Sambo Kojin: you can never go wrong with a classic

Sunday, 7 April 2019

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Sambo Kojin is possibly one of the first restaurants in Metro Manila offering unlimited authentic Yakiniku (Japanese grill) and Korean barbecue.

The restaurant prides itself in its smokeless grills that allow diners to enjoy the experience of cooking their choice of meats and vegetables without the smoke that typically released by barbecue grills.

Sambo Kojin carving station

Sambo Kojin: you can never go wrong with a classic

    Our Sambo Kojin experience

    We had the chance to try Sambo Kojin recently when my brother-in-law celebrated his birthday at the buffet restaurant’s West Avenue outlet. We had a reservation for late afternoon and arrived at the venue a few minutes before Sambo Kojin opened. There were already a good number of diners waiting at the lobby for the evening buffet.

    After just a few minutes, Sambo Kojin’s doors were opened. After the receptionist verified our reservation, we were ushered to a big, family-size table. When we had settled at our table, I did a quick scan of the food on offer, a habit that I practice in all buffet restaurants, especially those that I visit for the first time.

    Sambo Kojin roast beef
    Roast beef

    As can be expected, I started with the carving station and got slices of Gyunuki Rosuto, which is really just a huge chunk of roast beef. I chose peppercorn sauce for this serving. The meat was tender, juicy, and flavorful. It was so soft, it easily yielded to my fork. I liked this so much that I helped myself to a second serving of the roast beef.

    Sambo Kojin lamb and pork belly
    Carving station
    I also got a few pieces of Buta Hara Rosuto which is like lechon belly. The server recommended liver sauce which I gladly heeded. The sauce was perfect with roast pork. Aside from this, the skin was perfectly crunchy and salty; I could not ask for anything else. 

    Sambo Kojin Korean station

    Sambo Kojin kimchi-based dishes

    Sambo Kojin Korean Fried Chicken
    Korean fried chicken

    Sambo Kojin Korean cusine

    Sambo Kojin omelet
    I also sampled some of the offerings from the Korean section, most notably the omelet and the fried kimchi dumplings. The omelet was a little dry but nonetheless flavorful. The dumplings were also not extraordinary but enjoyable to eat because of the crunch of the wrapper. Moreover, the dumplings had generous fillings of kimchi which was very flavorful.

    Sambo Kojin fried kimchi dumplings
    Fried kimchi dumplings
    I also got several sashimi and maki pieces from the Japanese section and noted the freshness of the ingredients used.

    Sambo Kojin maki station
    Maki station

    Sambo Kojin tempura station
    Tempura station

    Sambo Kojin yakitori station
    Yakitori station
    Our experience at Sambo Kojin would not be complete without trying the Korean barbecue section. There are various choices of marinated meat slices and unlimited shrimp. We helped ourselves to several platefuls of shrimps which we quickly put over the grill. The meats were only lightly-seasoned, perhaps because Sambo Kojin gives diners the flexibility to season their food to their liking. There are sauces and spices available on the table which you can use for flavoring your grilled meats and seafood.

    Sambo Kojin pork tonkatsu
    To cap our meal, we went for ice cream and cake at the dessert section. There are several choices of cakes and pastries on display.

    Sambo Kojin dessert station
    Dessert station

    Sambo Kojin dessert cups

    Our verdict

    We completely enjoyed our Sambo Kojin experience. It offers one of the best buffet meals in Metro Manila. Sambo Kojin's unlimited food choices truly make celebrations more festive.

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