5 Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Your Teen

April 04, 2023

Here are some simple tips if you want to spend some quality time with your teenage kids.

The teen years can be challenging for parents because kids are in the awkward stage where they are outgrowing many of their childhood interests, struggling with the changes happening within them, and developing new interests. It is also when they start spending more time with their friends than with their families. Rather than thinking about the quantity of time they have to spend with their teens, parents should instead think about the quality of this time.

5 Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Your Teen

5 Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Your Teen

    Set a Time For Turning Off Electronics

    While they make modern life more comfortable and, in many cases, livable, electronics can hinder face-to-face communication. To ensure you find time to bond with your teen, set limits for screen time and a time when all electronics should be shut off in the house.

    This could be an hour or two, maybe over dinner, where the family can sit and spend time together. Do this once or twice a week and let your teenager know that you are not punishing them but instead trying to begin with them. Expect some resistance initially, but explaining why you are doing it and how it benefits everyone could help ease things.

    Step Into Their World

    Parents like to think they understand their teens’ worlds, but this is rarely true. Most teens enjoy things their parents do not know about or have no interest in. Parents should be willing to step into their children’s worlds, no matter how foreign they seem or how much they may not enjoy them.

    If your teen has a hobby, let them tell you all about it and teach you something new. You can also introduce them to things you think both of you will love, such as board games, which can help you bond with your teen, especially if you frame it as a learning experience using tools like Unscramble.me. Remember that this is their world, and introducing anything to it should be done slowly lest they pull away, as many teenagers do when they feel their parents are trying to take over their worlds.

    Find Something Active

    Many teens do not like sitting and talking or engaging other people. However, they are more likely to engage if you put them in situations where they are active. Playing a physical game or getting them moving can lead to more natural and deeper conversation than trying to coax a conversation out of them in the living room.

    Go For a Drive Together

    A drive serves two purposes; it would be a great time to start introducing them to driving, and it could be a time to strike up conversations. A car is perfect for conversations because eye contact is not required, meaning your teen is less likely to feel ashamed or embarrassed about the topics you discuss. These are usually the most difficult conversations, so a drive is a great option.

    Alternatively, you could go for a drive without talking. It might seem strange initially, but some situations only require that you are available as a parent and show that you are willing to spend time with them. This way, they know you are always available to them.

    Teach Them Something New

    With your life experience, you likely know how to do something that your teen does not. Teaching them is an excellent way of spending some quality time with them. Remember that it does not have to be a difficult skill, as it can be as simple as showing them how to prepare your favorite dish.

    Try not to push things; instead, let them show and tell you what they are interested in. This could be an opportunity to learn something together!

    Spending time with your teen can seem challenging at first, but parents should learn how to do so. They will resist at first but keep at it without being too pushy. Give them some leeway to decide how you spend this time so they can learn that you trust them and are confident they will make the right choices.

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