Buddy's: always a deliciously festive family meal

July 01, 2023

Find out why Buddy's is one of our most favorite restaurants in Metro Manila.

Buddy’s is an outstanding example of how to properly showcase regional cuisine in the mainstream restaurant scene. Buddy's is actually a restaurant that I have been curious about for a long time because the colorful decors always catch my attention.

Delicious Pancit Lucban at Buddy's Restaurant
Pancit Lucban

Buddy's: always a deliciously festive family meal

    The ambiance at Buddy's

    First off, I like the name "Buddy's" because it sounded very much like the name of your friendly next-door neighbor. As such, when we got the chance to eat here, I was quite excited. Add to that the fact that we were here to celebrate my birthday.

    Longganisang Lucban at Buddy's Restaurant
    Longganisang Lucban

    The exteriors showcase the colors and merriment of the famous Pahiyas festival of the province of Quezon. The interiors, meanwhile, are as colorful as the outside with hanging kiping and bright lights. 

    Buddy’s was homey, something that every family would love to go to for celebrations. The ambiance is very welcoming; the moment you step in, you will feel like you have entered the house of a person you know.

    The food

    After we have found a good table and settled in, we immediately got down to business and ordered two platefuls of Pancit Lucban, a plate of sizzling sisig with egg, sizzling tuna belly with lemon butter sauce, crispy fried tuna tail, longganisang Lucban, and four platefuls of cassava cake.

    Crispy tuna tail at Buddy's Restaurant
    Crispy tuna tail

    We were very hungry so we could not care about what people will say about the number of our orders.

    Sizzling tuna belly at Buddy's Restaurant
    Sizzling tuna belly

    Our orders came in 15 minutes. I quickly got forkfuls of Pancit Lucban. It was really good, full of shrimp, vegetables, and bits of pork. 

    The taste is not something that will overwhelm the palate like pancit canton. It was mild yet rich like the sauce was thickened with eggs. It was worth raving about. Well, the pancit should be served on one’s birthday to enjoy a long life!

    Sizzling sisig at Buddy's Restaurant
    Sizzling sisig at Buddy's Restaurant

    Both the sizzling tuna and crispy tail were meaty and flavorful. The longganisang Lucban, on the other hand, is best dipped in vinegar before eating it with rice. The sisig was also good although it was not spectacular. Obviously, quality is something that this restaurant greatly values.

    Our Verdict

    We were six hungry folks and we ordered a feast. However, we paid only P1,000. It was definitely a good deal! I only have good things to say about the service, too, because it was fast and efficient.

    Cassava cake at Buddy's Restaurant
    Cassava cake

    Everybody should include Buddy's in their must-try restaurants. Credit cards and discount cards are accepted at Buddy's.

    Buddy's Branches

    There are also other Buddy's outlets in the following locations. Reservation is not required because they entertain diners on a first-come, first-served basis. The telephone numbers are included should you have inquiries.

    Araneta Center

    Shopwise Arcade, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
    Telephone numbers: +63282363377, +63282363388, and +63282363399

    Sacred Heart

    Timog Avenue, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
    Telephone numbers: +63283551111, +63283552222, and +63283553333

    Fort Bonifacio

    Second Floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall, Fort Bonifacio, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
    Telephone numbers: +63288375555 and +63288108557

    Glorietta Complex

    Ground Floor, The Link, Glorietta Complex, Makati City
    Telephone numbers: +63288285555 and +63288287722


    Eastwood Citywalk 2, Libis, Quezon City
    Telephone numbers: +6323723883 and +6323723882

    Fisher Mall

    Third Floor, Fisher Mall, Del Monte, Quezon City
    Telephone number: +63289205555

    Valenzuela - Makati

    Pililia Street, Opposite South Cemetery, Valenzuela, Makati City
    Telephone number: +63288995993

    Pearl Drive

    Tycoon Center, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
    Telephone numbers: +63286373296, +63286373297, and +63286373298

    Market! Market!

    Fiesta Market, Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
    Telephone number: +63288867722

    Olympia - Makati

    2948 Kakarong Corner Barasoain Street, Olympia, Makati City
    Telephone number: +63288957185

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    1. Na try ko na kumain nito sa market market po ang sarap nga favorite ko yung sizzling sisig nila. Nakakatuwa po kasi sa sarap ng food nila pero affordable price kaya perfect talaga yung name nila Buddy.

    2. buddy's looks like fiesta feels. It is much like visiting a friend or a relatives house to enjoy their specialties. Taking the province experience in the Metro.


    3. buddy's looks like fiesta feels. It is much like visiting a friend or a relatives house to enjoy their specialties. Taking the province experience in the Metro.


    4. Kapag ako talaga nakabalik sa metro manila , pupuntahan ko talaga itong restaurant nila para matikman ang mga foods nila. Lalo nat mukhang masasarap ang mga pagkain nila at napaka affordable pa. Must visit po talaga dito

    5. Talaga namang wala kang aayawan dito, dahil lahat panalo sa lasa at sarap, napaka Affordable na Sobrang sasarap pa, at dami ng mga Serving, pansit, Sisig, Sausage atbp, lahat Kakainin Mo.. highly recommended po talaga