21 Unique All-Occasion Gift Ideas For Busy and Hardworking Dads

June 09, 2022

It can be hard to think of the perfect gift for busy dads but these unique and practical items can be a good starting point for you.

Hardworking dads are selfless, which means that they are willing to sacrifice their time, money, and even their own dreams for the welfare of their family. As such, they deserve all the love and pampering in the world. They may not always tell you what they want but they will definitely appreciate the simplest things that you can give them. 

Unique all-occasion gift ideas for hardworking dads
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21 Unique All-Occasion Gift Ideas For Busy and Hardworking Dads

    Practical gifts for hardworking dads

    Thinking of what gift to give to your dad or husband can be nerve-wracking. While some people would argue that it's the thought that counts, it still would not hurt to shower dads with a gift that they would actually appreciate and use.

    As such, here are 21 gift ideas for the special man of your life for any occasion. Thus, you can give any of them during their birthdays, for Father's Day, or during Christmas. 

    These are curated specifically for dads who have diverse interests but who are nevertheless hardworking and dedicated to their families. Any dad would be happy to receive these practical and highly-usable items.

    1. Travel Journal

    A travel journal is made specifically for travelers so it has features that are crafted to their needs. Even so, it can function as a regular notebook where travelers can draft and plan their itineraries. This is also the perfect tool for those who are not keen on social media and would like to keep it old school via a private diary of their travels.

    Depending on the brand, travel journals can be straightforward writing pads or sophisticated notebooks that are handcrafted using fine materials like leather and superior quality paper. That means buyers have to option to purchase a journal that effectively marries beauty and functionality.

    This travel journal is made from finely-crafted recycled paper and bound in a stylish leather cover. The inspiring design will excite travelers to keep writing their stories, whether it’s an epic trip or a quiet weekend.

    2. Planner

    If a travel journal seems too much for dad, a regular planner is a good option. Not all dads may find it practical to use a travel journal but a planner is a good choice.

    They will surely appreciate using a planner because it can help them organize their tasks or activities and the entries are a good way to remind them of their upcoming things to do. Definitely helpful for the man who is often preoccupied with a lot of things.

    3. Necktie organizer 

    A necktie organizer is a clever idea for keeping ties neatly rolled up. Most of these small cylindrical rolls can carry up to three neckties. 
    If the man of the house is on frequent business trips, then he should find this a really useful travel companion for keeping wrinkled neckties away.

    4. Personalized Multi-Tool

    This is a classic gift idea for dads who love to tinker with things. This tool is perfect for camping, fishing, and any other outdoor activities.
    It has practical implements which are great for dads who love DIY projects. What’s even better is that you can request to engrave a personalized message on each of the wooden handles for a unique touch.

    5. Backpack

    Backpacks are classic gift ideas for dads-on-the-go. Most dads would prefer bags that are easy-to-carry, lightweight, sturdy, no-frills, and can protect their gadgets and important items from the elements.

    Backpacks are also great for dads who love to travel. They can just put their laptops, chargers, clothes, and travel papers in their backpack and they are good to go. If you are looking for a good backpack option, Backpacks Global offers a wide range of backpacks for dads that are perfect for traveling.

    6. Portable air purifier

    Portable air purifiers are compact and lightweight so you can carry them around easily. Since they are relatively small, you can put them in a corner in your desk and they will not take too much of the space.

    They are great ideas especially these days when the pandemic is still in full swing. Air purifiers circulate air and help remove pollutants and allergens to help you breathe easier.

    7. Sandwich maker

    Most dads love to eat. However, busy dads might not have all the time in the world to prepare a decent meal.
    Buying a good quality sandwich maker for them is thus a good idea because it can make meal preparations much easier. They can easily prepare their meals or you can prepare it for them in no time at all.

    8. Lonely Planet travel book

    While not really unique gift items, you can never go wrong with travel books for the adventurous man (or men) of your life. Lonely Planet guidebooks are probably the most well-known in the travel community.

    These books contain essential guides, useful information, and inspiring photographs to further fuel the wanderlust in every traveler. And with the advent of digital technology, Lonely Planet also offers books and guides that are mobile phone and tablet-ready.

    9. Sleep aid device

    A good night's sleep is definitely something that we are all aspiring for. However, with our busy lives, we get stressed and we experience a lot of pressures from work and from anywhere else.

    As such, this sleep aid device is a good idea because it can help anyone fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night soundly so they wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

    10. Tumbler

    Tumblers are also classic ideas for hardworking dads, primarily because it's an essential item that is part of their daily routine.

    A good quality tumbler will ensure that busy dads would not have to be bothered by spilled drinks. Plus, it keeps coffee warm and cold drinks, well, cold. what's also good about this tumbler is that it comes with a reusable metal straw and a cleaning brush.

    11. Grooming kit

    Busy and hardworking dads may not have all the time in the world to give so much care about their looks. However, that does not mean that they like to forego how they look. It's also important for them but it's not their top priority. 

    This nice grooming kit has all the man essentials to keep themselves looking sharp and presentable.

    12. Vitamin supplements

    Multivitamins are also essential items these days. Dads, moms, and even kids need all the immune system boost that they need.

    Aside from eating healthy food and incorporating exercise in our daily routine, it's also important to take vitamin supplements to ensure that our bodies have an adequate supply of health-giving vitamins and nutrients.

    13. Wireless charger

    Wireless chargers are lightweight, compact, and easy to move around. They are sturdy and last long if used with care, of course.
    What's good about wireless chargers is that busy dads need not be bothered with having to plug a charger into their phone. Once the wireless charger is connected to a power outlet, they can just put their smartphone on top of it whenever they need a quick power-up.

    14. Healthy snacks

    Hardworking dads might not always have the time in the world to prepare or even buy healthy snacks for themselves.

    Show how much you care for them by buying a healthy snack box for them. You can easily slip a carton or a pack into their lunchbox so that they would have something healthy to much on when they are busy with their work.

    15. Gourmet appetizers

    There's nothing more relaxing than a good dinner after work. Make it more exciting for dad by getting him some nice gourmet appetizers.   

    You can prepare this as pre-dinner bites are even as a great accompaniment for his after-dinner drinks. They taste delicious and are really indulgent.

    16. Gourmet cheese sampler

    If dad loves cheese, then you should definitely get him this gourmet cheese sampler. It includes different types of cheeses that dad can have as an appetizer.
    Alternatively, you can prepare a cheeseboard for him with three kids of cheeses, nuts, dried figs, and cold cuts.

    17. Cheeseboard

    For dads who love gourmet food and wine, you can get them a high-quality and beautiful cheese board. This is perfect for those weekends when dad wants to relax and prepare some fancy bites at home. 
    You can also use this cheeseboard for your date nights at home. You don't need to go out and risk your health just to enjoy fine food.

    18. Knife set

    Dads who love to cook will definitely love this set of stainless steel knives. Having good quality knives and kitchen utensils definitely makes a lot of difference during food preparation.

    This knife set comes with different pieces for your different cutting needs such as filleting, chopping, and peeling, just to name a few. 

    19. Gift card

    While not as unique and personalized as the other gift items in this list, gift cards are a great idea because it allows dads to get the exact item that they want.

    For a different twist, you can buy a gift card that comes with a good-looking box for a little added flair.

    20. Shampoo bar

    Most hardworking dads also do not mind their hair too much. They get a short haircut to ensure that it's low-maintenance. They use whatever product is available in the shower because they don't want to spend too much of their time deciding on which to use. 

    But again, that doesn't mean that they don't want to take care of their hair. They want to keep it healthy and they want to keep it in their head for as long as they could. 

    A good idea would be to get them shampoo bars. They last long but what's really good about them is that they are made of all-natural ingredients without harmful and irritating chemicals to keep their hair strong and healthy. 

    21. Jump rope

    If you feel like your dad is too busy and is becoming too much of a couch potato, get them moving with this jump rope.

    Jump ropes are great ideas to slip a few minutes of workout throughout the day. Jump ropes provide intensive cardiovascular workouts that may even be more effective than running in burning calories and engaging more muscle groups.


    There you have it. This list is not exhaustive but we hope you found this helpful. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to write them in the comments below.

    Gift ideas for dads

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