5 Great Reasons To Make Hand-Drawn Worksheets For Your Kids

April 20, 2021

Here are 5 top reasons why you should make hand drawn printable activity worksheets for your kids.

We were having our usual Saturday morning tabletop activities with our eldest son but we suddenly ran out of clean worksheets for his tracing exercise. I didn’t want him to lose his momentum so I had to improvise by drawing circles on a clean sheet of paper.

Free hand-drawn printables

5 Great Reasons To Make Hand-Drawn Worksheets For Your Kids

    Honestly, I quite enjoyed that brief moment when I did the drawings so I figured “Why don’t I just draw Miguel’s worksheets myself?” so that’s what I did. I made several hand-drawn worksheets for my son’s daily activities and they seemed to have worked fine with him.

    Color and trace printable
    Color and trace

    Materials needed for your hand-drawn worksheets

    If you do decide to make hand-drawn worksheets for your kids, you would only need materials that are readily available in your home. These are the following:

    1. Clean sheets of paper

    Of course, you need clean sheets of paper for your drawings. You can use the pad papers with lines but I prefer to use either bond papers or drawing pads.

    2. Ballpen

    I like using a ball pen for drawing the shapes and figures because the lines look much cleaner. Plus, I just find the pen easier to use overall. In the end, it’s up to you to use whatever’s comfortable for you.

    3. Crayons and poster paint

    I also used crayons and poster paint for drawings that needed color.

    Trace the numbers and words printable worksheet
    Trace the numbers and words

    Benefits of making hand-drawn worksheets

    I think hand-drawn children’s worksheets are much advantageous to use as compared to store-bought commercial worksheets. Here’s why I believe they are:

    1. They are practical

    Hand-drawn worksheets are much practical because you don’t have to buy them separately. What I mean is that you are buying papers and crayons for kids anyway, so you might as well just make the worksheets yourself.

    Plus, the designs aren’t really for one-time use only because you can convert them to printable worksheets. Take a photo of your worksheets and save them as pdf files. When you need them for your kids, just print a batch at home.

    2. It can sharpen your creativity

    These hand-drawn worksheets are great for honing your creativity. I admit that not all of the designs in our worksheets are original, which just means that I remember seeing some of them in children’s books and cartoons. Nonetheless, there are also other drawings that are based purely on my imagination.

    Moreover, I’m sure that you haven’t also been drawing for a long time so this is a great opportunity to put those drawing skills to work.

    3. Drawing can relax and de-stress you

    This is one of the best benefits that I got from making hand-drawn worksheets; it relaxed and de-stressed me. I liked the quiet moment of concentration when I did the drawing and I didn’t even have to spend too much time doing it. in fact, I did around seven worksheets in less than an hour.

    4. You have full control over the activities to include

    What’s good about hand-drawn worksheets is that you have full control over the activities to include. You can make a batch that involves coloring, then another batch on tracing, another set on matching, and so on.

    Color the flower free printable
    Color the flower

    Your options are endless; you just have to put your creativity to work.

    5. You can use it as a bonding moment with your kids

    This is another great benefit of doing hand-drawn worksheets. If your kids can already draw, you can involve them in the whole activity. It’s another great bonding opportunity with them. They’d also get to enjoy it as they learn.


    I recently realized that I can make hand-drawn worksheets for my kids, and I thought they were a lot more beneficial as compared to buying ready-to-use worksheets. Of course, you can also opt to do it on your computer if that’s your choice but I’ll still urge you to draw your own worksheets because it’s a great de-stressing activity.

    I’m sure your mind is filled with a lot of thoughts right now because of the pandemic so we can all use a little break.

    If you want to download my hand-drawn printable worksheets, you can get them from this blog's PRINTABLES PAGE.

    You are free to use them at work and at school but they shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes. You can also check that page from time to time for the new worksheets that I will upload.

    Hand-drawn printables
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    1. Offering children multiple ways to learn can really help with connecting the lesson. As well, personalized worksheets really show a child how important they are.

    2. That sounds fun to do! And your drawing is so cute!

    3. I once worked as a private tutor and i think i taught all my nieces too and i must say that this is indeed a very effective approach. Visual aids like these are indeed practical and yes, it gives you limitless possibilities.. Also kids can easily pick up their lessons if they have creative visuals like this...

    4. I like Hand-Drawn Worksheets for the kids. My niece and nephews love it so much! It gives them so much creativity.

    5. When I was a nanny I used to do these for the kids I nannied for and absolutely will for my kids

    6. Couldn't agree more on your points. I guess you can also try to make use of used papers with clean back so that you can also save on buying paper and help lessen garbage. Thanks for the printable, I will check it out and try for my nephew.

    7. Those are some great points to keep in mind and it's actually a wonderful idea as well.

    8. practical it is!! and it's worth the task! you'll get to enjoy doing it for your kiddos!!