Caliraya Resort Club: An Awesome Team-Building Venue In Laguna

Friday, 25 March 2016

Caliraya Resort Club in Lumban, Laguna is the perfect venue for team-building activities because of its unique offerings.

Caliraya Resort Club is a highly-recommended venue if you are looking for a resort that combines topnotch amenities as well as thrill-inducing activities for a weekend of fun and adventure. Located in Lumban, Laguna, Caliraya Resort Club can easily be reached within approximately two hours via private vehicle. 

Caliraya Lake
Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Resort Club: An Awesome Team-Building Venue In Laguna

    The resort's most distinctive feature is Caliraya Lake, a man-made lake where visitors may enjoy recreational activities such as water sports and fishing. Caliraya has all that it takes to provide a weekend of fun and adventure for groups of families, friends, and even colleagues.     

    Our experience at Caliraya Resort Club

    We went to Caliraya for our team outing. Our choice was primarily dictated by Laguna's proximity to Manila as well as Caliraya's amenities which were perfect for a weekend of team-building activities.

    Chapel at Caliraya Resort Club
    The Chapel

    Aside from the man-made lake, what we liked about Caliraya were the swimming pools and the various activity areas that would keep us busy for the next two days.

    How to go to Caliraya

    As I had mentioned earlier Caliraya Resort Club is very near Manila, about to 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic.

    Via private vehicle

    If you are taking a private vehicle, take the Calamba exit at SLEX and drive all the way to Los BaƱos, Bay, Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan and then Lumban. At Lumban Church, make a left turn until you see a forked road. Take the road to your right until you reach Caliraya. You won’t miss the resort because of the signages announcing its location.

    Via public transportation

    If you are commuting, the best way is to take a bus bound for Pagsawitan, Pagsanjan. At the Pagsawitan terminal, take a tricycle or a jeepney bound for Lumot. From Lumot terminal, ride a jeepney going to Barangay Lewin. Here, you are just a few minutes away from Caliraya.


    At the waiting area of Caliraya Resort Club
    Waiting area

    We booked ahead as a group so we just presented proof of our booking at the resort's reception area. After just a few minutes, we were already on our way to the waiting area before we could move to our designated rooms.

    Our room at Caliraya

    The rooms at Caliraya are dorm-style, which meant that they were shared by groups. Each room has  four double-deckers to accommodate more people. 

    Furthermore, there are three showers and three toilets per room so the occupants can simultaneously use these. While the rooms are well-maintained, these already looked old and needed a touch of paint on the walls. Overall, in terms of comfort and cleanliness, I would rate the rooms high though (CHECK HERE FOR AVAILABILITY). 

    7 top things to do in Caliraya

    Once we were settled in our rooms, we just rested a bit and changed to more comfortable clothes. We immediately went out and proceeded to try the various amenities offered by Caliraya (CLICK HERE TO BOOK A DAY PASS). We did not really have anything planned so we just tried out the activities that suited our fancy. 

    Here are some of the more exciting things that we were able to try at Caliraya:

    1. Have fun at the mudslide 

    I think most people would agree with me that it's such a different level of fun to be all wet and muddy. It's not just Peppa Pig and her family that enjoys mud puddles but humans as well. As such, one of the first things that we tried at Caliraya was the mudslide. 

    Mudslide at Caliraya Resort Club
    The mudslide

    It's a no-frills, straightforward giant slide with a pool of mud at the bottom. I definitely heard a lot of loud shrieks as people descended down the slippery slide into the mud pool.

    2. Try the zipline

    Zipline waiting area at Caliraya Resort Club
    Zipline waiting area

    There was also a zipline at Caliraya but it was not as high as those in other resorts. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the zipline here was bland and boring. It was just fine especially for those who are not so fond of heights. 

    3. Swim in the pool

    An outing is not complete without trying the resort's swimming pool. Caliraya has several swimming pools but its most famous one is the wave pool. It features gentle waves that mimic those that are in a beach.

    4. Bike around the resort

    You can rent a bike to explore the property if you choose to do so. You may inquire from the reception area on how to go about renting a bike.

    5. Take a hike and explore the resort

    Hiking at Caliraya Resort Club

    If you are like us who love walking, then one of the best way to explore Caliraya is on foot. We walked from the dining hall and followed the main road.

    Hanging bridge at Caliraya Resort Club
    Hanging bridge

    We went inside a patch of land covered with many trees. We saw a small hanging bridge and crossed to the other side but we did not stay long

    6. Play a game of giant soccer

    One of my most favorite activities at Caliraya was the giant soccer ball game that we played. The mechanics is similar to regular soccer in which you have to score a goal. However, instead of a normal-sized ball, this gamed used a giant soccer ball that elevated the difficulty level a notch higher.

    7. Wall climb

    Wall climbing at Caliraya Resort Club
    Wall climbing

    I personally did not try wall climbing because I am not so fond of it. However, many of our companions tried it and they seemed to have genuinely enjoyed it.

    Where to eat in Caliraya Resort Club

    All meals included in Caliraya's packages were served in the mess hall. As such, expect a large volume of diners during meal times. However, don't worry because it does not get chaotic since there are several buffet tables in different locations inside the mess hall. 

    Mess hall of Caliraya Resort Club
    The mess hall

    And yes, servings are aplenty so you do not have to battle it our for that piece of fish fillet. As a matter of fact, we were happily stuffed after each meal. It's also good to mention that there was nothing extraordinary about the food but they were tasty and filling.


    We definitely had a wonderful time at Caliraya Resort Club. It was not the usual resort that we usually go to in Laguna, primarily because of the stunning Caliraya Lake. 

    Pagsanjan arch in Laguna
    Pagsanjan arch

    Moreover, there were activities that we only got to try here at Caliraya. All in all, it was a experience worth recommending to others.

    Caliraya Resort Club is located at Brgy. Lewin, Lumban, Laguna. For inquiries and reservations, you may call telephone numbers: (02) 8632-1010 and (02) 8632-1111 or send them an email at [email protected]

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