Our Family Overnight Experience at Aleah Private Resort (Calamba, Laguna)

November 28, 2023

If you are looking for a nice accommodation for your family in Calamba, Laguna, then you might want to consider Aleah Private Resort.

The City of Calamba in Laguna is home to many lovely private resorts, many of which are hot spring resorts that are appealing to couples, families, or large groups of friends. One such resort is Aleah Private Resort located in Indigo Bay Subdivision, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba, Laguna. Aleah Private Resort is a beautiful resort that embodies the “home away from home” vibe. Even our children completely loved our stay and took advantage of the warm swimming pool until late at night.

Our Family Overnight Experience at Aleah Private Resort (Calamba, Laguna)

Our Family Overnight Experience at Aleah Private Resort (Calamba, Laguna)

    What are the amenities of Aleah Private Resort?

    Probably the center attraction of Aleah Private Resort is its hot spring swimming pool. There are actually two swimming pools – the kiddie pool and the adult pool. The kiddie pool is about two feet deep, which is perfect for small children. 

    Aleah Private Resort kiddie pool

    The adult pool, meanwhile, is about five feet in its deepest portion. I also think that it’s a nice depth, it’s very comfortable for adults to swim in. We also took the kids to the adult pool, with their life vests and floaters on, of course, and they enjoyed the “freedom” of swimming in deeper water.

    Aleah Private Resort little boy in pool

    For other recreational activities, there is a billiards table, a computer game area equipped with two computers and monitors, and a big karaoke room for those who love to sing.

    Little boy enjoying the water at Aleah Private Resort

    There is also a kitchen area, complete with utensils, a stove and gas, a refrigerator, and a sink. We just bought fresh meat, vegetables, chicken, and other pantry essentials with us and cooked our food in the kitchen. By the way, there is a nearby local wet market where you can buy fresh ingredients.

    Aleah Private Resort adult pool

    All in all, Aleah Private Resort has three levels, and we were allowed to use all rooms up to the second floor. The rooms are comfortable, the air conditioning is strong, and the bathrooms have good water supply. We had a restful night after all our activities for the day.

    Aleah Private Resort billiard table

    The resort has caretakers on standby to lend support whenever you need it.

    How to go to Aleah Private Resort

    We used Google Maps for directions going to Aleah Private Resort. From our house in Novaliches, we drove all the way to the South Luzon Expressway. We then made an exit in Calamba and then followed the directions going to Indigo Bay Subdivision. 

    Aleah Private Resort bedroom

    We were surprised with the heavy traffic on the way to Indigo Bay so it’s good to manage your expectations. We finally arrived at Aleah Private Resort in time for our check-in.

    Aleah Private Resort amenities

    By the way, Aleah Private Resort used to be known as Casa Amor 7 Natural Hotspring Resort, which is what appears on Google Maps.

    Aleah Private Resort Overnight Rates

    The overnight rate for Aleah Private Resort is P20,000 with unlimited use of the amenities during the duration of your stay. 

    Aleah Private Resort dining area

    Bookings and inquiries can be coursed through Aleah Private Resort’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You just need to provide your name, reservation dates, and headcount.

    Aleah Private Resort family trip


    Aleah Private Resort is one of the most highly recommended hot spring resorts in Calamba, Laguna. The amenities are family-friendly, and the staff are friendly. We (especially our children) enjoyed every moment of our stay at Aleah Private Resort.

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