Golden Gate Suites: A Practical Choice In Dumaguete City

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Find out why Golden Gate Suites is a wise choice when traveling to Dumaguete City.

Golden Gate Suites in Dumaguete City combines affordability, comfort, and proximity to the city's attractions and shopping destinations. 

Golden Gate Suites entrance
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Golden Gate Suites: A Practical Choice In Dumaguete City

    Booking at Golden Gate Suites

    Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Dumaguete City, the best that the city has to offer is just one tricycle ride away from Golden Gate Suites. 

    Golden Gate Suites tv and rack
    Simple amenities

    Of course, the good reviews posted on most hotel booking sites convinced us even more to choose Golden Gate Suites.

    Our room

    Our room at Golden Gate Suites had all the basic amenities to keep us comfortable during our stay. The bed was big enough for Khris and me. It had fresh mattresses that smelled good, and the foam was firm enough to support our backs.

    Golden Gate Suites bed
    The bed

    The airconditioning was also strong which was good because it can get really hot sometimes. Overall, the room was clean as well as the toilet looked well-maintained.

    Toilet in Golden Gate Suites
    The toilet

    Food options

    Golden Gate Suites did not have an in-house restaurant but there are convenience stores and coffee shops right outside the hotel. We frequented the 7-11 convenience store outside the hotel for our coffee and snacks.

    Furthermore, the hotel staff was very helpful with my inquiries, even my questions late at night when Khris and I were traveling from Cebu to Dumaguete. At around Php798/night, it was a definite steal.

    All in all, I would recommend Golden Gate Suites to those who are looking for affordable and clean accommodation in Dumaguete City. While the price was easy on the pocket, the room did not look cheap at all.

    10 best hotels in Dumaguete City

    If you are not staying in downtown Dumaguete, the best option is to choose a hotel along Rizal Boulevard. 

    Honeycomb Hotel in Dumaguete City
    Honeycomb Hotel

    Should you wish to take a stroll at night, you can conveniently just cross the avenue to the boulevard. Most of the night out spots and coffee shops are also located along this strip or in adjacent corners. Here are some recommended options:

    1. Bethel Guest House

    Location: Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City
    Telephone numbers: (+63)(35) 225-2000 and 422-8000

    Bethel guest house is known as the convention hotel of Dumaguete City, this Christian-operated hotel is likewise a favorite venue for weddings and other events. 

    2. Honeycomb Tourist Inn

    Location: Rizal Boulevard, Dr. V. Locsin St, Dumaguete City
    Telephone numbers: +63 35 225 -1181 and +63 35 422 - 3184

    Honeycomb Tourist Inn is best known for its attractive facade which looked like an old house converted to a tourist inn. It is also the place to go for a live band in Dumaguete City.

    3. La Residencia Almar Hotel

    Location: Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City
    Telephone number: (035) 225 1181

    La Residencia Almar Hotel is perfect for the budget-conscious. Its location is great for those who want to go sightseeing in downtown Dumaguete city.

    4. C&L Bayview Inn

    Location: Sen. Lorenzo, G. Teves Street, Dumaguete City
    Telephone number: +63 35 422 9671

    C&L Bayview Inn is one of the best-rated hotels in Dumaguete City for its modern amenities and good service.

    5. Hotel Palwa

    Location: Real St, Dumaguete City
    Telephone number: 0917 771 1600

    Hotel Palwa is a modern hotel that is known for its great amenities and good customer service.

    6. Florentina Homes

    Location: E Rovira Dr, Dumaguete City
    Telephone number: (035) 422 0827

    Florentina Homes is a good choice if you are looking for a homey ambiance and its home-cooked food.

    7. Blue Horizon Hotel

    Location: Aldecoa Drive, Daro, Dumaguete City
    Telephone numbers: 0996 273 8975

    Blue Horizon Hotel is a budget-friendly small hotel, perfect for those who are looking for an uncrowded accommodation.

    8. Rovira Suites

    Location: L. Rovira Rd, Dumaguete City
    Telephone numbers: (035) 420 6041

    Rovira Suites is a modern hotel that is known for having one of the best customer service in Dumaguete City.

    9. Gabby's Bed & Breakfast

    Location: Cimafranca Subdivision, Barangay Claytown Daro,, Dumaguete City
    Telephone number: (035) 522 2203

    Gabby's Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful and colorful tropical-themed oasis in the middle of Dumaguete City.

    10. Tiptop Tower Suite Inn

    Location: South, National Highway, Dumaguete City
    Telephone number: (035) 422 8353

    Tiptop Tower Suite Inn is a hotel that combines affordability and great customer service.

    There are just a handful of hotels that you can choose from. In fact, there are many other hotels and inns in Dumaguete City. 

    For up-to-date awesome deals on hotels in Dumaguete City, you may check  here.

    Top hotels in Dumaguete City
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