Miguel & Rafa’s First Christmas Party at McDonald’s Belfast

December 23, 2022

Miguel and Rafa attended their very first Christmas party at McDonald's Belfast.

One of the events that Mommy Khris and I excitedly looked forward to in the last three weeks was Miguel’s school Christmas party. We were excited because this was Miguel’s first-ever Christmas party, and we are bringing Rafa along with us.

Family photo during Miguel and Rafa's first Christmas party at McDonald's Belfast

Miguel & Rafa’s First Christmas Party at McDonald’s Belfast

As we all know, health protocols have been very strict during the last few two years, which meant that face-to-face events were a definite no-no. So, imagine our excitement when we can finally take our two kids to a real Christmas party.

Miguel’s Christmas party was held at McDonald’s in Belfast. We went here early because we wanted to secure a parking space. It turned out to be a good decision because we got to park near the entrance of the restaurant. It’s a relatively new branch so the interiors are quite contemporary.

Miguel and Rafa in their first Christmas party at McDonald's Belfast

The reserved room for the Christmas party was on the second level of the restaurant; it’s the typical fast-food party set up with a tarpaulin (although it read "Happy Birthday") in front and balloons on the wall. Rafa kept asking me to get him a balloon, which I did because we were in the corner and I figured nobody will notice.

Mommy and Miguel

I was expecting the event to be a little chaotic because it was two LSEN classes combined. Surprisingly though, everything went smoothly with the kids mostly staying in their seats and just enjoying the games and food.

Speaking of food, it included McDonald’s fried chicken and spaghetti for the kids while for us adults, it was cheeseburgers, fries, and apple pie. Miguel and Rafa must be hungry during that time because we didn’t have a hard time feeding them.

Rafa enjoying his first Christmas party at McDonald's Belfast

As for the games, it was the usual parlor games of “Bring Me,” nursery rhymes, and some singing. Loot bags, toys, and McDonald’s Happy Meals were distributed to the kids. Miguel was mostly fine with the activities that they did but it was Rafa who really enjoyed the party really well.

Exchange gift during Miguel and Rafa's first Christmas party at McDonald's Belfast

On the other hand, we were nothing but happy to see our children having a good time, interacting with other kids, as well as giving and receiving gifts. I hope the COVID-19 situation continues to improve so that we can have more face-to-face events where we can take our children. 

Enjoy the holidays with your family!

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