Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz: always a festive dining experience

August 10, 2019

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz is a name that Khris and I have come to associate with happy occasions and delightful buffet experiences.

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz is a name that Khris and I have come to associate with happy occasions and delightful buffet experiences. This is mainly our go-to restaurant if we are celebrating the birthdays of important people – where it is a friend or a relative. In particular, we love Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz because of its location as well as the quality of food that they serve.

Vikings Luxury Buffet: chef preparing meats

Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz: always a festive dining experience

    We have been going back to Vikings Luxury Buffet on many different occasions since 2016 and have enjoyed consistently good service and the quality of food has remained the same.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet's Location

    Vikings Luxury Buffet is located inside Jazz Mall, just below Jazz Condominium and along N. Garcia Street in Makati City. It is very near our office, not to mention that we are also currently renting a unit at Jazz Condominium so it is really a convenient location for us.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: bread station
    Bread Station

    Depending on the location where you are coming from and the time when you are traveling, traffic around Gil Puyat Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue can get really heavy. As such, I would advise you to come here earlier or book a reservation for the weekend.


    Vikings Luxury Buffet: cheese station
    Cheese station

    The ambiance is another plus point for the Vikings Luxury Buffet. The bright lights, the big windows, the sparkling chandeliers, the large tables, and the attractive seats all exude a festive mood. Of course, the many different cuisines, the aroma of food, and free-flowing drinks all add to the wonderful ambiance that one may enjoy at Vikings Luxury Buffet.

    Food Selection

    Of course, the highlight of any Vikings experience is its food selection. Nothing beats NIU by Vikings, its premium luxury buffet outlet, but I think Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz comes decently close when it comes to food and drink choices. The medley of an international buffet at Vikings Luxury Buffet leaves an unforgettable impression, especially on first-time diners. In fact, I think the Vikings Luxury Buffet offers the best unlimited food selections among similar restaurants in Metro Manila. 

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: roast beef, lamb, and turkey at the carving station
    Roast beef, lamb shoulders, and turkey at the carving station

    As with any buffet restaurants, I usually start by visiting the carving station. There are always three meat selections at Vikings Luxury Buffets carving station – roast beef, lamb, and either turkey or roast chicken. What I also like about this station is that stuffed lechon belly (or binusog na lechon) is perennially present here. During previous occasions that I was here, I always make sure to get a second serving of roast beef. However, the last time that we were here, I was not too happy with the roast beef because it was not as tender as I hoped it would be.

    If you love grilled seafood and meats, Vikings Luxury Buffet has a grilling station although the selection is not too many. Take your pick among the various choices of fresh shrimps, mussels, salmon belly, squid, and some vegetables on skewers, have it grilled by any of the chefs on duty, and your plate of delicious and aromatic barbecue will be delivered straight to your table.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: Filipino food station
    Pinakbet and seafood kare-kare at the Filipino food station

    One particular station that I also do like to visit whenever I am at Vikings Luxury Buffet is the Filipino food station. The menu changes regularly, so you really would not know what to expect, but some of the dishes that I look forward to is paella, grilled fish, and kare-kare (with bagoong, of course).

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: ebi tempura at the Japanese food station
    Ebi tempura

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: Japanese food station
    Japanese food station

    One dish that seems to be always a hit at Vikings Luxury Buffet is Ebi (shrimp) tempura because the queue of people waiting for the tempura to cook is always long. I personally have tried it only once but I do not recall how it tasted like. However, if ever you get to try eating here at Vikings, try the Ebi tempura for yourself.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: sashimi and maki at the Japanese food station
    Maki and sashimi

    Aside from shrimp and vegetable tempura, you can also satisfy your Japanese food craving with various fresh sashimi and maki.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: friend bean curd skin
    Fried bean curd skin at the Japanese food station

    Another station at Vikings Luxury Buffet that I like to always check is the Chinese food section. Here, you can satisfy your palate with delicious steamed and fried dumplings. I do like it when there are kikiam and fried bean curd skin on offer. I think these are two of the most flavorful dumplings offered by Vikings Luxury Buffet and I take advantage of them when they are around. On our last visit to Vikings, I enjoyed the fried bean curd skin to my heart's content with glasses of ice-cold beer.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: Korean food station
    Korean food

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: samgyeopsal or Korean barbecue

    If you love Korean food, there is a small station offering Korean barbecue and kimchi. I usually do not get anything here because I would rather go to a Korean barbecue buffet restaurant and have a good time grilling meats and eating kimchi.

    Drinks at Vikings Luxury Buffet are also unlimited. There are flavored iced teas, sago at gulaman, chocolate drinks, water infusions, milk tea, coffee, as well as local and imported beers.

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: dessert station
    Dessert station

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: sapin sapin or native cakes

    Vikings Luxury Buffet: bibingka and puto bumbong
    Bibingka and puto bumbong

    After having your fill of all the delicious savory goodies, have something sweet from the dessert station to balance your taste buds. There is ice cream, frozen yogurt, cakes, and pastries, as well as fresh sliced fruits. My favorites though are bibingka and puto bumbong, two native cakes that are mostly available only during the Christmas season but I do love to eat them any time of the year.

    Our verdict

    All in all, the experience at Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Jazz is highly recommended if you are looking for an indulgent buffet meal. It is one of our favorite buffet restaurants in Metro Manila. Service is good, and food and drinks are always superb.


    As for the price, here is the list of rates of Vikings Luxury Buffet, which are updated as of this writing:


    • Lunch (11 AM to 2:30 PM), Monday to Friday, Php 774.90
    • Dinner (5:30 PM to 10 PM), Monday to Friday, Php 984.90
    • Lunch and Dinner; including Holidays (11 AM to 10 PM), Saturday and Sunday, Php 984.90

      Kids between 3.1 ft to 4 ft

      • Lunch (11 AM to 2:30 PM), Monday to Friday,  Php 218.40
      • Dinner (5:30 PM to 10 PM), Monday to Friday, Php 323.40
      • Lunch and Dinner; including Holidays (11 AM to 10 PM), Saturday and Sunday,  Php 323.40

        Kids between 4.1 ft to 4.6 ft

        • Lunch (11 AM to 2:30 PM), Monday to Friday, Php 438.90
        • Dinner (5:30 PM to 10 PM), Monday to Friday, Php 648.90
        • Lunch and Dinner; including Holidays (11 AM to 10 PM), Saturday and Sunday, Php 648.90

        As with any buffet restaurant, reservation is recommended. To reserve a table at Vikings Luxury Buffet, you may call these numbers: (02) 8454647 and (02) 8913888.


        Branches and Telephone Numbers

        Aside from SM Jazz Mall, Vikings is also located at the addresses below. The contact numbers are also listed so that you may call them in advance to reserve your tables.

        The Norse Vikings inspired Vikings Mall of Asia 
        Bldg. B, By the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
        Telephone number: 845-4647

        The Art Museum Inspired Vikings SM Megamall - Mega Fashion Hall
        4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
        Telephone number: 845-4647

        The Home Inspired Vikings SM Marikina
        2nd Floor, SM City Marikina, Kalumpang, Marikina City
        Telephone number: 845-4647

        The Black and White Inspired Vikings SM North EDSA
        4th Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
        Telephone number: 845-4647

        The Modern Filipino Inspired Vikings SM Lanang Premier
        Upper Ground Level, SM Lanang Premier, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City
        Telephone numbers: (082) 285-3888, (082) 285-4888, 0917-875-5888, and 0919-999-5888

        The Starry Nights of Manhattan City Inspired Vikings SM City Bacolod
        Ground Floor, SM City Bacolod - North Wing, Bacolod City
        Telephone numbers: (034) 431-3888 , (034) 431-4888, 0917 846 6888, and 0998 988 3888

        The Nature-Inspired Vikings SM City BF
        2nd Floor, SM BF, Dr. A. Santos Ave., Paranaque City
        Telephone number: 845-4647

        The Prism inspired Vikings Venue (events place store)
        Bldg. A, By the Bay, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
        Telephone numbers: 824-3888, 824-4888

        The Pop inspired Vikings Cebu
        2nd Floor, SM City Cebu - North Wing, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
        Telephone numbers: (032)-255-3888, (032)-255-4888, 0998-996-9888, and 0917-576-9888

        The Posh inspired Vikings SM Pampanga
        Global Fashion Wing 127-130 SM City Pampanga, Global Fashion Wing
        Mexico 2021
        Telephone number: (045) 435 3888

        The Vintage European Train Station inspired Vikings Iloilo
        Level 2, SM City Iloilo, Benigno Aquino Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo City 5000
        Telephone numbers: (033) 508-8898, (033) 508-8188, 0917-313-7888, and 0919-993-8888

        Operating Hours:
        Mondays to Sundays
        Lunch: 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
        Dinner: 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

        *All information was taken from Vikings' website, which you may check for updates.

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