Bantayan Island, Manjuyod Sandbar, and Dumaguete City tour: Six-Day DIY Itinerary + Cost

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sample DIY travel itinerary and actual expenses during our recent trip to Bantayan Island, Manjuyod Sandbar and Dumaguete City.

This Bantayan Island, Manjuyod Sandbar, and Dumaguete City six-day do-it-yourself (DIY) itinerary with cost is intended for travelers who are looking for a quick guide on what to do, where to stay, and where to eat during the course of your travel to the aforementioned destinations. This article also contains our expenses, inclusive of total spend as well as cost per item, during our recent trip to Bantayan Island, Manjuyod Sandbar, and Dumaguete City.

We hope you find this guide helpful. This is not a budget itinerary but you can definitely remove some details to fit your travel budget. In the end, if you have the money and means, do splurge when you are traveling. Don't scrimp on your food and accommodation if you can. Order that food that you like to eat or stay in a hotel that suits your fancy. Traveling is meant to be enjoyed. 

Bantayan Island and Manjuyod Sandbar itinerary

By the way, we did not include airfare in this budget guide because it's variable. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to score a flight via seat sale soon.

Bantayan Island, Manjuyod Sandbar, and Dumaguete City tour: Six-Day DIY Itinerary + Cost

Day 1 (Manila to Cebu)

> NAIA to Mactan International Airport (5:15 AM ETD to 7:15 AM ETA via AirAsia)
> Travel from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port via Ceres bus (Cebu North Terminal to Hagnaya port to Sta. Fe port)
      Taxi = Php160
      Terminal fee = Php10
      Bus fare = Php200/head

> Travel from Hagnaya Port to Bantayan Island
      Ferry ride = Php140/head
      Terminal fee = Php10/head

> Arrival at Sta. Fe town, Bantayan and Anika Island Resort check-in (Php 1,700/night)

> Lunch at Anika Island Resort's Chloe Cafe: fish tinola, grilled pork belly, pancit canton (Php714)

> Dinner at Anika Island Resort's Chloe Cafe: tuna sandwich, coffee, and Milo (Php341.25)

Day 2 (Island-Hopping Tour and Sta. Fe town sightseeing)

> Breakfast at Anika Island Resort's Chloe Cafe: pork tapa & waffles (Php415.8)

> Buy supplies at public market for our island-hopping tour
     Water and chips = Php225
     Tricycle fare = Php100

> Buy packed lunch at Anika Island Resort's Chloe Cafe (Php420)

> Island Hopping Tour at Virgin Island
     Boat rental = Php1000
     Admission fee (min. of 2) = Php500
     Snorkeling gear rental = Php75/head

> Ogtong Cave (Sta. Fe Beach Club)
     Admission fee = Php100/head
     Tricycle = Php240

> Kota Beach (Camp Sawi) - free admission and visit to the sandbar

> Dinner at HR Seafood Restaurant (Php1115, grilled fish, baked oysters, chili crab, crispy shrimps, rice, and drinks)

Day 3 (Bantayan town tour and travel to Dumaguete City)

> Bantayan town Tour (visit St. Peter and Paul Church and public market)
    Tricycle = Php50
    Multicab = Php50
    Breakfast = Php150 for 2
    Jeep to Sta. Fe = Php50

> Check out from Anika Island Resort

> Ferry ride from Sta. Fe Port to Hagnaya Port
      Ferry = Php170/head
     Terminal fee = Php20/head

> Travel from Hagnaya Port to South Bus Terminal via Ceres Bus (Php165/head)

> Ceres bus ride to Bato Port (Php205/head)

> Ferry ride from Bato Port to Tampi Port (Php70/head)

> Ceres bus ride from Tampi Port to Dumaguete City (Php65/head)

> Tricycle ride from Ceres bus terminal to Golden Gate Suites (Php40)

> Check-in at Golden Gate Suites (Php1700/night)

> Dinner at McDonald’s (Php339)

Day 4 (Manjuyod Sandbar and Dumaguete City tour)

> Ceres bus ride from Dumaguete City to Bais City (Php55/head)

> Manjuyod Sandbar Tour (this includes tricycle pick up from Bais City proper to CapiƱahan wharf, boat ride to and from the sandbar, then another tricycle ride back to the city proper)
     Php1600 + Php50/head payment for use of shower

> Ceres bus ride to Dumaguete City (Php55/head)

> Tricycle ride to Lantaw Seafood Restaurant (Php30)

> Lunch at Lantaw Seafood Restaurant (Php1008, we ordered baked talaba, grilled tanigue, garlic buttered prawns, adobong kangkong, buko shake, buko lychee, bibingka ala mode, and plain rice)

> Dumaguete City Tour by foot (P1,048, coffee, dessert, and pasta at Sans Rival Restaurant). We also went at the night market at the boulevard and had some street food.

Day 5 (Atmosphere Resort & Spa)

> Breakfast at Sison's Painitan (Dumaguete Public Market)
     Hot chocolate = Php10
     Coffee with condensed milk = Php24
     Kabog = Php15
     Puto = Php20

> Check out from Golden Gate Suites

> Travel to Dauin municipality (Atmosphere Resort & Spa) - Free shuttle c/o Atmosphere

> Check in at Atmosphere Resort & Spa (Php11,500/night)

Day 6 (Dumaguete City to Manila)

> Check out from Atmosphere Resort & Spa (Food = Php2405)

> Travel to airport (Free shuttle c/o Atmosphere)

> Flight back to Manila

The total cost for two of our Bantayan Island - Manjuyod Sandbar - Dumagute City Tour is Php31, 270.05 or Php15,635.03 per head, inclusive of 12% VAT. Note that costs and prices are updated as of the publishing date of this post.

If you have any question, please feel free to post it in the comments section below. You may also send me a private message via e-mail or through my Facebook page.

Enjoy your travels!

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