4 Sweet Reasons To Love Nine Fresh Dessert Bowls [Review]

August 13, 2021

Find out in this post why it's easy to fall in love with Nine Fresh dessert bowls.

If you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary sweet and refreshing treats, then you should definitely try Nine Fresh dessert bowls. Aside from Nine Fresh’s specialties and signature offerings, it also lets customers create and customize their own dessert bowls, thus, adding fun to the whole experience.

Nine Fresh dessert bowls

4 Sweet Reasons To Love Nine Fresh Dessert Bowls [Review]

    Get to know Nine Fresh

    Nine Fresh is a popular dessert chain in Singapore that offers an exciting assortment of Jiufen-inspired chilled taro ball sweets in bowls. Nine Fresh made a debut in the Philippines in 2020, with the aim of providing Filipinos with a new and exciting dessert concept that they will surely love.

    A cup of Nine Fresh dessert

    Nine Fresh currently has five branches in the Philippines and these can be found in the following locations:

    SM City Manila
    Upper Ground Level (outside Mary Grace Cafรฉ)

    SM City Fairview
    Upper Ground Level (opposite Jollibee)

    SM City Southmall
    Lower Ground Level (in front of the carousel)

    SM City San Lazaro
    Lower Ground Level (in front of the food court)

    SM City North EDSA
    City Center, Second Level (in front of Dairy Queen)

    What’s in Nine Fresh’s Menu

    Nine Fresh’s menu is composed of Taro Ball Signatures, Mixed Bases Specialties, Freshly Brewed Tea, and Create Your Own Bowls.

    Taro Ball Signatures

    • Nine Fresh Signature - made of bean curd, grass jelly, red bean, green bean, pinto bean, peanuts, and taro balls (P115).
    • Grass Jelly Special – made with grass jelly, aloe vera pearl jelly, black sugar jelly dice, taro balls, and milk cup (P110).
    • Black Pearl Ai-Yu Special – made with ai-yu jelly, red bean, black pearls, taro balls, and milk cup (P120).
    • Fruity Ai-Yu Jelly – made with ai-yu jelly, aloe vera pearl jelly, mango pearl jelly, konjac jelly, taro balls, and milk cup (P125).
    • Eight Treasures Grass Jelly – made with grass jelly, mixed bean, taro balls, and milk cup (P95).
    • Pearly Bean Curd – composed of bean curd, mango pearl jelly, black pearls, konjac jelly, and taro balls (P120).
    • Bubblicious Ai-Yu Jelly – this has ai-yu jelly, lychee pearl jelly, passion fruit pearl jelly, black sugar jelly dice, taro balls, and milk cup (P125).
    • Royal Ai-Yu Jelly – made of ai-yu jelly, red bean, green bean, barley, lotus nuts, taro balls, and milk cup (P120).
    • Black Cup – composed of grass jelly, lychee pearl jelly, konjac jelly, black pearl, taro balls, and milk cup (P120).

    Mixed Bases Specialty

    • Mixed Bean Cup – made of ai-yu jelly, grass jelly, red bean, green bean, pinto bean, peanuts, taro balls, and milk cup (P120)
    • Tropical Cup – made of ai-yu jelly, grass jelly, lychee pearl jelly, mango pearl jelly, taro balls, and milk cup (P120).
    • Treasure Cup – composed of ai-yu jelly, grass jelly, eight treasures bean, grape pearl jelly, taro balls, and milk cup (P120).
    • Abundance Cup – contains bean curd, grass jelly, red bean, sweet potato, yam, and taro balls (P130).
    • Yin-Yang Cup – contains bean curd, grass jelly, grape pearl jelly, passion fruit pearl jelly, green bean, and taro balls (P125).
    • Golden Cup – this is composed of bean curd, ai-yu jelly, mango pearl jelly, barley, lotus nuts, taro balls, and milk cup (P125).
    • Sunshine Cup – this contains bean curd, ai-yu jelly, eight treasures bean, konjac jelly, and taro balls (P125).
    • Aww In One Cup – this is made of bean curd, grass jelly, ai-yu jelly, black pearls, mini taro Q, taro balls, and milk cup (P130).
    • Taro Cup – this has bean curd, grass jelly, ai-yu jelly, red bean, lotus nuts, yam, and taro balls (P130).

    Freshly Brewed Tea

    Your choice of Red Tea (P60), Jasmine Green Tea (P60), Jasmine Oolong Tea (P60), Earl Grey Tea (P60), Milk Tea (P70), and Earl Grey Milk Tea (P70).

    Nine Fresh create your own dessert bowls

    To your choice of tea, you can add toppings: black pearl (P20), mini taro Q (P25), any jelly topping (P25), red bean/green bean/pinto bean/eight treasures bean (P20), barley/soft peanuts (P20), and any dessert base (P20).

    If you are not sure of what to try first, you can begin with the bestsellers: the Nine Fresh Signature and the Fruity Ai- Yu Jelly. Both of these are highly recommended.

    Things to like about Nine Fresh

    Aside from offering a novel dessert idea to Filipinos, there are many other things that customers will love about Nine Fresh.

    Here are some of them:

    1. Nine Fresh's dessert bowls are delicious and filling

    Nine Fresh dessert bowls are delicious. They are made of fresh ingredients that are prepared every day to ensure that each bowl tastes superior. What’s more, the generous helping of fixings will surely leave consumers feeling full and satisfied.

    Here are some interesting facts about Nine Fresh’s bases:

    • Bean curd - made from freshly-ground soya bean, the texture of which is almost similar to our version of taho.
    • Grass jelly - a slightly different rendition of our local gulaman
    • Ai-yu jelly - made from the seeds of fig fruits and is lightly sweetened with black sugar

    Aside from the above bases, Nine Fresh also offers colorful and delicious taro balls that come in four flavors: sweet potato, purple yam, matcha, and ube.

    2. Nine Fresh offers affordable items

    The best way to get to a customer’s heart (and stomach) is to offer affordable products. Nine Fresh offers excellent quality sweets at a price that is easy on the pocket. I think that’s a good enough reason to indulge in a Nine Fresh dessert bowl.

    3. Nine Fresh lets you create your own dessert bowl

    What’s also good about Nine Fresh is that it lets you customize your own bowl, so you can add all your favorite ingredients in one container.

    Nine Fresh customizable dessert bowls

    This is a fairly simple step. Just choose your base (bean curd, grass jelly, ai-yu jelly, or combine any two or three bases), add the toppings of your choice, and you’re done.

    For the toppings, the choices are black pearls, soft or roasted peanuts, lotus nuts, barley, red beans, green beans, pinto beans, eight treasure beans, sweet potatoes, yams, konjac jellies, black sugar jellies, aloe vera pearl jellies, mango pearl jellies, lychee pearl jellies, passionfruit pearly jellies, grape pearly jellies, mini taro Q, milk cup.

    4. The dessert bowls are picture-worthy

    I just had to add this because the Nine Fresh dessert bowls do look good. They are Instagrammable, which I think is a big factor for food products to attract a loyal following these days.

    How to order from Nine Fresh

    Customers may order from any of Nine Fresh's branches or via delivery through GrabFood and foodpanda.


    Nine Fresh is offering delicious and filling dessert bowls and iced tea drinks to Filipino customers. What's good about these dessert bowls is that the ingredients are made fresh daily, thus ensuring the excellent quality of the products. 

    For more information, you may visit Nine Fresh's website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and ongoing promos.

    Nine Fresh dessert bowls review

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