Celebrating Our 9th Wedding Anniversary At Nono’s SM City Fairview

August 12, 2023

We recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary at Nono's SM City Fairview and we really had a wonderful time in addition to the amazing food.

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary with a simple lunch at Nono’s SM City Fairview. Mommy Khris and I have fallen in love with Nono’s since trying its food right before the lockdown started, so it was quite a memorable date. It was our very last one during the old normal. Nevertheless, we kept wondering during the lockdown if we would ever get to eat at Nono’s again.

Celebrating Our 9th Wedding Anniversary At Nono’s SM City Fairview

Celebrating Our 9th Wedding Anniversary At Nono’s SM City Fairview

    The wonderful chance came just a few months ago when Nono’s opened an outlet at SM City Fairview. Mommy Khris and I were quite excited when we discovered that Nono’s had finally arrived in the Fairview area so we said that we would eat there for our anniversary date (which we did!).

    The ambiance at Nono’s SM City Fairview

    We certainly liked that Nono’s was able to maintain its homey vibe at SM City Fairview. The crowd at Makati is definitely different from that in Fairview (Quezon City) and this left us wondering if the ambiance at Nono’s SM City Fairview would be any different. 

    Pepito's Steak Sliders Nono's SM City Fairview
    Pepito's Steak Sliders

    Honestly, it was not. Nono’s SM City Fairview had the same laid-back and welcoming ambiance as the branch in Makati. The servers were very good, especially in their recommendations.

    What we tried at Nono’s SM City Fairview

    We had our favorites at Nono’s in Makati so we wanted to eat those again. At the same time, we wanted to try a new dish just to further differentiate our experience. So, with that, these are what we ordered at Nono’s SM City Fairview:

    Pepito Steak Sliders (Php465)

    This is USDA beef and garlic chips, served on pandesal with fries or homemade potato chips on the side. The beef is cooked medium rare by default but we requested it to be cooked medium well. It was really delicious – the beef was tender and the slight hint of sweetness on the pandesal complemented the flavorful beef. The garlic-infused oil that was served with it was wonderful; just pour it over the beef for an extra burst of flavor.

    Roasted Beef Belly (Solo Php675 / Big Plate Php1,345)

    Roasted Beef Belly Nono's SM City Fairview
    Roasted Beef Belly

    Of course, we ordered the big plate. The slices of slow-roasted USDA beef belly are drizzled with balsamic glaze and served with horseradish cream and mashed potatoes. This is one of our favorites and it never fails to satisfy our palate. The beef belly is really good and tender.

    Shrimp El Diablo (Solo Php465 / Big Plate Php895)

    This pasta dish is made of pan-roasted shrimp with chili pepper flakes, garlic, onion, and red capsicum tossed in olive oil and tomato-herb sauce. 

    Shrimp El Diablo Nono's SM City Fairview
    Shrimp El Diablo

    We thought this pasta dish was a great partner to balance the rich and savory beef dishes that we ordered.

    Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion

    For dessert, we had a slice of Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion. This chocolate cake was the perfect way to end a delicious meal and is definitely recommended for chocolate lovers.

    Nono's Chocolate Oblivion Cake
    Nono's Chocolate Oblivion


    All in all, we had a delightful experience at Nono’s SM City Fairview. It was really nice to know that there was already a Nono’s restaurant near our neighborhood. The food is as delicious as we remembered it. It made our 9th wedding anniversary date even more special, even if it were just a simple lunch.

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