Delicious Cheesy Baked Beef Macaroni from Marcela’s Something Baked

September 29, 2020

Marcela’s Something Baked offers delicious cheesy baked beef macaroni which you can easily order and have delivered whenever you are craving for it.

If you are in the Fairview, Quezon City area and are craving delicious cheesy baked beef macaroni, then you have to try the one by Marcela’s Something Baked because you will not get disappointed. 

Marcela's Something Baked's cheesy baked beef macaroni

Delicious Cheesy Baked Beef Macaroni from Marcela’s Something Baked

    It’s the perfect comfort food especially on a rainy day or when you are feeling blue. Of course, it’s also a great addition to your table when there are special occasions such as birthdays and special family gatherings at your home. 

    The humble beginnings of Marcela’s Something Baked 

    Just a disclaimer though before proceeding, the owner of Marcela’s Something Baked, Ms. Ma. Marcela "Myrene" Pallasigui is our friend. As such, even before she decided to put up her own business, she would send us a tub of baked macaroni that she had cooked during holidays and other special occasions. 

    Cheesy baked beef macaroni

    A few months ago, when her business was already in full swing, she again sent us a tub of her specialty dish as a thoughtful gesture. It's still the same delicious baked beef macaroni that we remember. What we noticed this time though was that its packaging was well up to the standards of big restaurants offering similar food items.

    Marcela’s Something Baked lives by the principle of “making every food special.” Each tub of baked macaroni is specially-prepared by Myrene to ensure the quality of the food. 

    Opening a tub of Marcela's Something Baked's cheesy baked beef macaroni

    As a testament to how good their baked macaroni is, their orders are always fully-booked. Who would have thought that what started out as a pastime could bloom into an entrepreneurial endeavor? 

    What we like about Marcela’s Something Baked’s Cheesy Baked Beef Macaroni 

    Our tray of baked macaroni arrived at the right time. We were quite missing House of Lasagna’s baked lasagna, having had it a few months ago. 

    Being locked down at our home in Novaliches meant that we would not be able to have our favorite baked lasagna delivered to us. So you could just imagine how much we enjoyed the cheesy baked beef macaroni from Marcela’s Something Baked with much delight.

    Here are the top reasons why we love this pasta dish:  

    1. It’s bursting with flavor 

    From the moment we opened the tray of the cheesy baked macaroni, we knew right then that we were in for an amazing treat. We were greeted by the wafting aroma of cheese, butter, cream, tomato sauce, and meat. It smelled so good that we could not wait to taste it. 

    A plate of cheesy baked beef macaroni from Marcela's Something Baked

    Well, we did not get disappointed. It had all the flavors that we were craving for; the generous amount of cheese, the right combination of creamy and savory flavors, and the balance of the tartness from the tomato sauce. 

    2. Each baked macaroni is made fresh 

    You can be sure that the cheesy baked macaroni from Marcela’s Something Baked is made fresh because they only accept limited batches per day. 

    Well-packaged box of cheesy baked beef macaroni from Marcela's Something Baked

    Furthermore, to ensure that the cheesy baked macaroni is in good condition when delivered, they take orders mostly from customers within the vicinity of Fairview in Quezon City. 

    There are times though when they deliver outside Fairview or even Metro Manila depending on the arrangement with the client. 

    3. The food is packaged nicely 

    If you are looking for a food gift idea, then Marcela’s Something Baked‘s cheesy baked beef macaroni is a good option. It’s packaged carefully in the cardboard box that keeps the food inside warm and fresh.

    Box of cheesy baked beef macaroni from Marcela's Something Baked

    Considering how good the aroma of the baked macaroni is, it would also work well when you want to surprise a friend, a loved one, or a special someone. 


    The cheesy baked beef macaroni from Marcela’s Something Baked is one of the best that we have tasted. What we also like about it is that it’s just within our area so we can just order a tub anytime that we crave it. 

    Marcela's Something Baked's cheesy baked beef macaroni food review

    If you also want to order, you can check Marcela’s Something Baked’s Facebook Page or Instagram. You may also call 0966 385 5507.

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