How To Keep Your Home Germ-Free With Ariel Hygiene Pro

September 10, 2021

Sharing with you how we keep our home free from viruses and bacteria with Ariel Hygiene Pro.

Ariel Hygiene Pro provides peace of mind to parents like me because it keeps our clothes free from stains as well as viruses and bacteria. Not only that, but we also use Ariel Hygiene Pro for scrubbing our floor to make sure that our home is not clean but also germ-free. It’s become an essential part of our routine and I believe it has helped us curb the spread of diseases in our home.

Keeping our home clean with Ariel Hygiene Pro

How To Keep Your Home Germ-Free With Ariel Hygiene Pro

    Our experience in using Ariel Hygiene Pro

    We were already long-time users of Ariel before this new variant came out. We are aware that it’s a little costlier than other powder detergent brands but we trust it at home because it’s really effective in removing stains. In fact, when I was still single and living alone, I was already using Ariel powder detergent for cleaning my underwear, socks, and handkerchiefs.

    Sachets of Ariel Hygiene Pro

    When I was approached to be part of the recent Ariel Hygiene Pro campaign, I immediately said yes to it. After all, I have great experience in using Ariel. Also, I figured that we ought to try Ariel Hygiene Pro because, well, we have kids at home and we’d like to do everything to keep them safe. We follow all health and safety protocols at home but I report to the office regularly, so it’s good to be always sure.

    What sets Ariel Hygiene Pro apart from the regular variant?

    Ariel Hygiene Pro has a Triple Deep Clean formula which means that it can clean tough stains as it removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with its Antibac Boosters. 

    Keeping our home clean with Ariel Hygiene Pro

    In fact, Ariel Hygiene Pro is recommended by the Philippines Society for Microbiology, which is a strong testament to its germ-fighting properties.

    How we use Ariel Hygiene Pro at home

    As I’ve mentioned above, we use Ariel Hygiene Pro for washing our clothes as well as for cleaning our floor. Since our clothes are exposed to the elements outside, it gives us confidence when we use a virus-busting product like Ariel Hygiene Pro.

    Here’s how we do it for our clothes:

    • One sachet is good enough for up to 40 pieces of garments.
    • We dissolve it in water and soak the clothes in it for 30 minutes.
    • After that, we wash the clothes as usual including handwashing to make sure that the clothes are extra clean.
    • Rinse and dry your clothes as you normally would.

    How we use Ariel Hygiene Pro as our floor cleaner:

    • It’s really simple to use. We just dissolve a jumbo pack of Ariel Hygiene Pro in a pail of water and use it for scrubbing the floor. We let the solution sit on the floor and air dry.

    What we also like in Ariel Hygiene Pro is the fresh and clean scent that it leaves on clothes and surfaces.

    Other Ariel Hygiene Pro variants

    Aside from the powder detergent, Ariel Hygiene Pro is also available as a liquid detergent and Fabric Spray. The Ariel Hygiene Pro Fabric Spray can be used on beddings, clothes, curtains, fabric sofa, mattresses, carpets and rugs, shoes, helmets, and car seats.

    Where to buy Ariel Hygiene Pro

    You can buy Ariel Hygiene Pro in all leading supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even your old reliable neighborhood sari-sari store. 

     However, due to health and safety protocols, I’d suggest that you buy Ariel Hygiene Pro in Lazada or Shopee so that you won't have to go outside.


    Ariel Hygiene Pro is one of the most reliable products that we use in keeping our home clean and free from viruses and bacteria.

    We also like that Ariel, throughout the years, has remained consistent in its promises to remove tough stains and the unpleasant smell on clothes.

    All in all, Ariel Hygiene Pro should be in every Filipino home.

    Ariel Hygiene Pro review

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    1. I love how thoroughly this cleans! It sounds like it really does the job.

    2. I'm up to try anything that takes germs out of my house! Especially these days.

    3. i love this product. my son was just sick with a cold and i knew there had to be a better way to sanitize and clean his laundry than just regular detergent!

    4. We do have Ariel in Germany, but I've never seen this germ-killing version. As a matter of fact, I'm getting my clothes clean with high temperature - whereby that's not always an option, obviously.

    5. These detergent sachets look like a good value purchase! Great way to clean and sanitize clothes.

    6. A useful product! Thanks for sharing.

    7. What a great idea, and so useful in pandemic times. Thanks for sharing this, I will have to give it a try.

    8. Even I use Ariel but this variant is still not available in India yet. Will try my hands on it, once it is here.

    9. I use Ariel too for my laundry. I need to try this variant soon. WIll check the grocery!

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