5 Oriental-Inspired Décors Suitable for All Seasons

January 27, 2022

Enjoy the Zen, good luck, and positive vibes of the Lunar Year with these five Oriental-inspired décor items suitable for all seasons.

The Lunar New Year is coming, with many households decorating their homes with trinkets, fruits, and other items. These invite good fortune and abundance that will help people get through every day, especially with the ongoing health scare.

Oriental-inspired home decors

5 Oriental-Inspired Décors Suitable for All Seasons

    Oriental decors are timeless

    However, the charm of Chinese New Year goes beyond the lucky trinkets and red-colored items. Others incorporate Oriental decorations and furniture pieces into their interiors to create a Zen and artistic home atmosphere. The best part? These décor items are suitable all year round, not just during the Chinese New Year!

    Recreate the timeless, Zen, and ornate features in your home with these five Oriental-inspired décor items:

    1. Paper Lantern Lighting

    Paper lanterns are a staple of many East Asian cultures as they symbolize vitality and good luck. They’re often lit and launched into the sky to let the winds carry the wishes and help them come true. You can incorporate these fascinating lanterns into your home, whether in your bedroom or living room. 

    Oriental lantern decors
    Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

    For example, a tall lantern lamp is perfect for brightening living rooms and bedrooms. Spherical hanging lanterns are aesthetically pleasing accents for ceilings. Floor lamps with pressed flowers and ornate Asian-style paintings will go well with low coffee tables.

    Paper lantern-like lighting fixtures also brighten and add a teahouse-like ambiance to a home. Consider adding these pieces if you want to emulate a serene atmosphere on your newly-bought townhouse for sale.

    2. Separating Screens

    Folding screens are another fundamental furniture item in many Oriental homes. They divide rooms and conceal private areas of the house, such as the bedroom, office, or meditation room.

    Aside from being functional, folding or separating screens also serve as decorative pieces for your home. Their elaborate designs make them suitable for adorning your plain neutral walls. Get folding screens with paintings of trees, clouds, ocean waves, and animals. 

    With 2022 being the tiger’s year, a separating screen with tigers in their habitat painted on it might invite good energy for places like a house and lot for sale in Iloilo City.

    3. Lacquerware

    Lacquer techniques have been around for over 1,400 years. They’re used for adding gloss to plates, walls, and furniture pieces. If you take a look at ancient Oriental-style wardrobes or furniture pieces, you’ll notice they have elegant patterns of flowers, leaves, fish, birds, clouds, and dragons.

    The exquisite lacquerware designs justify their prices and why they remain as investment pieces for Oriental-style homes. If you’re looking for a piece that will stand out in your home, consider purchasing a tall lacquerware vase.

    4. Porcelain Jars and Vases

    You’ve probably seen those white porcelain jars and vases with blue designs in movies or TV shows portraying Asian households. They aren’t just props, as these porcelain wares are actually popular décor items for homes and business establishments.

    These glazed blue-and-white porcelain wares were initially used for burial and religious ceremonies but are now a part of Oriental-style interior designs. Place these on a table, the corners of your home, or by your entrance. These will highlight the otherwise plain surfaces and furniture pieces.

    5. Bamboo Items

    The wood element represents growth, balance, and virtue. Bring these attributes into your space by incorporating bamboo items. You can choose furniture pieces made of reinforced bamboo for a more contemporary look. Then, decorate your tables and shelves with bamboo vases, sculptures, and small fountains. For a more natural look, add long bamboo sticks in large vases.


    Oriental-style décor and furniture items transcend beyond the luck and good energy they bring. They link the past to the present and foster Zen, welcoming, and elegant spaces. Create Oriental-style home interiors with these five décor items and decoration tips.

    Oriental bamboo decors

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