Level Up Your Shave Experience With Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men [Review]

September 22, 2021

Find out why Human Nature Shaving Cream for Men is one of my favorite personal care products.

Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men is one of the best grooming products that I’ve tried lately. That’s because it provides skin protection and moisturization during shaving to avoid razor burns as well as other nasty stuff associated with facial hair trimming. As with any other Human Nature product, this shaving cream is made with people, animals, and the environment in mind.

Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men product review

Level Up Your Shave Experience With Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men [Review]

    My experience in trying Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men

    Shaving is a grooming activity that I don’t look forward to. I rarely get through it without small cuts, nips, or soreness that’s why a gel or cream (and even hair conditioner) is a must. I just go through the motions every morning because I need to look presentable at work (at least before the pandemic when a face mask wasn’t required).

    I received the Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men as part of the kit sent to me during Father’s Day. Before trying it though, I thought it was just like any other ordinary shaving cream. I just thought of incorporating it into my morning routine because I need to unless, of course, I want to be bugged by irritated skin all day long.

    However, when I tried it, I immediately liked the cooling sensation it provided to my skin. If you’ve read my previous product reviews, I always like personal care items that are infused with peppermint oil because of their invigorating effect on my skin. I feel fresh and relaxed after using those products on my body.

    From then on, my shaving routine has leveled up from an ordinary morning habit into something that I actually enjoyed and I’m even excited about.

    The top 3 qualities that I liked in Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men

    Aside from the cooling sensation that Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men provides, it also has other qualities that I absolutely liked.

    Those are the following:

    1. This shaving cream is made of all-natural ingredients

    The Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men is made of vegetable-derived ingredients like glycerin that provides a smooth shaving experience. Furthermore, it has plant extracts like sunflower seed oil, aloe vera juice, peppermint leaf essential oil, and corn mint leaf essential oil.

    A tube of Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men

    Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men is free from parabens as well as other synthetic ingredients.

    2. It smells good

    Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men has a light and refreshing smell that I was looking for in a similar product. I’ve tried other shaving creams made by popular brands but they smell too overwhelming for such products. I want shaving creams that smell subtle and lingers lightly on my skin.

    3. You only need to work a small amount on your facial hair

    Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men is practical to use because you just need a small amount for your facial hair. Just wet the areas that need to be shaved, squeeze out a pea-sized amount from the tube, and work it onto your skin. Once it has evenly spread, shave like you normally would.

    Where to buy Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men

    Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men is available in select grocery stores, supermarkets, and direct sellers. You can also buy it online from the Human Nature website, or via Lazada and Shopee. A 100-ml. bottle of Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men costs P174.75.


    I like Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men because it totally changed the way I see my morning shaving routine. From something that I do, because it’s obligatory, my morning shave has become an experience that I now like.

    Human Nature Shaving Cream For Men is made of natural ingredients that care for and protect my skin, as well as the environment. I like that it invigorates me with its minty fresh sensation especially on days when I feel really sluggish.

    Human Nature Shaving Cream for men review

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