The Versatile Dad: Boots That Go From Work to Play with Ease

April 03, 2023

Here are some interesting facts about the different types of boots that can be worn by versatile dads.

If you are a father to a Gen Z or Gen Alpha child, you know that these kids are born with digital intelligence and a good fashion sense. In their eyes, a fashion faux pas is an unforgivable crime. The moment you become a father, you also start adapting to and adopting some of their ways. You have to work for them and play with them, and all of this while being appropriately dressed for it. And appropriately dressed means not even neglecting your footwear.

The Versatile Dad: Boots That Go From Work to Play with Ease

The Versatile Dad: Boots That Go From Work to Play with Ease

    Maybe you want to dress well for your children, or maybe you want to refine your style and take your fashion game to the next level. This is ‘Operation Footwear: The One About Boots’.

    The best thing about boots is that there is a style for literally every imaginable purpose. It makes you think Puss in Boots was on to something when he said ‘All that I need are the boots!’ Several types of boots can also make the transition from work to play with relative ease. If you are looking for the best boots to buy as a permanent addition to your footwear wardrobe, here are some of the styles worth looking into:

    Plain-toe Boots

    The defining feature of plain-toe boots is that they have no decorative stitching on the toe area. It’s in the name - the toe area is plain, simple, and somewhat narrow. These boots are so unassuming and elegant that they serve as all-purpose boots. The design is timeless, which makes them a wardrobe staple. You can easily dress up or dress down with plain-toe boots.

    Plain-toe boots for Dads

    The versatility of plain-toe boots is unmatched. You can wear them anywhere, except with suits. A wide variety of plain toes are available in the market - they can be as dressy or as rugged as you prefer. Choose a pair that lies somewhere in between, and you can make the transition from work to weekend in them with ease.

    Chukka boots

    Chukka boots (not the desert ones) are a particularly good choice for this list. They are usually available in suede or leather. The distinguishing features of these boots are the lower cut and the open lacing system which typically has only 2 to 3 eyelets.

    Chukka boots for dads

    You can wear chukka boots with suits. Their best characteristic is their adaptability - they look equally amazing with formal as well as casual outfits. Chukka boots have settled into the sweet spot between work boots and dress boots. These boots are suitable for use all year round.

    Chelsea boots

    These fuss-free boots are a must-have for all dads. Whether you are hurrying to the office or getting out of the door with your kids, you can just slip these on. These boots have characteristic elastic side panels to make wearing and taking them off easy and quick. They also fit snugly because of the robust elastic.

    Chelsea boots for dads

    You can wear Chelsea boots in any situation. The sleek and smooth shape makes these boots a favorite with low-key fashion-conscious men. If you are looking for boots that you can wear formally or casually, go for a brown leather pair of Chelsea boots.

    Jodhpur boots

    Jodhpur boots have a refined elegance that befits royalty. These are similar to Chelsea boots but feature a buckled strap. The overall look is quite minimalistic, except for the strap, which adds a bit of interest. The strap can easily hide under the pant leg in more formal situations.

    Jodhpur boots for dads

    You can wear Jodhpurs with casual suits and even on your day out with your little ones. These are quite sturdy and comfortable, as they were initially designed to be worn by polo players. Jodhpurs can add an edge to formal outfits and inject sophistication into a casual look.

    Service boots

    Since service boots were originally made for the military, they were designed to be durable. They often feature a cap-toe, but it is not a feature that absolutely HAS to be present. The boots will also typically feature welted construction and a low-block heel.

    Service boots for dads

    The lace closure is usually Derby-style. These boots have very hard-wearing soles. These days, service boots have taken small leaps from their origins. Choose a toned-down pair for an easy transition from work to play.

    Oxford Boots

    This is probably the most stylish and underrated option on the list. The most significant identifier of these ankle-high boots is the closed lacing system.

    Oxford boots for dads

    These boots have a bit of a heritage feel to them, so balance it out with outfits featuring more contemporary tailoring and forego accessories. You can wear black leather Oxford boots to black tie events.

    Take your pick from these versatile boots, or make more than one addition to your collection. All this knowledge is going to ensure that you will only put the best boot forward.

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