Doña Mila’s Lasagna Review

January 28, 2022

Sharing with you my experience in ordering from Doña Mila’s Lasagna as well as my actual review of the food.

The restaurant staff at Doña Mila’s Lasagna was extra snooty when we were inquiring late last year about how to order their food. That was a day before New Year’s Eve because we wanted to have lasagna at the Media Noche dinner table. Even when we finally placed our order and until the actual pick-up of the food at Doña Mila’s Lasagna, the crabbiness of the personnel was still palpable.

Doña Mila’s Lasagna Review

Doña Mila’s Lasagna Review

    But what the heck, it was the holidays and the Christmas vibe was still in the air. We chose to maintain the holiday cheer instead of being affected by that person. Just the same, there's no use if we made a big fuss out of it.

    The individual was probably tired because of the last minute bookings for New Year. Plus, we were really craving lasagna and Doña Mila’s Lasagna claimed that it had the meatiest and cheesiest lasagna in the Philippines. Well, it better be worth it. 

    Lastly, we wanted to try Doña Mila’s Lasagna because we read good reviews about the food on social media so we went for it. While we do have our favorite lasagna purveyors around Metro Manila, we still wanted to try other suppliers for a change.

    About Doña Mila’s Lasagna

    A little bit about Doña Mila’s Lasagna before my actual review. It’s been in the business of serving hot-off-the-oven premium baked lasagna since 1990, as I found out later on in it’s Facebook page. They've been in the business for so long, they really might be that good. In fact, Doña Mila’s Lasagna has been awarded Best Lasagna in the Philippines in 2019.

    Aside from premium baked lasagna, Doña Mila’s Lasagna also has salted egg chicken nuggets, all-around chicken spread, and 15-Hour Spanish Callos in its menu.

    It currently has a branch located at Devour, 1216 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., New Manila, Quezon City. Doña Mila’s Lasagna’s outlet is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Inquiries can be coursed through its mobile phone number 0906-595-5595 and through their Facebook and Instagram (@donamilaslasagna) pages.

    Doña Mila’s Lasagna is not yet on GrabFood but you can book a GrabExpress to pick up your order. I’m not sure if they are on Foodpanda.

    What we like in Doña Mila’s Lasagna

    For a reasonable amount, we booked a GrabExpress to get our lasagna from the Doña Mila’s outlet. I think the Grab driver did not see our instruction to tell the Doña Mila’s staff that it was for the order of Mommy Khris. As a result, when the driver called us, we could hear someone raising a voice from the background and telling him to confirm first the name of the person who booked him. 

    A box of Doña Mila’s Lasagna
    Holiday-themed box

    That was probably the personnel that we were also talking to beforehand. Poor GrabExpress driver, he probably said my name instead of Mommy Khris'. As soon as all things have been ironed out though, everything went on smoothly thereafter.  

    When our order arrived, it came in a Christmas-themed packaging. The Doña Mila’s Lasagna box actually looked good; as it is, you can already send it to your friends and loved ones as a gift. The cardboard box was of excellent quality so it won’t dent or tear during transit.

    We opened it excitedly and we were greeted by a thick layer of cheese on top of the lasagna. It also smelled delicious, so we figured the hassle of ordering it was worth it after all.

    We sliced the lasagna and we saw that the layers of pasta contained generous amounts of ground beef. We haven’t seen all other lasagna varieties in the Philippines to judge if indeed Doña Mila’s Lasagna is the cheesiest and meatiest but we can tell that meat lovers will be satisfied with the amount of ground beef inside it.

    A plate of Doña Mila’s Lasagna

    The taste was satisfying. The tomato sauce had the right amount of tartness to balance the rich taste of the cream, cheese, and ground beef.

    Doña Mila’s Lasagna was delicious and it instantly became one of our favorite lasagna dishes. We just hope that the staff will be friendlier next time but that's just a suggestion from us. We’re fine with it as long as they maintain the noteworthy quality of their food.


    To round it off, Doña Mila’s Lasagna is cheesy, meaty, and indeed of great quality. I couldn't say if Doña Mila’s has the best lasagna in the Philippines but it sure has one of the lasagna dishes in Metro Manila. 

    Doña Mila’s Lasagna’s food is packaged well so it’s also highly-recommended if you want to give it as a gift item to your friends and loved ones.

    Doña Mila’s Lasagna blog review

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    1. Kumbaga satisfaction guaranteed! What a great review! Thumbs up po

    2. Joaquin Eli Bacod6 February 2022 at 18:28

      Omg wow ! Ang sarap nmn ng ganitong lasagna . Isa ito sa mga fave ko na foods . Pero iba tong lasagna na to . Tlgang nkakatakam at sulit na sulit tlga ❤️😍

    3. Yay looks delicious po dadi iv and thank you da honest review buti na lang po hinayaan niyo na lang siguro gawa din kasi ng madami na customers. No doubt po kung bakit nagkaroon ng award na Best Lasagna in the Philippines in 2019. Kaso mukha naman talagang masarap.