How to make quick and easy French toast

Friday, 30 August 2019
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French toast may sound complicated and sophisticated at first but it is actually a fairly easy-to-do light breakfast or snack.

How to make quick and easy french toast

How to make quick and easy French toast

    Khris and I were recently craving French toast. However, the ones that we bought from a cafe could not satisfy us because it had the tendency to be a little dry even if reheated. Plus, it was not a creamy as we hoped it would be. As such, I decided to make a batch of French toast for us.

    I am sharing this simple and easy-to-follow recipe if you would also like to cook either a solo set or several slices for sharing. I am no cook but my wife and I love to replicate our favorite food at our kitchen instead of buying them restaurants and cafes all the time.

    French toast is European in origin. The slightly sweet and creamy slices of baked or fried bread are great for satisfying the palate at any time of the day – either at breakfast or during the afternoon as a light snack. What’s good about it is that it is easy to make; you can make French toast with just two to three ingredients.

    Bread soaked in milk for french toast
    Bread slices soaked in milk

    I like French toast with a crisp layer of toasted crust or skin with a creamy, almost oozing and creamy center. I do this by soaking the bread slices in a generous amount of milk and then frying it in a very hot pan. I also like using whole wheat bread because it can soak up a lot of liquid and still stay compact. Any branch will do but I use Gardenia (no raisins) because that is what we personally prefer. You may also use regular white bread if this is what you like but, based on experience, it turns soggy when there is too much liquid.

    How to make quick and easy French toast

    Recipe by Ivan Jose

    French toast may sound complicated and sophisticated at first but it is actually a fairly easy-to-do light breakfast or snack.
    5 stars
    Prep time: 15 minutes
    Cook time: 25 minutes
    Total time: 40 minutes
    Yield: 8
    Calories per serving: 229
    Fat per serving: 5.2 g

    Ingredients for a quick and easy French toast

    • 8 slices whole wheat bread
    • 2 pieces eggs (optional)
    • Half a teaspoon cinnamon powder
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil
    • 2 tablespoons butter

    Cooking Directions

    1. Cut the bread slices diagonally in half.
    2. In a deep bowl, pour in three (3) to four (4) cups of milk. I like using Almond milk, either plain or with flavor. It yields tastier, more flavorful toasts as compared to fresh cow’s milk. What’s good about Almond milk is that it’s just as creamy as cow’s milk. It’s also vegan-friendly. You can adjust the quantity of milk if you want your French toast to be more moist.
    3. Crack the eggs into the milk and beat the mixture until the egg had been fully incorporated. Of course, you may skip this step if you are not using eggs.
    4. If you are using sugar, you may already dissolve it into the liquid ingredients. Again, skip this step if you are not using sugar.
    5. Soak the bread slices in the milk until each slice is fully saturated.
    6. Add about three (3) spoonfuls of olive oil and a spoonful of butter into the frying pan and heat it until it is very hot. I found out that using oil and butter meant that butter won’t burn easily in high heat plus you get a lot of flavor even with just a small quantity of butter.
    7. Very carefully, place four (4) slices of bread into the hot oil. Toast each side until a golden brown crust has formed. Do this again for the last batch of bread slices.
    8. Drizzle with a little maple syrup and serve warm. If you are using cinnamon, sprinkle it on top before putting syrup.

    Kitchen tools that you will need

    • Frying pan, preferably the non-stick type
    • Spatula for non-stick pans

    Quicker version

    A quicker version of this would be to slice the bread, soak the pieces in milk, then fry it in hot olive oil-butter mixture. That’s it, your French toast is ready once the outside is crunchy and golden brown.

    Cook it ahead of time

    French toast reheats perfectly in the microwave or by quickly frying it in a non-stick pan. As such, you can make this as breakfast for the next day or you can keep leftovers in the refrigerator and just heat it whenever you feel like eating it again.

    Bread soaked in milk and fried in olive oil and butter for a quick and easy french toast
    Toast the bread slices in olive oil with butter

      Other serving suggestions

      • You may serve it with a side of fruit slices or top it with berries and bananas
      • You may top it with whipped cream
      • You can use condensed milk as drizzle
      • You may use honey if you cannot tolerate sugar
      • Pair you French toast with a warm cup of coffee.

      French toast serving suggestion
      Serving suggestion (photo by s_masako from Pixabay)


      That’s it. I hope you enjoy your simple, home-cooked French toast. For other food stories, please check here.

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