymore. 

    Hotel Sogo elevator lobby

    The telephone numbers are also listed here so that you can easily inquire which Sogo Hotel is open today as well as the prevailing rates.

    Metro Manila

    LRT Monumento
    Telephone number: 8364-7646

    Telephone number: 8736-2502 -05

    Mabini, Malate
    Telephone number: 522-7646

    EDSA, Guadalupe Makati
    Telephone number: 8882-7646 or 8882-7649

    Cubao, Aurora
    Telephone number: 8421-2101

    Telephone number: 8532-7646

    EDSA, Pasay Rotonda
    Telephone number: 8852-7646 or 8852-0734

    Telephone number: 8938-7646

    EDSA, Cubao
    Telephone number: 8723-4351 to 52

    Alabang Rotonda
    Telephone number: 8807-7646 or 8809-6105

    EDSA, Caloocan
    Telephone number: 8367-7646

    Telephone number: 8734-7646

    EDSA Harrison Pasay
    Telephone number: 88513811-14 or 8854-7646

    Banawe Ave.
    Telephone number: 8749-5707

    Sta. Mesa
    Telephone number: 8716-7646, 8714-0197, and 8714-1632

    Quezon Avenue
    Telephone number: 8376-7646 or 8376-6157

    Quirino Ave.
    Telephone number: 8525-4600

    North Edsa
    Telephone number: 8928-7646

    Bagong Barrio
    Telephone number: 8332-8978 to 80

    Telephone number: 8661-9069

    Alabang Jr.
    Telephone number: 8842-1400

    EDSA, Pasay Wood St.
    Telephone number: 8843-0235 or 8772-4071

    Telephone number: 8823-5462

    Roxas Boulevard
    Telephone number: 8865-6986

    Telephone number: 8816-2980 or 8816-2479

    Alabang Southroad
    Telephone number: 8850-2035 or 8842-7744

    Makati Avenue
    Telephone number: 8552-7646 or 8395-7694

    Timog Avenue
    Telephone number: 8983-8630, 8983-8695, and 8983-8681

    Mindanao Avenue
    Telephone number: 8293 1909


    Telephone number: 416-8050

    San Pedro, Laguna
    Telephone number: 8847-7646 or 8808-2507

    Imelda Avenue, Cainta
    Telephone number: 249-2433

    Bacoor, Cavite
    Telephone number: (046) 417-8877 or (046) 417-4844

    Mexico, Pampanga
    Telephone number: 8400-6218 or (045) 966-7646

    Telephone number: (028) 400 6215

    Telephone number: 8533-8220 (Manila line)

    Sta. Rosa, Laguna
    Telephone number: 8359-6692

    Cagayan De Oro
    Telephone number: (088) 8520383, (088) 8550491, and 8401-9285

    Telephone number: (054) 472-7646, (054) 473-7646, and 8736-7637

    Telephone number: 88400-6216 or (045) 332-7646

    Telephone number: (8) 519-4638 or (046) 473-9234

    For the best in Hotel Sogo rates as well other deals, you may check here.


    Hotel Sogo is one of the most popular hotels in the Philippines because of its affordability and its presence in key cities around the country. In the last several years though, it has transitioned to become a family-friendly hotel, catering to intimate celebrations and even corporate events.

    In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hotel Sogo is also doing its part to help medical workers as well as needy communities. This is genuinely an admirable act that brings in good vibes to Filipinos; exactly what we need in these trying times.

    For updates, visit Hotel Sogo’s website or like and follow Hotel Sogo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Hotel Sogo review

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    1. The one on Bacoor is the nearest Hotel Sogo in my area. Honestly i have never got a chance to checkin in Hotel Sogo but thanks for giving us a virtual tour.
      It's nice how they exert efforts to keep their place pandemic-friendly and absolutely covid-free.
      And kudos for them for all their charity works thatbi bet most people are not aware. More power to them
      Thank you for sharing

    2. A kind of place that , we usually love and appreciate . To its precautionary measure,the right protocol, indeed such as " so good "

    3. Lizel Tejares Purcia15 August 2021 at 06:05

      Hotel sogo is highly recommended affordable hotel to stay. This is great initiative that hotelsogo implemented and follow health protocols. They are aware in giving importance to all safety of their customers and employees.

    4. Very recommended talaga Ang sogo hotel dahil so clean and so good. Ang ganda ng hotel na ito dahil ang linis ng mga rooms and affordable and very comfy. Perfect din dito mag staycation at they follow the protocols pa kaya sure na safe 🥰

    5. Looks very Corona-safe, which is very important nowadays. Happy to see they are making so many adaptions to keep clients safe.

    6. Looks very Corona-safe, which is very important nowadays. Happy to see they are making so many adaptions to keep clients safe.

    7. Looks very Corona-safe, which is very important nowadays. Happy to see they are making so many adaptions to keep clients safe.

    8. Kudos SOGO ✔️ mula noon Hanggang ngayon talaga.. Habang tumatagal mas lalo pa gumaganda ang kanila serbisyo specially ngayong pandemic, iniisip talaga nila ang kapakanan ng kanilang mga costumer at sinisigurado talaga nila ang kaligtasan ng bawat isa The best ka talaga!!

    9. I am so glad to hear the hotel is taking safety precautions seriously. I worry about travelling and going to a hotel and its nice to see Hotel Sogo is on top of all this.

    10. Defenitly must Stay Here, Sogo Hotel Truly is one of the Most Clean and Awesome Hotel in the Philippines, highly recommended po talaga lalo na't patuloy na gumaganda ang kanilang Serbisyo para mas maging safe ang kanilang mga Customers, Following the Right and Safety Protocols Always at NakakaAmaze na ganda ng mga Pahingaan na sobrang marerelax ka po talaga..m

    11. I have never heard of a Covid Sniffer dog. I am interested in learning more about how this works and if it works.

    12. Hotel sogo is highly recommended affordable hotel to stay. love the interior. Thanks for sharing with us.

    13. Looks awesome and it's wonderful how they've helped during COVID-19! I wish I could say the same for hotels here.

    14. Wow!!! Hotel Sogo has everything COVID19 under control, I can see! I'm even fascinated by the COVID19-sniffer dogs! I didn't they think they are an actual thing. And big ups to the UV light-touch! Thanks for sharing.

    15. Great that they are taking safety precautions - so nice to hear when so many people and businesses aren't!

    16. How cool is it that this hotel works so hard to be COVID safe! I love all of the innovations to make sure the hotel is as safe as possible. Maybe other places will follow their lead.

    17. Patricia Chamberlain16 August 2021 at 10:11

      Hotel sogo sounds like a wonderful and affordable hotel. I love that they have implemented and followed health protocols.

    18. Good to know. I haven't heard of this hotel chain before but they certainly sound great. Obviously, I particularly like that the wer helping front liners during the pandemic. They conquered my heart with this generosity. Will remember this post when I finally have the chance to visit the Philippines.

    19. Thanks for enlightening our readers about Hotel Sogo. It used to have that other reputation but now, it's gearing towards being family-centric.

    20. Awesome hotel, I like that they take care of community and make sure they are safe.

    21. Great to know about their safety precautions I've visit Sogo ones and I like their rooms

    22. We have been considering a bit of travel too. Still worried about the corona virus though.

    23. Looks like a great place. And, that doggo pic is so damn cute.