3 Reasons Why We Love St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC

September 25, 2020

St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC offers top-notch medical services, giving patients assurance and the peace of mind that they deserve.

St. Luke’s Medical Center easily comes to mind if you are looking for a world-class and top-quality medical treatment facility in Metro Manila (or the entire Philippines). It’s a name that many generations of Filipinos have come to rely on when it came to their health and well-being. 

Our experience at St. Luke's Medical Center in BGC

3 Reasons Why We Love St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC

    Our St. Luke’s Medical Center experience 

    Both our babies were born at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig City. Like many other new parents, St. Luke's was the hospital that we trusted for the safe and healthy delivery of our children. 

    Mommy, Daddy, and baby Rafa in a private room in St. Luke's BGC
    With our little Rafa

    Furthermore, it was also more convenient for us because our ob-gyn is based in St. Luke’s Medical Center (she has clinics in both the Quezon City and BGC locations). As such, all our check-ups and consultations were done at either of these hospitals. 

    When we were finally admitted, our experience at St. Luke’s Medical Center has been generally smooth. 

    One issue though that we had to contend with was the quite long time before we were transferred from the OB-complex to the regular room, which happened during both times that Khris gave birth at St. Luke’s. Other than that, we were mostly without headaches. 

    The room 

    For our firstborn, we were billeted at a semi-private room that came with the delivery package that we availed of. It was a big room, in fact, good for two, and was all to ourselves for the entire duration of our stay at the hospital. 

    Private room at St. Luke's Medical Center BGC
    Private room

    One of the nurses told us that to ensure the comfort of patients in semi-private rooms, they would be booked in such a way that there is only one occupant per room until all of the rooms have been filled. Only then will the nurses begin to put another patient in the occupied rooms. 

    Most of the time, the semi-private rooms hardly get filled, so it would seem like the patients are using a private room. 

    Cable TV in a private room at St. Luke's BGC

    For our second baby though, we decided to get the smallest private room because we realized that it was not too expensive at around P2000++ per night after all. We wanted to try it and also to ensure maximum comfort during our stay. 

    Sleeping couch in a private room at St. Luke's BGC
    Sleeping couch

    By the way, the semi-private room did not have a provision for a companion’s bed so I slept on the floor (I was a bit scared of sleeping in the other bed because, well, I thought there might be ghosts around). The private room had a small sofa bed which was comfortable enough to sleep on, as well as cable TV to keep us entertained. 

    Bathroom in a private room at St. Luke's BGC

    All rooms had a personal refrigerator and a bathroom fitted with a shower and toilet. Bath amenities and tissue paper rolls are complimentary and regularly replenished. 

    What we love at St. Lukes’ Medical Center

    I can think of many reasons to love St. Luke's but here are our top three: 

    1. Our obstetrician 

    First, and above anything else, we loved our obstetrician at St. Luke’s Medical Center. She is Dr. Maria Asuncion “Jing” Fernandez, who had been nothing but caring, helpful, patient, supportive, and encouraging of us throughout our fertility journey. 

    We liked how soothing she is to talk to, which helped us a lot especially during the time when we felt like our hope was getting weak. 

    When we were at the hospital, she would check on us no matter how late it was. She would talk to us, give recommendations, and check on our baby. I still remember our last conversation with her, which was about hypertension. I hope we can visit her someday after the pandemic.

    2. The hospital's superior facilities 

    There’s no question that St. Luke’s Medical Center's facilities are of superior quality. They are state-of-the-art, definitely giving assurance to patients that they are getting some of the best medical services in the country (or possibly even beyond). 

    Painting in a private room at St. Luke's BGC

    I could not help but compare it to a hospital near our home in Quezon City. I would not call that particular neighborhood hospital cheap because the services are quite expensive but the state of the building itself and the facilities are dismal – the hallways are dark, the floors are grimy, and the facilities look like they have seen better days. I realized that, indeed, you pay for quality. 

    At St. Luke’s Medical Center in BGC, visitors are welcomed by a spacious and well-lit lobby and the overall well-maintained state of the hospital. 

    The delivery room looks modern and equipped with advance medical equipment. Again, the overall excellent condition of the room gives the affirmation and the peace of mind to patients that they, as well as their babies, will be alright and well-taken care of. 

    What we also liked here was that the rooms were cleaned and sanitized regularly, the floors were kept shiny and unblemished, the beddings and pillows were clean and white, and the bathroom was maintained spotless. 

    3. The attentive medical staff 

    Most of the nurses that we encountered t St. Luke’s Medical Center were very friendly and helpful. They would gladly assist us with feeding and bathing our baby. 

    It was a nurse who taught me how to pick up, how to carry, and how to bathe a baby. They assisted Khris on how to properly breastfeed a baby. They would also patiently answer our questions even if it was late at night or early in the morning. 

    Where to eat at St. Luke’s 

    If you are staying at St. Luke’s Medical Center and thinking of where to eat, you can check out the rows of restaurants on the ground floor and at the mezzanine. Our favorites here were Plan B Café and Café Mary Grace

    Grilled sausage meal from Plan B Cafe at St. Luke's BGC
    Grilled sausage meal from Plan B Café

    For more choices, head over to the cafeteria on the fifth floor. There are rice meals, sandwiches, pasta, and desserts. I used to buy rice meals here. 

    What’s funny though was that the menu had not changed since our first baby was born. It was the same when our second baby was born but I’m not complaining because the food was good. 

    If you want fast food and other inexpensive options, there are many restaurants around the hospital. 

    On the other hand, we loved eating Sweet Tomato Grill at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City. We liked to try the various noodle dishes and pair them with our favorite lechon kawali and gambas. After our meal, we would have coffee and dessert. That was our routine and it was one of our best memories at St. Luke’s Quezon City. 

    Location and contact numbers

    St. Luke’s Medical Center is located at the following addresses: 

    St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City
    279 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Quezon City, 1112
    Telephone number: 8-723-0101

    St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City
    Rizal Drive cor. 32nd St. and 5th Ave., Taguig, 1634
    Telephone number: 8-789-7700

    St. Luke's Medical Center Extension Clinic
    1177 J. Bocobo Street, Ermita, Manila
    Telephone numbers: 8-521-0020 / 8-521-8674 


    St. Luke’s Medical Center is a first-rate hospital offering one of the most excellent medical services in the Philippines. It’s definitely expensive but you get your money’s worth because you are assured of the best attention and care. Do not worry though because they accept SSS, Philhealth, and other medical insurance services. 

    Then again, healthcare in the Philippines is not cheap. You would always need a significant sum of money when undergoing treatment. In the end, it’s up to you where you want to avail of it.

    Review of St. Luke's BGC
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    1. Hi, Ivan

      Thank you for your blog it was very helpful. I'd like to ask some questions.

      1. How much did you pay for overall cost?
      2. What particular HMO or Health Insurance did you use?
      3. Did they have the prenatal and post natal package?
      4. May I also know where I can contact your OB, so I can also make appointments with her.

      Thank you so much

      1. Hello, I'm glad that this post was able to help you. To answer your questions:

        1. Overall cost was P220K plus. That was over a year ago and, of course, it will also vary depending on your ob-gyn doctor. The cost for the delivery of my first son was lower and that was close to four years ago.
        2. We only used SSS and Philhealth.
        3. Pre and post-natal care were included in the package.
        4. You may get in touch with the secretary of Dr. Jing Fernandez, our OB, through 09338634547.

        Thank you and stay safe.

    2. Excellent 👌 I do agree that it was the best amongst leading hospital in our country, In terms of,the facility and expertise

    3. Done reading this blog po and talagang Ang ganda po sa st Luke's medical center. Ang linis ng room at ang laki at maasikaso pa ang mga staff and magagaling Ang mga doctors and nurses Nila 👍

    4. I definitely agree that St.Lukes Medical center is one of the best and excellent medical services in the Philippines. True it si much expensive than the other but yes it is worth it. I can say this because my Employee before was a doctor at St Lukes. That's why I believe in your blog because i personnaly visit this hospital too.

    5. Madami napo akong naririnig na good feedback dito sa St. Luke's Medical Center talagang Napakaganda daw ng serbisyo nila. Bukod pa dun napakalinis pa talaga. Magiging komportable talaga tayo Dito dahil alam nating hindi Tayo pababayaan ng staff nila. 🥰 Napakagaling din talaga ng mga doctors Dito. Very recommended po talaga dito .

    6. Awee!! I highly agree. The best hospital in the country, the doctors and nurses are top notch haha the price is top notch too, BUT you get what you pay for. Alaga nila ang kanilang mga staffs. I miss St. Lukes Med City BGC. Dati akong Admin Asst. jan sa Pathology. That was year 2016. Talagang alaga kami sa disiplina. Simula training, mamahalin ka na nila. 🥰♥️

    7. Defenitly Agree truly this Hospital was really recommended talagang makikita mo yung ganda ng Serbisyo nila at kung paano nila gingawang maayos ang kanilang mga Pasyente even ng mga Visited, super Complete at gaganda pa ng mga Room... 💯👌👌

    8. Defenitly Agree truly this Hospital was really recommended talagang makikita mo yung ganda ng Serbisyo nila at kung paano nila gingawang maayos ang kanilang mga Pasyente even ng mga Visited, super Complete at gaganda pa ng mga Room... 💯👌👌

    9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog! I am going to contact Dra. Fernandez today! ☺️

      1. You are welcome. You won't regret having Dra. Jing as your OB. :)

    10. Hi po. Via cs po ba yung 220k+ total bill? Thinking to deliver sa st lukes taguig kasi ulit. Ecs kasi ako nung 2018 and same total bill. Checking lang if ganyan pa din price ng cs nila? Thank you.

      1. Hello po, yes CS po ang wife ko sa St. Luke's BGC. May variation po kami sa cost kasi nag-increase ng konti ang PF ni doc, plus nag-stay kami sa high risk unit ng ilang days and kumuha na din kami ng private room.

      2. hi! this is very helpful. i am contemplating whether to get the package or not given pandemic, we're scared to take the risk of having 2 families in 1 room. i know it was long ago, but can you still remember the difference of your bill when you got the package vs when you got the private room ? i heard kasi everything costs more if you choose private. were both deliveries CS? i had my delivery in Makati med via their package, good was their package was flexible, from normal, i was CS and we were still able to get the package at 175k++ in 2018. but i really want to try st lukes this time!

      3. Hello, the difference is not too high. I mean, around P2,500 to P5,000 lang yata yung difference nila kaya mas practical to get a private room. I'd suggest that you also get a private room given the pandemic.

    11. ROXAS EDGARDO8 May 2022 at 03:15

      This Medical Center is Truly Recommended tlga pag dating sa serbisyo 👌👌💕💕💕 sobrang Linis, Mababait na Workers Mga High Quality na Gamit. Atbp.. thanks for sharing this Mommy and Dadd.

    12. Hi,

      Thank you for this! I would just like to ask how much po ung estimated price on the package provided to you before by St.Luke's?

      Nagask po kasi ako recently and here are the rates :
      Normal : 2 bed semi private - 91,540.00
      Normal : 4 bed ward - 87,360.00
      CS : 2 bed semi private - 150, 190.00
      CS : 4 bed ward - 144,660.00

      More than 70k po kasi ung diff from 220k, just curious lang po if ung namention po nila na room upgrade, increase OB pf and stay sa high risk unit po ung reason po sa difference amounting to 70k po?

      1. Hi, yes, that's correct, yung sa high risk unit ang nagpataas sa cost ng package namin. Hindi kasi sya kasama sa initial quote sa amin dahil sort of emergency sya dahil premature by a week or two yung baby namin plus medyo tumaas ang BP ng wife ko.

    13. Hi sir, ask ko lang kung magkasama po kau ng wife nyo nung nasa high risk unit po kayo? Kasi sa iba hinihiwalay po

      1. Hello po. Yes, po. Pumayag naman po na mag-stay muna ako dun sa high risk unit since ako lang ang bantay.

    14. Hi sir! Question lang magkano po ang PF that time ni dra and PF ng anesthesiologists? Para makapag prepare kami hehe

      1. Hello po. Naku, pasensya na. Hindi ko na po matandaan ang rate ni Doc and anesthesiologists.