Bath Time Is More Fun With Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly [Review]

September 21, 2021

The Human Nature Kids Jiggle Bath Jelly makes shower time even more fun and exciting.

Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly makes bath time even more exciting for kids because of its squishy texture and awesome bubbleberry scent. More than that, Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly is made of all-natural ingredients that provide effective yet gentle cleansing. It lathers well so we’re confident that our kids are clean after each shower plus it leaves a wonderful bubble gum scent that lingers on their skin.

Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly review

Bath Time Is More Fun With Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly [Review]

    Trying Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly

    When I received products from Human Nature, I was really excited when I saw that there were products included for my kids. It’s no secret that I love Human Nature products for my kids because I know how thoughtful the company is in manufacturing its products. 

    Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly product review

    Human Nature cares for both the environment and the consumers, which I applaud because it’s indeed a business with a heart. As such, I always proudly say that my family is a long-time user of Human Nature products.

    Anyway, among the kiddie products that we received, I was intrigued when I saw a jar of Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly because it’s a lot different from the usual body wash for kids that we use. 

    At some point though, I thought that it was a little gimmicky but I eventually realized that it was actually quite innovative for Human Nature to come up with a kids wash in gel form.

    When we tried it, we were satisfied because it left our kids’ skin squeaky clean but it wasn’t drying. Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly also smelled like a candy store which we all agree was absolutely delightful.

    What we like most in Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly

    I do admit that Human Nature products are among our favorite personal care items at home and that's because of their superior quality. 

    Just the same, here are the top characteristics that we like most in Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly:

    1. It’s made of 100% natural ingredients

    Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly is made of glucose and glycerin derived from vegetables. These two ingredients are responsible for providing moisture to the skin as well as the jiggly gel texture of this bath product. 

    What’s more, it has cleansers sourced from coconuts to gently remove dirt and grime. With all the goodness Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly contains, it is safe to use on kids and doesn’t harm the environment.

    It has no parabens, synthetic fragrances, and SLES/SLS.

    2. The bath jelly is economical to use

    I said earlier that I thought that the jelly form of this bath product is just a marketing tactic to attract parents and their children. However, I realized later on that it was more economical to use if the product is in gel form as compared to it being liquid. 

    Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly gel form
    Photo from Human Nature's website

    That’s because the thick gel allows you to get only the amount that you need. On the other hand, you have a tendency to use more of the product if it’s liquid because you have lesser control when pouring it out.

    Tip: lather the Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly between your palms or using a washcloth before applying it into your baby’s skin.

    3. The smell lingers long

    Many bath products smell good but not all leave a lasting scent. This is what we like about Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly. It has a fun and sweet smell called bubbleberry that we love to sniff during shower time. 

    What we love most about it though is that the fragrance stays long, I can even smell it even our two boys’ hair is all sweaty.

    Where to buy Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly

    You can buy Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly in select supermarkets and grocery stores. It’s also available online through its website or via Lazada and Shopee. A 300-gram jar costs P279.75.


    Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly is one of the best bath products for kids that we have tried. It cleanses well yet keeps our kids’ skin soft and moisturized. 

    We feel confident in using and recommending Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly because it’s made of all-natural ingredients that are not harmful to the body as well as the environment.

    Human Nature Kids Jiggly Bath Jelly nest natural bath products for kids

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