Wordless Wednesday: Philippine Ground Orchid

October 13, 2022

This photo of Philippine Ground Orchid flowers in our garden is one of my favorite shots.

I used to consider myself a weekend photographer. It was my hobby to take pictures of backyard items in our home in the province. One of my favorite subjects is flowers, such as this cluster of Philippine Ground Orchid, because they always look good in photos. The colors are vibrant, and they always register well in photos. Flowers also look stunning in close-up or macro photography because of their awesome details.

Philippine Ground Orchid flowers

Wordless Wednesday: Philippine Ground Orchid

Pictured here is a cluster of ground orchids I took in the year 2010 using my beloved Canon 400D. I love how the subject is isolated in this shot which was made even more dramatic with the blurred background or bokeh effect. I think this photo is one that I was most proud of during that time. In fact, I imagined myself being an amateur photographer with a potential for growth and bigger things ahead of me. However, things took a different turn for me.

Anyway, going back to our subject, if you are curious to know more about the Philippine Ground Orchid (scientific name Spathoglottis plicata), here are some information I gathered about it. The Philippine Ground Orchid can be found in different countries across Southeast Asia as well as in the Caribbean, Florida, and Hawaii.

In the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, the Philippine Ground Orchid is cultivated as an ornamental plant, often in gardens or potted and placed on the porch. Its flowers range in color from white to pink, purple, cream, and even yellow. Outside Asia though, the Philippine Ground Orchid is considered a weed and can be invasive in other plant habitats. The Philippine Ground Orchid grows fast and is not known to be a sensitive plant.

Just the same, I think the Philippine Ground Orchid still looks splendid especially when they bloom in large clusters in open areas. The colors are bright especially under the summer sun in the Philippines.

Are you familiar with the Philippine Ground Orchid? Do you like to take photographs of plants and flowers, too? Share them in the comment section below.

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