Papi’s Chili Garlic: Why This Versatile Condiment Should Be In Every Home's Kitchen

September 30, 2020

Papi’s Chili Garlic is an all-around chili garlic sauce that elevates the flavor of even the simplest dish.

Papi’s Chili Garlic offers delicious chili garlic sauces that are perfect for adding a kick of spiciness to any dish to whet your appetite. If you love spicy (and garlicky) flavors, then you will surely like Papi’s Chili Garlic. 

Papi's Chili Garlic review

Papi’s Chili Garlic: Why This Versatile Condiment Should Be In Every Home's Kitchen

    My love for chili garlic sauce 

    I’ve always loved chili garlic sauce. Whenever I ate in Chinese restaurants, I would get chili garlic sauce by the spoonful, put it in my toyo-mansi dip, on top of my rice, and a little more extra on the side of the plate. That’s how much I like it but I don’t buy the ones in the supermarket because I thought they were expensive. 

    Bottles of Papi's Chili Garlic and aligue or crab fat

    I used to buy bottles from another person but they stopped making chili garlic after around two batches only. As such, I was happy when I discovered Papi’s Chili Garlic from an officemate who was selling limited bottles until she and her boyfriend eventually turned it into a small business. It tastes good and much lighter-on-the-pocket compared to the ones in groceries. 

    I have been ordering my supply from them since then. I would always keep a bottle of it in my office drawer so that I could have it during lunchtime or to simply dip my junk food in it.

    A small bottle of moderate spice level Papi's Chili Garlic

    Some months ago, they launched their online store, which is great because I can order Papi’s Chili Garlic whenever I wanted to and wherever I am in Metro Manila. 

    It just makes food taste good. In fact, when I don’t like the food at home, I would just get my jar of Papi’s Chili Garlic and problem solved! 

    Papi’s Chili Garlic: an all-around sauce 

    Papi’s Chili Garlic has launched as a small business just over a year ago. The concept behind the business venture is to satisfy most Filipinos’ innate love for spicy and garlicky food. It’s an all-around condiment that can be used as a dip, a topping for just about any Filipino food favorites, and as a seasoning during the actual preparation of food. That's why I think it should be in every home's kitchen. (TWEET THIS)

    I personally use it for dipping fried meat and fish, and even chips. I add it to salad dressings and dipping sauces, and I use it in my adobong puti and in pasta sauces. It’s versatile, that’s why I always keep a jar at home. I have been using it for more than a year now and the quality has remained consistent, if not better. 

    Papi’s Chili Garlic products were initially sold through its social media pages and promoted through word-of-mouth but they have eventually set up their online stores in popular shopping sites to be able to reach more customers. 

    More things to like about Papi’s Chili Garlic 

    Aside from it being a versatile condiment, I like Papi’s Chili Garlic because it has a slight crunch to it. It’s like a sauce made of garlic flakes, so that makes it really delightful to eat. 

    Here are some more things that I love about Papi’s Chili Garlic and what I think sets it apart from other similar products in the market: 

    1. It is made of all-natural ingredients 

    Papi’s Chili Garlic is made of fresh red chili peppers and garlic that are processed and prepared on the day that they are delivered. As such, it gives it a clean aftertaste, not in any way stale or off-tasting. 

    Getting a spoonful of Papi's Chili Garlic

    There are bottled chili garlic brands that I have tasted before and they leave a hint of musty taste in the mouth, you won’t enjoy eating it. Papi's Chili Garlic is not like that.

    2. It has customizable spice levels 

    Papi’s Chili Garlic takes pride in this concept of customizable spice levels, mindful that not every Filipino palate is created the same. As such, they come in mild, moderate, and severe spice levels. You can use the appropriate spice level depending on what your dish calls for.

    I always order the moderate spice level because it has the perfect balance of heat as well as garlic taste. it’s spicy enough to let you enjoy your food without you having to guzzle pitchers of water.

    3. It comes in different sizes 

    It comes in 4 oz. and 10 oz. sizes that you can order depending on your need. I always order 4 oz. bottles because it’s just for Khris and me. That’s good enough for us. If you are a big family or you use it heavily at home, then I suggest you order the 10 oz. bottles. It's all up to you.

    How to order Papi’s Chili Garlic 

    If you are interested to taste Papi’s Chili Garlic, you may order directly from their Facebook page or Instagram account. you may also order via Lazada (BUY IT HERE). 

    Stock of Papi's Chili Garlic and aligue or crab fat

    Aside from chili garlic, they also offer spicy garlic dip and crab fat or aligue. I have recently also ordered the aligue just to try it and I liked it. I almost finished one small jar in one sitting but I had to restrain myself out of mercy for my arteries. 

    Papi's Chili Garlic Pure Aligue

    I have not tasted a lot of bottled crab fat brands before because I thought they had a lot of additives, at least the very first one I tried. 

    Chunky pieces of crab meat and fat from Papi's Chili Garlic

    However, Papi’s aligue is not pasty, in fact, it was lumpy which meant that they were real crab meat and fat. If it were not so sinful, I would always order it regularly.  


    Papi’s Chili Garlic offers delicious, customizable, and affordable chili garlic sauces. The condiments are prepared fresh to ensure the full satisfaction of its customers. It can be used to season almost any dish, hence, its versatility in the kitchen.

    Stack of Papi's Chili Garlic condiment and crab fat or pure aligue

    Honestly, you will not regret tasting it. Ordering is easy because you can do it online and your bottles of chili garlic will be delivered to your doorstep.

    Disclosure: I pay for all of my Papi's Chili Garlic orders.

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    1. Its really amazing to have this Papi’s Chili Garlic in our kitchen. Its really amazing that this Papi's Chiki Garlic offers delicious chili garlic sauces that are perfect for adding a kick of spiciness to any dish to whet your appetite. Another good thing about this is its ill made from natural ingredients which is a big turn on. This is really interesting.

    2. Tama kayo dyan sir!! Perfect sya sa lahat ng ulam ipartner✔️😍 lalo na ang siomai rice, favorite ko talaga super sarap mapapadami talaga ang kain♥️

    3. Perfect talaga ang Papi’s Chili Garlic lalo na sa mga mahihilig sa maanghang tulad namin mag-asawa. Mukhang masarap at talaga naman mag aadd ng flavors sa mga pagkain natin. Made fromm all natural ingredients pa kaya highly recommended talaga. ❤️

    4. It was an all time fave ,my kids and the whole family,cant live without. Nevertheless,we always looking for the best chili garlic in town/ metro ,this one ,I find it really a winner. Papis Chili Garlic for the win!

    5. Me po 🥰😍🖐️ Favorite kopo ang chili garlic , perfect din talaga isama ito sa Mga soup, sa mangga pwede rin talaga sa ulam. 😋 Mukhang masarap din po itong chili garlic ng papi's, Must try din po ito.. 🥰

    6. Wow.. thanks for sharing this Dad, surely this is highly Recommended, at talagang Makikita Mo yung Lasa at Sarap, paniguradong mas Sasarap ang Kainan kapag Meron nitong Papa Chili's dahil Truly Indeed na Mas masarap ang Kainan kapag may kasamang Anghang Sarap 👌💯😋🤤🤤😋

    7. I love chili garlic. Papi’s Chili Garlic is a nice choice and a must try. I like that it's all natural, the spice level is customized, and have different sizes. I like their packaging as well.

    8. Talagang this is very nice and very recommended. Must have talaga itong Papi's Chili Garlic. Perfect sa mga mahilig sa maanghang sure na mas mapapasarap ang foods mo dito. So nice dahil it is made from natural ingredients ❤️☺️

    9. Jowana Gumboc8 May 2022 at 03:07

      Wow. Bigla ako natakam sa aligue. At mahilig ako kumain ng spicy. Masarap isawsaw sa homemade siomai ang Chili Garlic nila.

    10. Super sarap po ng aligue. :) Favorite chili garlic brand ko din ito.

    11. You are welcome po. Hope you get to try it.

    12. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:15

      Wow I love spicy 😍 this is a must try 😃

    13. ROXAS EDGARDO8 May 2022 at 03:15

      This was really nice recommendation mommy and Daddy.. For all Spicy Lover here like me.. this is what I want in any Dishes 😊😋😋🤤🤤 look so yummy . Thanks for sharing this po

    14. ROXAS EDGARDO8 May 2022 at 03:16

      i do daddy