6 Easy Steps To Help Keep Dads Feeling Fresh From Head To Foot

January 13, 2022

Here are some simple tips to help keep dads feeling fresh from head to toe throughout the day.

Modern dads know the value of taking good care of themselves. They exert effort to find ways to keep themselves looking crisp, well-groomed, and healthy. Nevertheless, with the busy life that the average modern dad leads, it can be challenging to stick to a regular self-care routine.

Easy steps to keep dads feeling fresh all day from head to foot

6 Easy Steps To Help Keep Dads Feeling Fresh From Head To Foot

    The work from home trap

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, many companies have shifted to a work from home set-up. It does have its advantages but I personally think that working from home has somehow swayed many people to assume that it’s not necessary to follow their old self-care routine.

    However, there’s no truth in that. Working from home can be equally stressful and tiring. After all, it’s impossible not to mind what’s going on in your home since you’re just there. Add to that the demands and the controls put by companies in place to ensure that deliverables are met and you have the perfect recipe for a draining day.

    Having said that, sticking to a self-care routine even while at home is important. It can help you combat both domestic and work stress and allow you to at least feel good about yourself.

    You don’t necessarily have to look like a movie star but you can at least feel fresh and comfortable. As such, it’s also good to keep your routine as simple as possible to make it easy to follow and maintain.

    An easy routine to keep dads feeling fresh all day

    Self-care is wide encompassing and can involve different ways and approaches to help a person recover their energy. It can be meditation, reading a book, watching a movie, and many more.

    However, what I will share is a regimen to help dads keep themselves feeling, smelling, and looking fresh even while at home. That’s because this is what many stay at home or work from home dads forgo since they don’t really go out.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Keep your hair clean and healthy with a mild shampoo

    I know many people frown upon daily shampooing. However, I’ve read that shampooing the hair daily may even be more beneficial for you because it helps keep the hair follicles clog-free. That means that healthy hair can grow when the scalp is clean.

    Bottles of Moringa-O2 Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to keep dads' hair smelling fresh

    Just the same, it’s still advisable to use a shampoo that’s mild and made of natural ingredients like Moringa-O2. It’s formulated for daily hair and scalp cleaning and it’s made of hair nourishing ingredients like olive oil, moringa oil, sunflower oil, and argan oil.

    If you feel that your hair is needing some more boost, you can also use Medic Hair anti-hair loss serum to keep your hair healthy and strong.

    2. Maintain a well-trimmed facial hair

    If you have facial hair, I’m sure you feel lousy when it’s not well-maintained and growing all over your face.

    Depending on the length that you want to grow your facial hair, you can opt to shave it daily or just trim it weekly. Don’t forget to use good shaving cream though such as Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men. It’s made of all-natural ingredients and provides a cooling sensation to make each shaving session something to look forward to.

    3. Clean your body daily

    Keeping your body clean is the foundation of feeling good and fresh. A quick shower each day using a bath gel like Human Nature Natural Shower Gel or an antibacterial soap like Bioderm Coolness Soap will help keep your body clean and germ-free.

    4. Use a good antiperspirant and deodorant brand

    Keeping your body clean is not enough to keep odors at bay because we are bound to sweat throughout the day. 

    Cans of Old Spice Body Spray to keep dads smelling fresh

    Using a good deodorant brand like Human Nature Natural Deodorant For Men or Old Spice Dry Stick can keep you feeling fresh all day long.

    5. Take care of your feet

    We seldom give attention to our feet. Well, they’re mostly hidden in our shoes, anyway. But taking good care of our feet can provide an overall feeling of relaxation.

    Since a foot massage can’t be had all the time, using a product like Human Nature Natural Foot Spray can provide an instant feeling of coolness while deodorizing the soles as well as the areas between the toes.

    6. Ensure that the clothes that you wear are free of dirt and germs

    All of the things that we do to keep our body fresh will be nothing if the clothes that we wear don’t smell clean.

    Ariel Hygiene Pro for keeping dads' clothes fresh

    Keep your clothes free of viruses and bacteria with Ariel Hygiene Pro with Antibac Booster. It has a Triple Deep Clean formula that removes not just stains but also 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.


    It’s important for us to follow a self-care routine even if we are just working from home. A simple routine done daily can do wonders to uplift our mood and to keep our stress levels manageable. That way, we can spend more time with our family even after a day of hard work.

    If you have anything more to add to this list, write them in the comment section below.

    Tips to help dads maintain their freshness

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