The 6 Easiest Tips To Help You Find An Apartment For Rent In Austin

September 16, 2021

Here are the 6 easiest tips to help you find your perfect apartment in Austin, Texas.

Finding the right apartment to rent in Austin, Texas can be an overwhelming task. It’s not really a complicated chore but there are so many Austin apartments to choose from so it can be hard to decide on where or how to begin. Thus, I came up with these tips to make it simpler to find apartments for rent in Austin, Texas.

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The 6 Easiest Tips To Help You Find An Apartment For Rent In Austin

    What it’s like living in Austin, Texas

    If you are an Austin resident (an Austinite), then you already know what life is in this capital city of Texas. If you are just planning to move to Austin, Texas, then you’ve made a good decision. 

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    In terms of what to expect, you are in for a big adventure as Austin is a highly urbanized locality and is one of the most populous cities in the United States. It’s progressive and teeming with businesses ranging from big information technology companies to government offices.

    Nevertheless, beneath the busy façade of Austin, there are many outdoor activities to try in this city. There are hiking trails in Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve, there are biking and cycling lanes, and camping is possible in McKinney Falls State Park. If these are not in your interest, then you can go fishing, climbing and bouldering, do water activities, and even go on a family-friendly adventure.

    What to keep in mind when finding an apartment for rent in Austin

    My family has transferred to four condominium units in a span of five years so I know that it can be a daunting task to find a new unit. 

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    You might ask me why we transferred condo units so frequently but that’s just because our family grew. It was initially just my wife and me but we’ve had two kids in a span of two years.

    Here are some of the tips that you can keep in mind when hunting for an apartment in Austin:

    1. Ask yourself if you really want to rent or if buying is an option

    You might want to ask yourself first if you really want to just rent an apartment or if you also want to consider just buying a unit. That’s because buying a unit can prove to be more practical in the long run because that house or apartment is yours when you have fully paid for it. You’d be paying monthly rent anyway, so why not just buy a house and pay for its monthly amortization instead?

    Just the same, it’s perfectly fine if renting an apartment in Austin is the more practical choice for you.

    2. Set a budget for your apartment

    Setting a budget will help you greatly narrow down your choices. Consider deposits and advance payments although these are one-time costs that most landlords would ask for a guarantee. 

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    Outside of those expenses, you’d have to pay for the actual monthly rent as well as utility bills like water and electricity.

    3. Consider your family’s size

    Another thing to take into consideration is your family’s size. If you are a big family, you would have to naturally rent an apartment that can comfortably fit all of you. Again, the floor area of your apartment is directly proportional to its cost so these two would have to be thought-out together when looking for an apartment for rent.

    4. Think of the apartment’s distance from work

    Since you are renting anyway, it’s always a wise idea to get an apartment unit in Austin that is near your office. It’s practical because that will help you save on transportation and fuel expenses. If you can walk to and from work, then that would be a lot better because that means that you can exercise every day.

    Apartments in Manchaca are considered a desirable neighborhood by many because of its convenient location (just a few minutes from downtown, access to highways), family-friendliness (parks and schools in the area), and relative quiet.

    5. Rent an apartment that is near commercial establishments

    When we were renting, we’ve always made sure that we were near grocery stores, supermarkets, and even malls. 

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    The convenience of being able to easily buy the things that we need at home is invaluable. Again, keep in mind that the apartment’s proximity to commercial establishments may dictate its rental price.

    6. Use an online apartment rental search tool

    A good way to narrow down your search for an apartment for rent in Austin is to use an online search tool. It works great because it’s a one-stop-shop that will give you a full listing of the apartments for rent in Austin or in any other locality for that matter.

    Some of the important information that is included in the list is the address, the rental prices, the apartment size, and the number of bedrooms and baths. There are even some online tools that will give you a virtual tour of the available units.


    I know that finding an apartment for rent can be overwhelming especially if it’s your first time doing so. If you are looking for apartments in Austin, Texas, a big and busy city, it can be quite intimidating where to begin. But with these tips, finding the ideal Austin apartments for rent will be a lot less complicated.

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