City Buffet: a review of one of the best buffet restaurants in Fairview

Friday, 20 July 2018

City Buffet has immensely improved since the last time we were here three years ago. Even so, they have maintained their affordability.

City Buffet has immensely improved since the last time we were here three years ago. Back then, food was unremarkable and service was slow. I was thinking though that timing might have been a factor; we were previously here for dinner and recently for lunch. I really could not tell but, just the same, the improvement was welcome.

City Buffet sashimi slices

We were looking for a restaurant where we could celebrate Father’s Day with my brothers-in-law. Since we were a big group with big appetites, we decided to go to a buffet place. Skepticism aside, we settled on City Buffet because it was the nearest restaurant we could think of.

City Buffet pizza section

We booked two tables and after a fair amount of waiting time, we were ushered to our seats. The buffet table had all the usual offerings normally seen in other restaurants: pizza slices, tempura, katsu, Filipino selections like pork sisig, Bicol express, chicken; Chinese dumplings, Japanese maki and sashimi, and special egg fried rice, just to name a few.
  City Buffet tofu and pork

City Buffet fried dumplings

City Buffet yang chow and steamed rice
I helped myself to spoonfuls of sisig, Bicol Express, baked oysters, a few pieces of roasted pork belly, pork barbecue, and shrimps. City Buffet’s sisig was really good; a first it looked like soggy chunks of meat but it was very crisp and flavorful.
  City Buffet sisig and salt and pepper pork spare ribs

City Buffet pork binagoongan
I also liked what City Buffet did with its version of Bicol Express because the taste of the coconut cream was robust, and it had a tolerable level of spiciness. The shrimps and baked oysters, meanwhile, are our perennial favorites so we helped ourselves to a few delicious pieces.
  City Buffet steamed vegetables

City Buffet rice and pork
For my second plate, I could not resist to get a small serving of sisig. I also tried the sashimi slices (salmon and octopus) and noted that the taste was fresh.
  City Buffet salmon and octopus sashimi and skewers
For dessert, City Buffet offers pastries, crepe topped with fruits, ice cream, native sweets, and halo halo. I only helped myself to a few scoops of ice cream on top of waffles which I drizzled with some chocolate syrup.
  City Buffet ice cream and waffles
What I also liked about City Buffet was their unlimited drinks of soda, iced tea, and hot tea. There was also a Nescafe Alegria coffee machine where once may get an assortment of hot coffee mixes to enjoy after a heavy meal.
  City Buffet buchi balls
Overall, our second time at City Buffet was a noteworthy experience. Price is quite reasonable, more so if there are promos, and their service has improved really well; the empty serving dishes were refilled almost instantaneously and requests were completed fast.

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