5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free For Your Family’s Safety

August 16, 2021

Here are some simple tips on how you can keep your home free from unwanted pests.

Keeping our homes pest-free is of utmost importance especially if we have small kids. In fact, even if we do not have children at home, we should prevent pests from infiltrating and taking refuge in our house at all costs.

Keep your home pest-free

5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free For Your Family’s Safety

    What are common household pests?

    Some of the most common household pests that you’ve probably encountered in your home are rats and mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and even ants. 

    Those pesky animals seem to be appearing nonstop from out of nowhere, so getting rid of them can be quite a challenge. They can give homeowners quite a headache because those pests will really make them think of ways to get rid of those critters.

    Why do pest infestations occur?

    There are several reasons why pest infestations happen at home. Some of the most common reasons would be because those animals are seeking shelter. Rats and mice would usually make a comfortable burrow in a quiet corner of a room or even outside in the garden.

    Common houseflies as pests
    Photo by Vijay Putra from Pexels

    Aside from shelter, these animals also need food so maybe they found a steady food supply in a home. Cockroaches, ants, and rats would usually feast on food on the table especially if these are left uncovered.

    At times, pests stay in a certain area because that’s their common habitat such as beds in the case of bed bugs.

    How common household pests pose health risks

    Many of these everyday pests carry bacteria and other microorganisms that may be harmful to our health. These can pass bacteria when they come in contact with our food, clothes, utensils, and other items at home.

    Rat hiding in a corner
    Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

    Rats and mice are most closely associated with leptospirosis that is caused by bacteria coming into contact with the saliva of animals. Leptospirosis, if left untreated, can cause respiratory problems, liver failure, kidney issues, meningitis, and even death.

    Cockroaches, on the other hand, carry germs that may cause a number of diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, and typhoid fever, to name a few.

    Mosquitoes are common pests at home.
    Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

    As for mosquitoes, we are all aware of the dangers of dengue fever that may also cause severe complications to people of all ages.

    Also, what can be more irritating than red and itchy insect bites? Not only that, those bites can bring in even more severe infections.

    One rather recent incident that happened to our two kids was when they were bitten by bed bugs. We didn’t have any problem with bed bugs in the past so we weren’t quite familiar with how their bites looked like.

    We initially thought that the red bumps were from ants but they were too many to be caused by ants. We saw that our kids were becoming too uncomfortable with the little itchy swellings so we were in a bit of panic at first because we didn’t know what to do.

    We only realized that those bites were from bed bugs when our nanny brought up the possibility of their presence in the bed foam. We immediately went into action to get rid of bed bugs and we were just glad to have exterminated them from our home.

    How we control pests in our home

    Ants are common house pests
    Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

    To be perfectly honest, it involves a lot of hard work when it comes to warding off pests. I sometimes feel like it’s a never-ending process but what can we do, that’s just how it is because those pests will eventually come back and raid our homes again when we become negligent.

    Anyway, here are some of the things that we can do to mitigate pests at home:

    1. Keep surfaces clean

    Keep tables, chairs, and kitchen bars clean and free from crumbs and other pieces of food. That way, it won’t attract insects and other pests in your home.

    2. Keep trash outside your home

    Food waste and other organic trash are also very attractive to flies and even rats. They feed and nest on these items so it’s a good idea to keep these things out of your home.

    3. Install screens on doors and windows

    Installing screen mesh to your windows and doors are also an effective method to ensure that insects and rodents are kept out of your house.

    4. Regularly check walls and dark corners

    You will never know where those bothersome pests are hiding so it’s also advisable to regularly check the dark and damp corners of your house. You might be surprised to find out that they’re just there and able to evade you because they lurk in an area that you rarely check.

    5. Hire a pest control specialist

    If worse comes to worst, hiring a pest control specialist is a good decision. I remember our experience when we were living in a condo unit. Our room was infested with German cockroaches, a common occurrence in that building we were told.

    It’s great that the building management has allocated one free pest control service for all tenants each month. It’s a professional service that we would be otherwise unable to do by ourselves.


    Pests are a nuisance at home but more than that, they pose great risks to our health because they carry bacteria and other microorganisms. As such, we should exert all effort to keep our homes pest-free.

    It just takes some simple methods to keep pests away but if things become out of hand, we can always hire expert pest control services.

    Pest-free home

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    1. Keeping pests away should be something that everyone thinks about. Getting rid of them is much harder than never letting them in.

    2. Rodents are one of the problems in our house. We used to have traps all over the house just get rid of them. Believe me, we tried all the kinds of traps we found online but none of them are effective enough. We haven't tried hiring a pest control though.. It might be our best chance
      Thank you for sharing

    3. This is very helpful and informative blog.
      Thank you for sharing this blog.
      True that pests are the great risk to our health because it carries bacteria that cause many kinds of diseases. Cleaning and dis infecting our home may help to avoid those pests at home.

    4. I try to do Pest control atleast twice a year . Thanks for the tips getting rid of pests .

    5. thanks for sharing this daddy ivan talagang very helpful po ito lalo na sa mga taong gustong magkaroon ng home na pest-free para na din sa safety ng family must read talaga ito

    6. Ugh.... I wouldn't want any of these pets to get into my home. Especially on my room..

    7. Pests can be really annoying so I always keep surfaces clean.

    8. Hays, heto po ang isa sa mga prob namin. mali po kasi yung pagkakagawa dito sa inuupahan namin. May kanal po kasi dito sa loob ng bahay pero nandun sya sa likod sa may kusina. Grabe po talaga sobrang dami po talaga ng peste hndi talaga bababa sa 15. Yun pala meron silang pinag lulusutan. Syempre kami, ako. Hndi talaga maiwasan ang hndi matakot lalo na pagka gabi lumalabas talaga sila mapamalaki at mapamaliit meron talaga . Anyway thankyou for sharing this daddy ivan very informative blog po talaga very helpful din po talaga itong shinare nyo.

    9. Great advice. And a post that I think alot of people could do with reading. If not for their homes, then for their workplaces as well.

    10. I didn't know cockroaches carry so many diseases! We have been seeing too many of them at home because it's been extra humid and hot... yuck.

    11. I didn't know cockroaches carry so many diseases! We have been seeing too many of them at home because it's been extra humid and hot... yuck.

    12. I didn't know cockroaches carry so many diseases! We have been seeing too many of them at home because it's been extra humid and hot... yuck.

    13. Good ideas, the wall and corners could be a big reason for them to reside inside the house. Thank you for sharing!

    14. As for me, before I reach for the chemical-laden bug spray and store-bought insect repellents, i go for a natural solution - peppermint!

      Insects hate peppermint. In fact, the stick bug uses a milky substance it can emit from behind its head that fills the air with the scent of peppermint.

    15. This is my dilemma too! I normally hire house help and pest control to make sure that everything is sorted out clearly.

    16. We usually do pest control every month even during the pandemic. We always make sure we clean our cupboards and kitchen area as it can be one of the great sources of pests.

    17. Truth to that! I always have my food covered and stored away in the fridge so that the roaches don't feast on it. I detest roaches with a passion (hihi....)

    18. Pest control is something that we take seriously here in Australia. We hire a professional guy to do it, and report the incident to the council office, so that our community will be aware on how to deal with many pests issues.

    19. Those are some great points to keep in mind and safety is always important. It's good to prepare and keep your house pest free.