Enjoy a picturesque lakeside view at Club Balai Isabel

Friday, 4 May 2018
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Club Balai Isabel is a beautiful lakeside property that commands a stunning view of Taal Lake.

Lakeside view at Club Balai Isabel

Standing in the veranda of one of the resort’s airy suites, one may conjure dreamy memories of amorous strolls with a loved one just by looking at the calm waters below. Club Balai Isabel’s allure is enough to soothe one’s mind from the chaos and muddle of the big city. In spite of this, Club Balai isabel is not without a fault.

How to go to Club Balai Isabel

Located in Talisay, Batangas, Club Balai Isabel is just a few hours’ drive from Manila depending on traffic.

We took the Tagaytay route to go to the resort. From South Luzon Expressway, travelers have the option to take either the Sta. Rosa or the Eton Exit to go to Tagaytay. We took the Eton Exit then followed the main road leading to Tagaytay.

Club Balai Isabel
Taal Lake

Club Balai Isabel
View of Club Balai Isabel from the lakeside

When you enter Tagaytay, you will arrive at an intersection. As a point of reference, when you face Taal Lake, the left road goes to the direction of Tagaytay Highlands while the right one will bring you to the Mahogany Market. Take the left road then continue driving until you see a road called Ligaya Drive.

Carefully drive through the winding and steep Ligaya Drive all the way to Talisay in Batangas. At the end of Ligaya Drive, you will arrive at an intersection. Turn left then continue driving until you pass a bridge. Around 200 meters from the bridge, you will see Club Balai Isabel which is on the right side of the road.

Club Balai Isabel
Binintiang Malaki

If you are taking Sta. Rosa exit, follow the main road leading to Tagaytay until you arrive at the intersection. Take the left road then continue driving to Ligaya Drive.

Club Balai Isabel Accommodation

We were a big group since it was Khris’ team summer outing so we booked the top suites of Balai Laurel, and that includes the attic.

Club Balai Isabel

The rooms were spacious, clean, and looked attractively antique. It had a private veranda that offered a gorgeous view of Taal Lake.

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel

The suites with attic are also perfect for large families. This is at the third floor of Balai Laurel so be ready to work out your legs when you take the stairs.

Club Balai Isabel
Our bed

Club Balai Isabel

The beddings are clean as well as the restroom. Standard bath amenities and toiletries are included in the bathroom. There is a television at the living room area but none in the rooms.

Club Balai Isabel
Bath amenities

Club Balai Isabel

Guests may bring their own food; there is a refrigerator as well as stoves fitted in the suites.

Activities at Club Balai Isabel

One of the big adjustments of having an infant is that you would be unable to do the things that you used to do. As expected, we brought Miguel with us in Club Balai Isabel so he was the boss; our days revolved around making sure he was comfortable.

Club Balai Isabel
With Baby Miguel

Club Balai Isabel
Swimming pool
There were three swimming pools inside Club Balai Isabel but we were not able to take a dip in any of these. To explore the property, we took a brief stroll early the next day to avoid the crowd and the heat of the sun, but that was just it.

For those who are interested, Club Balai Isabel offers a host of outdoor adventures like kayaking, boating, jet skiing, ball games, billiards, hiking at Taal Volcano, and activities related to wellness.

Club Balai Isabel

Furthermore, Club Balai Isabel accepts prenuptial shoot location bookings and wedding receptions.

Dining at Club Balai Isabel

Our meals were served at Terraza CafĂ© and Restaurant, Club Balai Isabel’s signature dining outlet. Honestly, food is one facet that Club Balai Isabel needs to improve on. When we arrived, we availed of a buffet lunch (priced at Php500 per head) because the cost difference if we were to buy a la carte meals was minimal. However, we were disappointed because the restaurant almost never refilled the fresh spring roll.

Club Balai Isabel
Terraza Cafe and Restaurant
We were not really expecting the food to be grand, in fact, some of the dishes served that day were close to bland (like the grilled liempo). But at least they could have created the impression that they are giving guests their money’s worth by serving all the food that they promised to offer.

Club Balai Isabel
My plate with offerings from the lunch buffet
When we asked a waiter why some serving containers were never refilled, he said that they were not expecting the volume of guests that day to be huge. Not a good excuse for those in the hospitality industry and more so for a resort whose developers espouse creating lasting relationships and Filipino hospitality.

Club Balai Isabel Breakfast plate

We were hoping breakfast would be a different scenario but, alas, it was the same. It was a good thing we arrived early and got food ahead of the crowd that was why we were able to eat well. Case in point is the omelet station. By the time people started lining up, the cook on duty said that the stove was broken that was why he was having a hard time refilling the scrambled eggs station.

Club Balai Isabel
Scrambled eggs

They resorted to taking orders from the guests and delivering the eggs one by one in the tables. By the time the servers delivered the orders, some guests were already done eating. The brewed coffee was also never refilled, at least for the whole duration that we were at the restaurant.

Club Balai Isabel

Anyway, this is not to discourage guests from going to Club Balai Isabel. This is a call for the resort managers to improve on the way they handle food service.

All in all, I still believe Club Balai Isabel holds a lot of promise as the next big thing down south because it’s an idyllic destination with a dramatic lakeside vista.

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