CADEN Handcrafted Donuts: Yummy and Picture-Perfect Treats

February 24, 2021

Sharing my review of CADEN Handcrafted Donuts, one of the food brands that we discovered during the pandemic and which we eventually came to love.

If there’s one good thing about moving back to my in-laws’ home in Novaliches during the lockdown, it’s that we got to discover a lot of local food businesses that we eventually fell in love with.

Box of CADEN Handcrafted Donuts

CADEN Handcrafted Donuts: Yummy and Picture-Perfect Treats

    One of these discoveries is CADEN Handcrafted Donuts, known for making fresh and handmade donuts daily. These donuts taste good but what struck us most was how artful the pastries looked.

    How we learned about CADEN Handcrafted Donuts

    Like most people these days, it’s in social media where we learned about CADEN Handcrafted Donuts. It was actually Khris who was browsing through Instagram when it caught her eye. She eventually checked CADEN on Facebook and, since then, she could not forget about it.

    Bite-size CADEN Handcrafted Donuts
    Bite-size CADEN donuts

    What’s good about it is that CADEN had a branch near our home, so placing an order was not a problem. That time though, we had to order direct from their store’s Facebook page and then we paid via fund transfer. Now, you can also order CADEN donuts via GrabFood; definitely a lot easier and faster because you just need the Grab app.

    What’s in CADEN’s Menu?

    CADEN offers the following 30 delicious and must-try donut flavors to customers:

    • White Almonds
    • Cream Cheese
    • Choco Almonds
    • Choco Overload
    • Mocha Swirl
    • Strawberry Cream
    • Dulce de Leche
    • Mango Mambo
    • Cashew Cookie
    • Cheesy Ensaymada
    • Chocolate
    • Nutty Matcha
    • Nutter Butter
    • Tiramisu
    • Cookies & Cream
    • Yema Tablea
    • Choco Matcha
    • Hazelnut Dream
    • Bavarian Cream
    • Choc Nut
    • Cheesy Mango
    • Red Velvet
    • Strawberry Sprinkles
    • Banoffee
    • Blueberry Cream
    • Chocolate Bavarian
    • Matcha Latte
    • Lemon Cookie
    • Caramel Sprinkle
    • Vanilla Bean

    These are available in regular size and in bite-size variants. 

    What we like about CADEN Handcrafted Donuts

    When our orders arrived, we also remarked how beautifully-designed the packaging was. You can send it as a gift to your friends and loved ones as is and not feel embarrassed about how its box looked.

    Good-looking box design of CADEN Handcrafted Donuts
    CADEN's nice-looking box

    As for the donuts, they look premium and of high-quality. They somehow remind me of the designs from another popular donut brand.

    The true test, of course, came when it was time to taste the CADEN donuts. They taste good; the flavors were well-balanced and not too sweet. Some of the variants had cream filling but they were not too rich or overpowering. You can have the donuts as is or with coffee or tea.

    In terms of the price, I think it was not too expensive and was just right for the quality of the donuts.

    CADEN Handcrafted Donuts branches

    CADEN currently has three branches in Metro Manila:

    Quezon City

    Address: 237, 1106 Quirino Highway
    Telephone number: 7917-3379

    Malabon City

    143 Marcelo H. Del Pilar Street
    Telephone number: 8918-7472

    Mandaluyong City

    Unit 28, The Portal, United St., Greenfield District
    Telephone number: 0917 320 8552

    For all branches, you may call their respective telephone numbers for orders and inquiries. You may also call CADEN's hotline 0917 849 9523.


    CADEN Handcrafted Donuts are some of our well-loved recent food discoveries. The donuts are delicious, they look good, and they are of high quality. They’re perfect as gifts or as desserts for any special occasion at home.

    What’s good about CADEN is that they deliver, either directly from their store or via GrabFood so it’s easier to enjoy their donuts whenever your craving hits.

    For more information about CADEN Handcrafted Donuts, visit their website at

    For donut prices and other announcements, you may visit CADEN's Facebook page.

    CADEN Handcrafted Donuts review

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    1. Wow another great delicious food Discovery. Thank you for your honest review. CADEN HANDCRAFTED DONUTS is highly recommended for it is really amazing and has satisfying taste that will satisfied our cravings. It will surely loved by the whole family and especially the kids would loved it too 🥰😋.

    2. Woaaaaaahhh.. Defenitly Love and rweommended this .. sobrang sasarap at gaganda ng mga Decor nila . Truly perfect with or without Occassion at perfect din for all family and friends 💯👌😊🤤🤤🤤sulit na sulit and really must order this all

    3. Who doesn't want them . They are absolutely perfect in our barely eyes , fantastic how you define them and most of all the quality and taste

    4. Thankyou for your honest review daddy Ivan. Must try po Talaga itong CADEN Handcrafted Donuts, tlagang masasatisfied ang boong pamilya dito.. Worth it to buy po talaga.. Lahat ng ito Gusto ko tlagang matikman. 😋

    5. looks so yummy naman po ng mga donuts na ito and daming pagpipilian and ang cute pa perfect pang gift din and sure na magugustuhan ng mga kids 🥰🥰🥰

    6. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:23

      Wow highly recommended naman itong caden donut nila bukod sa meron na sila 29 different flavors ganda pa ng design ng donut nila perfect din talaga pang gifts and pasalubong sa nga kids.

    7. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:23

      I agree po na perfect pangregalo tong CADEN Handcrafted Donuts. The packaging is nice, the donuts are delicious, high quality, and very cute ng designs 🥰