How to make Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

February 26, 2021

Here’s a simple recipe for delicious Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream that will surely impress your family and even your guests at home.

Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream may sound classy and sophisticated but it’s really one of the simplest flavors to make.

Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream recipe
Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

How to make Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

    Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream is satisfying because it combines the classic and the pleasant smell of vanilla that we are all familiar with and the rich taste of burnt or browned butter. The result is a fragrant ice cream that you can enjoy on its own or you can use as toppings for French toast, turon, or even coffee jelly.

    Understanding the components that makeup Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

    While this ice cream recipe is modest, I like that when I was reading about its two main ingredients, it led to the discovery of new knowledge. First, vanilla is a smell and not a taste. The flavor that you sense from vanilla is actually its smell.

    Second, you can brown butter to achieve a bolder and more caramelized flavor. It can be used for sweet dishes like cookies and ice cream, as well as savory food like pasta. Brown butter adds a depth of flavor that is richer than regular butter.

    Making the Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

    To make Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream, you’ll vanilla essence (also known as flavoring, so better if you can get your hands on vanilla extract), one-fourth block of butter, two cartons of all-purpose cream, and condensed milk.

    Making Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream in a container
    Making Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

    For the kitchen equipment, you need a spoon, a frying pan, a spatula, and a tub or container for your ice cream.

    To make brown butter, cook the butter in a pan using low heat. It’s more advisable to use a light-colored pan so that you’ll see when the butter has turned brown. Wait for the butter to sizzle until it turns golden brown. Don’t let it out of your sight as it burns easily. 

    Transfer it in a glass or porcelain container. You can even make a big batch that you can use later on for cooking or baking

    I also like to caramelize the condensed milk that I use to sweeten this Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream. In the same pan that you cooked butter, put the condensed milk and caramelize it slowly using low heat. 

    When it has turned a little brown, you may already remove it from the heat. Transfer it to a different container. If you have excess condensed milk, you can make it into delicious yema or milk balls.

    In a container, mix the all-purpose cream and brown butter, then sweeten with the condensed milk. Add drops of the vanilla essence to your desired flavor intensity. You may adjust the sweetness at any point.

    A cup of Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream
    A cup of Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

    When you are satisfied with the taste, freeze the Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream for four hours. What I like about this ice cream flavor is that it yields a delicious and beautiful light golden brown color instead of the plain off-white colored vanilla ice cream flavor.

    Print and file this recipe

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    how to make vanilla brown butter ice cream
    How to make Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream.

    • 2 cartons of all-purpose cream
    • 1/4 of a block of butter, can be salted or unsalted
    • about half a cup of condensed milk
    • vanilla essence


    1. In a light-colored pan, brown the butter over low to medium heat. You will know that it's done when the foam that will form is gone. Set aside in a glass container.
    2. In the same pan, lightly caramelize the condensed milk. Set aside.
    3. In a tub or container, combine the cream, brown butter, and sweeten with condensed milk. Add drops of vanilla essence until you get the desired flavor.
    4. Freeze the ice cream for about four hours. Serve as is or use it to top French toast, warm chocolate cake, or coffee jelly.


    Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream is one of the easiest ice cream flavors to make although it sounds like a complicated recipe to make. 

    In fact, you just need four ingredients to make this delicious ice cream flavor that pairs well with almost any dessert that you can think of – from pastries like cakes and brownies to fruits and even shakes.

    Try it for yourself to impress your friends and loved ones!

    How to make Vanilla Brown Butter Ice Cream

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