5 reasons why we keep coming back to Circles Event Café at Makati Shangri-La

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Circles Event Café at Makati Shangri-La remains at the top of our list when it comes to topnotch buffet restaurants in Metro Manila.

Circles Event Café at Makati Shangri-La remains at the top of our list when it comes to topnotch buffet restaurants in Metro Manila.

A meal at Circles Event Café becomes an unforgettable affair because of the mouth-watering choices of international cuisine, the homey atmosphere, as well as the admirable service of the restaurant attendants.

Striploin at Circles Event Cafe's carving station
Striploin at the carving station

5 reasons why we keep coming back to Circles Event Café at Makati Shangri-La 

    In a previous blog post, I wrote about how dining at Circles Event Café has become some sort of a tradition for our family.

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    We have had quite a number of special gatherings here over the last several years, and I could say that each visit left nothing but wonderful and happy memories with loved ones.

    Smoked salmon at Circles Event Cafe
    Smoked salmon

    Why do we keep coming back to Circles Event Café? Here are 5 reasons that draw us back to this restaurant:

    1. Splendid buffet spread

    The highlight of any experience at Circles Event Café, of course, is its superb buffet spread featuring various international cuisines. The food on offer is just enough to satisfy one’s palate. At the same time, the selection is not too much to the point that it will overwhelm diners. The buffet spread is actually both a gastronomic and visual delight.

    The carving station at Circles Event Cafe
    The carving station

    Personally, I like visiting the carving station first.  During our recent two visits, a huge chunk of striploin is gloriously displayed. I usually ask for two slices of steak, which is cooked medium to medium well. Guests may opt to have their meat heated over the grill if they choose to do so.
    I like to put black pepper sauce on my steak; it’s my favorite from among the variety of sauces available and on display. I think this black pepper sauce, with its slightly spicy and salty taste, complements meat really well.

    Salad station at Circles Event Cafe
    Salad station

    For sides, I like to get roasted vegetables and a handful of arugula leaves. Actually, I eat the whole thing as a salad – slices of meat with gravy with forkfuls of arugula leaves or roasted vegetables. I also like to get several pieces of cold cuts, smoked salmon, and cheese. I refrain from getting Yorkshire pudding, no matter how I like it, because carbohydrates can fill you up immediately.

    Crudites at Circles Event Cafe

    This initial plate is actually enough to satisfy my taste buds. However, I do like to visit other stations because it’s not always that we get to eat at Circles Event Café. After finishing this plate, I would usually visit the Cold Station and get several pieces of shrimps, mussels, and clams. If there are crabs on display, I would also get a piece or two. I would bring my seafood plate to the chef-on-duty and request for it to be cooked in garlic and butter.

    Fresh shrimps at the cold station of Circles Event Cafe
    Fresh shrimps

    Whenever we are at Circles Event Café, I make it a point to get several pieces of sushi and sashimi. I particularly like salmon and octopus sashimi because they are always sliced and served only upon request to ensure that they are fresh.

    Seafood soup at Circles Event Cafe
    Seafood food

    If I still have some room in my belly, I would check the fresh catch as well as the dumplings in the Chinese cuisine station and get a few pieces that I fancy.

    Vanilla pudding at the dessert station of Circles Event Cafe
    Warm vanilla butter pudding

    Tiramisu at the dessert station of Circles Event Cafe

    After having my fill of all the delicious savory dishes, I make sure to get dessert afterwards. I usually don’t get too much sweets but I make it a point to have halo-halo, Brazo de Mercedes, and warm vanilla pudding.

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    2. Impeccable service

    Filipino food and other international cuisine spread at Circles Event Cafe
    Selection of international cuisine

    Another thing that we love about Circles Event Café is the impeccable service. On many occasions, when we request for something, it is immediately given to us. Like last time, there were no dinner rolls in the bread station, only rye bread was available. One of the chefs on duty baked several rolls for us and personally delivered a plate of warm and buttery bread to our table.

    3. World-class yet welcoming and hospitable ambiance

    Indian food station at Circles Event Cafe
    Indian food

    Just by looking at the interiors of Circles Event Café, guests could tell that it was designed based on international standards. Despite that, the restaurant exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Even first timers will not be intimidated to enter Circles Event Café. The combination of warm, soft lights; big windows that reveal a lush garden with fountain, and large wooden tables create a homey ambiance.

    4. Circles offers year-round promos

    Indian food station at Circles Event Cafe
    Selection of fragrant Indian food

    What’s also good about Circles is that it offers promos and discounts all year round, especially through its partnership with credit card providers. While the cost is higher as compared to regular restaurants, it’s already a good deal considering the quality of food and the discount that one may enjoy.

    5. It’s not crowded

    Fresh mussels at the cold station of Circles Event Cafe
    Fresh mussels

    This is probably another good reason for choosing Circles Event Café. I wrote in previous articles how eating in some buffet restaurants was like engaging in a battle – people scurrying around without much regard if they bump other guests, diners emptying serving dishes (especially if it’s shrimps) irrespective of the long queue behind them, and people cutting through lines, just to name some irritating behavior in other buffet restaurants. I’m sure you understand what I am saying because you most likely have experienced the same in other eat-all-you-can restaurants, too.

    Fresh clams at the cold station of Circles Event Cafe
    Fresh clams

    At Circles Event Café, it does not get too crowded so you will not have to bear with the scenarios I have just mentioned above. A positive dining experience is enough to draw people back in any restaurant.

    Texas barbecue ribs at Circles Event Cafe
    Texas barbecue ribs

    Our experience this year

    Just this year alone, we had been to Circles Event Cafe twice in a span of less than three months. On both occasions, we availed of a dinner buffet to celebrate the birthdays of some of our friends. While our family has yet to be back to Circles again, Khris and I are happy to have spent quality time here with our friends. Definitely, we will come back to Circles Event Café whenever we have the opportunity to do so.


    Circles Event Cafe is located at Lobby Level, Makati Shangri-La, Ayala Avenue cor. Makati Avenue, Makati City 1200. For updated buffet price, check out Circles' menu. For reservations, please call telephone number (02) 814-2580 or register via Circles' online booking portal.

    Promos, deals, and discounts are announced via Circles' official Facebook and other social media pages.

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