How We Celebrated Rafa’s 4th Birthday

December 09, 2023

We celebrated Rafa's 4th birthday in a simple yet enjoyable manner together with our loved ones.

We’ve always wanted to give our children a birthday celebration that they will truly enjoy. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been limited to celebrating at home for the last two years. This year though, we were finally able to give Rafa a birthday celebration that was fun and memorable. When we were planning Rafa’s 4th birthday, we asked him what we wanted and he said he wanted to swim. So, we thought of trying the neighborhood resort and event place that we’ve been wanting to check out for so long. Anyway, when 11-11 finally came, we celebrated it over great food with our family.

How We Celebrated Rafa’s 4th Birthday

How We Celebrated Rafa’s 4th Birthday

    Finally visited Aquaboy Resort

    For almost a decade now, Mommy Khris and I have been hearing about Aquaboy Resort, a popular swimming pool place in our neighborhood. We were not really expecting much about Aquaboy Resort since we just wanted to take the kids out for a swim. 

    Family swimming at Aquaboy Resort
    Family swimming at Aquaboy Resort

    In any case, when we were finally able to set foot inside Aquaboy Resort, we were quite surprised with how well-maintained it was. The swimming pools are clean and there are trees around, which provide ample shade to swimmers.

    There was also an event venue inside the resort. In fact, the staff were also busy preparing for an underwater-themed birthday party in the venue. Not only that, there are accommodations for those who want to spend the night in Aquaboy Resort.

    Little kids playing on the spacious grounds of Aquaboy Resort
    Little kids playing on the spacious grounds of Aquaboy Resort

    What I also found impressive was Aquaboy Resort’s sizeable open grounds carpeted with carabao grass. The children can play and run around to their hearts’ content. The visitors may also bring their pets and walk them around the property.

    All in all, Aquaboy Resort is a great resort for a quick swim with the kids, especially because we won’t have to go far.

    Aquaboy Resort is located at Zabarte Subdivision, 10 Oriole, Novaliches, Quezon City, 1105 Metro Manila. The price is P170 per head. Reservation is not required.

    More information can also be found on its Facebook page.

    Tsokonata Chocolate Pinata Cake: A unique cake for Rafa

    One of the highlights of Rafa’s 4th birthday celebration was the unique Tsokonata Chocolate Pinata Cake that we thought of getting instead of the usual birthday cakes.

    Rafa with his Tsokonata Chocolate Pinata Cake
    Rafa with his Tsokonata Chocolate Pinata Cake

    Think of a pinata in the sense that you would have to smash it to reveal the goodies inside but in a cake form. We got the Bumblebee robot design because Rafa has been extremely engrossed with robots lately.

    The outside shell of the Tsokonata cake is made of fondant that is completely edible. The cake is filled with various candies that surely delighted Rafa when they were finally revealed.

    Mommy Khris found the Tsokonata Chocolate Pinata Cake on Instagram. If you are interested, you can order directly from Tsokonata’s Instagram page.

    Ordering our family’s favorite food items from Hotdish

    Food makes any celebration festive that’s why we ordered from one of our favorite food suppliers – Hotdish.

    Miguel and Rafa swimming together
    Miguel and Rafa

    We love Hotdish’s spaghetti because it tastes like the well-loved children’s party Filipino spaghetti and sure enough, it was still a hit.

    We also tried Hotdish’s Pancit Palabok for the first time and we fell in love with it, too. Meanwhile, I requested for crispy pork sisig, also from Hotdish, because I like it as well. Lastly, we ordered Buchi for dessert which also disappeared in no time.

    All in all, we had a happy celebration for Rafa’s 4th birthday. We were able to gather our family together and the children had a wonderful day.

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