The Ultimate Guide For A Fun Enchanted Kingdom Family Getaway [Travel Guide]

July 16, 2023

Here is the ultimate guide for a fun family getaway at the Enchanted Kingdom, the most popular theme park in the Philippines.

The Enchanted Kingdom, for years, has been the ultimate destination for families and even groups of friends who are looking for a fun and exciting weekend bonding activity. The Enchanted Kingdom takes pride in its world-class rides and safety protocols.

At the entrance of Enchanted Kingdom
At the entrance

The Ultimate Guide For A Fun Enchanted Kingdom Family Getaway [Travel Guide]

    Our Enchanted Kingdom experience

    We have also had our share of fond memories at the Enchanted Kingdom. It's one of those weekends when things did not go as planned but turned out to be better because we've had the chance to try something different. 

    Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom (EK)
    Space Shuttle EK

    That sudden change of plans for our family weekend travel led us to the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. EK, as the theme park is popularly known, is arguably the most popular of its kind in the Philippines. It was my first time visiting, so I was quite excited.

    In the end, we got to try exciting rides, ate theme park food, and had a lot of laughter. We left when it was already dark and full of many wonderful memories. 

    How to go to the Enchanted Kingdom

    Going to the Enchanted Kingdom is fairly easy because of its proximity to Metro Manila. The most convenient way to reach it is through private vehicle but it's also no hassle to commute to the Enchanted Kingdom. However, please keep in mind that public transportation services are currently limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Outside the Rio Grande Rapids at Enchanted Kingdom
    Outside the Rio Grande Rapids

    Via private vehicle

    Once you are at the South Luzon Expressway, drive all the way to the Sta. Rosa Toll Exit. After the Sta. Rosa Toll Exit, turn left going to the Sta. Rosa town proper. Keep your eyes open for Walter Mart. Make a turn to the road leading to the Enchanted Kingdom. You will arrive at the park in less than 5 minutes. There is a parking area for private vehicles.

    Via shuttle service

    Shuttle service to the Enchanted Kingdom is available at Park Square 1 Carpark Building (Theater Drive corner A. Arnaiz Avenue, Ayala Center) and at The District Imus (E. Aguinaldo Highway corner Daang Hari Road, Imus, Cavite). You may call +63 (02) 830-3535 for assistance.

    The wizard outside Enchanted Kingdom
    Posing with the wizard

    Via bus

    Take any bus bound for Balibago. Get off at Walter Mart in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and take a tricycle to get to the Enchanted Kingdom. 


    The Enchanted Kingdom's Rides and Attractions

    The Enchanted Kingdom has a wide selection of rides for kids, teens, and even the entire family. As such, there really no reason not to enjoy your trip to the Enchanted Kingdom. 

    Here is the complete list of rides that you can try in the world-class theme park:

    • 7D Interactive Motion Theater – a 7D interactive Light Gun Motion ride that gives a multi-sensory adventure to guests.
    • Agila the EKsperience – see the different Philippine destinations in 3D.
    • Air Ptero – gives children the experience of riding an airplane on their own.
    • Air Race – acrobatic planes to give passengers the thrill of their lives.
    • Anchors Away – have fun riding a pirate ship as it mimics the motion of being tossed by waves.
    • Boulderville Express – experience a fun locomotive ride.
    • Bouncing Boulder – have fun on a mini tower ride.
    • Bumbling Boulders – ride and spin stone-age designed boulders.
    • Bump N’ Splash – a fun-filled water adventure.
    • Dino Soar Us – kid-friendly dinosaur ride.
    • Disk-O-Magic – a spinning and rocking ride for families.
    • Dodgem – exciting bumper car ride.
    • Ekstreme Tower Ride – a thrilling ride that gives a magnificent view of the area around the Enchanted Kingdom.
    • Flying Fiesta – an exciting swing ride that features tandem seats.
    • Fun Kart – enjoy the excitement of race car driving.
    • Jungle Log Jam – prepare for an exhilarating water ride.
    • Kindermagic – kiddie center for fun learning.
    • Laser Mission – an attraction that lets guests navigate through a maze of lasers.
    • Rialto 4D – a motion simulator theater.
    • Rio Grande Rapids – navigate through rough waters on a rubber raft.
    • Roller Skater – junior roller coaster for those who are not yet ready for a big roller coaster ride.
    • Space Shuttle – get the full heart-pounding roller coaster experience here.
    • Stone Eggs – a mini-Ferris Wheel for kids.
    • Swan Lake – a relaxing boat ride on a lake.
    • The Grand Carousel – the classy centerpiece of Enchanted Kingdom.
    • Up, Up, And Away – experience how it is to ride a hot air balloon.
    • Wheel of Fate – a big Ferris Wheel ride.
    • Xtreme Paintball Philippines – a battle simulation field.

    Enchanted Kingdom Shows

    Aside from rides and attractions, there are also special and regular shows at the Enchanted Kingdom. These are the following:

    • Enchante Musicale
    • Victoria’s Way
    • Kingsmen
    • Animal Encounters
    • Sky Wizardry
    • Arabian Dancers
    • Bollywood
    • Boulderville Buddies
    • Brooklyn Beats
    • Jungle Fire Tribe
    • Portabello Dancers
    • Rowan’s Revenge
    • Victorian Nobles

    Educational Tours at the Enchanted Kingdom

    Aside from fun rides and entertaining shows, the Enchanted Kingdom also offers educational tours. These are the following:

    • Physics Behind The Rides
    • Botany In The Park
    • Animal Encounters
    • E-Learning
    • K-12 Eksplora Kits
    • School Caravan

    Enchanted Kingdom Ticket Prices

    The current Enchanted Kingdom Ticket rates are the following:

    P999 or Regular Day Pass

    Lets you enjoy unlimited use of all of Enchanted Kingdom’s rides. The Regular Day pass is only available for guests at least 48 inches (4 ft or 122cm).

    P600 or Junior Day Pass

    Unlimited use of the Enchanted Kingdom’s rides depending on height restrictions. Guests should be between 36 inches (3 ft or 91 cm) and below 48 inches (4ft or 122cm) tall. Meanwhile, children below 36 inches (3 ft or 91 cm) may enter the Enchanted Kingdom for free.

    P600 or Senior Citizen and Person With Disability (PWD) discount (unavailable because of the pandemic)

    Available for individuals with a senior citizen or PWD ID, inclusive of 20% BIR discount and Enchanted Kingdom Special Discount. Guests should be at least 48 inches (4ft or 122cm) tall.

    P400 or Junior PWD (currently unavailable)

    Available upon presentation of a PWD ID, inclusive of 20% BIR discount and Enchanted Kingdom Special Discount. Guests should be between 36 inches (3 ft or 91 cm) and below 48 inches (4ft or 122cm) tall. Meanwhile, children below 36 inches (3 ft or 91 cm) may enter the Enchanted Kingdom for free.

    Enchanted Kingdom Park Hours  

    The Enchanted Kingdom is closed from Monday to Friday and is open only on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

    Dining at the Enchanted Kingdom

    In case you get hungry after enjoying the rides at the Enchanted Kingdom, you can always grab some quick bites in restaurants inside the theme park.

    These restaurants are the following:

    • Amazon Grill | Launch Time Restaurant
    • Magnolia Ice Cream Flavor Shop
    • Diggers Treat
    • Jungle Wraps
    • Parkside: Flame Grill Burgers
    • Disk-O-Dine
    • SFR: Stir-Fried Rice

    COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

    The Enchanted Kingdom is not yet operating in full capacity (only 30%) in view of the current COVID-19 health and safety protocols being imposed. Only individuals aged between 18 to 65 years old are allowed to go out under the prevailing quarantine classification. 

    Public transportation is also limited so you should take these into consideration when planning a trip to the Enchanted Kingdom. For inquiries, you may send an email to the Enchanted Kingdom or get in touch with them through Facebook.

    What we tried at the Enchanted Kingdom

    When buying tickets at the Enchanted Kingdom, all options are ride-all-you-can but, as I've mentioned above, there are restrictions based on height. Most of us got the regular pass (P800) but since we had children with us, we only had to pay junior pass for them (P500).

    Amazon Grill at Enchanted Kingdom
    Amazon Grill

    We walked around the theme park and decided to try some of the rides based on how fun and less scary they looked. We did, however, try one extreme ride which had me saying that I will never again try anything at the Enchanted Kingdom that involved being at a height. 

    Anyway, here are some of the rides and attractions that we tried at the Enchanted Kingdom:

    l. Tested how adventurous we were with the Ekstreme Tower 

    After walking around, we decided to try the Ekstreme Tower. I am not sure if that was a wise decision but after that, I did not feel like riding an attraction at the Enchanted Kingdom that involved heights anymore. 

    The Ekstreme Tower at Enchanted Kingdom
    Ekstreme Tower

    You see, the Ekstreme Tower is a big challenge for those who, like me, are afraid of heights. It involved being slowly taken to an extreme height followed by a sudden fall. Anyway, I just wanted to test myself to see how far I can go.

    When we were going up, I was on the verge of panicking when I could not feel anything below my feet. Add to that seeing the vast plains and small houses around us, I felt like I was going to throw up. Then suddenly, we were dropped. I survived, yeah, but all I wanted to do was just try the children's rides afterward. 

    2. Rode the Anchor’s Away 

    So I thought it was not as extreme as the Ekstreme Tower. I was wrong. The motion of the ship felt like we would fly off our seats at any moment. We were glad that we did not though.

    Anchor's Away at Enchanted Kingdom
    Anchor's Away

    It was actually fun seeing all the people around me enjoying themselves. I tried my best to enjoy the ride and I actually did. I think the secret is to scream your lungs out together with the fast swaying motion of the ship.

    3. Tried the Jungle Log Jam 

    By this time, I was starting to get choosy with the rides to try although I am still enjoying our time at the Enchanted Kingdom. We thought of trying the Jungle Log Jam next because it looked like an Indiana Jones adventure ride.

    I liked this one because it was really nothing shocking with it but prepare to get wet and be ready for a surprise high drop at the end of the "river."

    4. Enjoyed the amazing view from the Wheel of Fate 

    So we tried another extreme ride. Wheel of Fate is a giant Ferris wheel that gives a good view of Sta. Rosa town.

    Riding the Wheel of Fate at Enchanted Kingdom
    At the highest point

    Again, since the highest point was so high, I froze in my seat for fear of tumbling down. But that was just me.

    Wheel of Fate at Enchanted Kingdom
    Wheel of Fate

    It was actually a great ride, seeing the green plains around me and the lights being turned on because it was already late afternoon. In fact, it's quite a romantic ride if you are with a special someone.

    5. Went on a boat ride at Rio Grande Rapids 

    I consider this as one of my favorites because it does not have any sudden drop or climb. It's like an easy boat ride which was a great way to slow things down as we end our day.

    Outside the Rio Grande Rapids at Enchanted Kingdom
    After our Rio Grande Rapids ride

    Be prepared to get extremely wet though so it's best to bring with you an extra t-shirt.

    6. Had fun at the Flying Fiesta 

    So we had to take one last ride because the flying fiesta looked enjoyable. It was not extremely high or anything, it was like any normal theme park ride which was good. It was the least extreme ride that we tried at the Enchanted Kingdom. As a matter of fact, I thought that it was made for kids.

    7. Watched a movie at the Rialto

    Finally, to cap our exciting day, a movie at the Rialto. It was my first time to see a 3-D animation and I was completely engrossed and excited. I just wished that they would show a full movie here but the experience was amazing, nonetheless. It was the perfect ending to a day filled with fun.

    The Rialto at Enchanted Kingdom
    The Rialto

    We did not try the roller coaster because it was too extreme for me. There are also many kid-friendly rides in the Enchanted Kingdom so expect your children to have a day full of delight and laughter.


    The Enchanted Kingdom is recommended both for kids and kids-at-heart. A visit here gave us the reason to be kids once again. It was really nice to relive some nice childhood memories in theme parks. Personally, I enjoyed every bit of time here. 

    Family photo at Enchanted Kingdom
    Family photo

    The leisurely walks, the colorful rides, the excited faces, and the theme park snacks all around me were really awesome. I might not have enjoyed all the rides but that's just because I have apprehension for heights but all in all, it was a day well spent at the Enchanted Kingdom.

    By sundown, we were all tired from the day-long activities. We grabbed a quick dinner and headed back to Manila.

    Enchanted Kingdom travel guide

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    1. Thats an interesting theme park. I am a bit scared of theme parks and rides actually. But I love looking at them. Is that a ride from the Temple Run or something???

      1. Not exactly from the Temple Run but it took inspiration from it.

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    8. Thank you for sharing complete details about sa Enchanted kingdom dadi iv. Noong wala pa pandemic mostly pinapuntahan din itong nga students para nag tour perfect place po para mag relax kasi ang dami mo pwede gawin kaya kag andito ka nakakalimot ka talaga sa problema kasi parabg naging bata ka ulit..

    9. This is one of my bucket list po talaga Dad. Dahil sa sobrang gaganda ng mga Rides, surely na magEenjoy ka po talaga to visit there. Napaka Sulit ng lahat ng msasakyan mo.. sobrang gaganda lahat

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