Avoid Learning Loss With 5 Edutainment Destinations for Your Next Family Getaway

October 14, 2022

Here are 5 awesome destinations that let you learn as you enjoy and get entertained.

Children look forward to the summer and end-of-year holidays because it allows them to get a break from school. During these periods, they enjoy the freedom to have fun or relax whenever they feel like it.

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Avoid Learning Loss With 5 Edutainment Destinations for Your Next Family Getaway

    Unfortunately, these breaks may also bring about learning loss. This phenomenon occurs when students are not in school for extended periods and have fewer chances to engage in learning.

    On the bright side, certain activities can help prevent learning loss. And one of the best ways is to go on an educational trip with the family.

    Don’t know where to go? Consider the following famous edutainment destinations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for your next family getaway:

    1. Qasr Al Watan

    If you decide to visit the UAE for your family holiday, a good way to learn the most from it is to experience more about the country’s culture and traditions. Besides visiting museums, you can also achieve this with a visit to Qasr Al Watan.

    Currently functioning as the nation’s presidential palace, this famous cultural landmark in Abu Dhabi offers more than a glimpse of the UAE’s rich history and legacy.

    Here, you and your kids can gain knowledge about the governing values and traditions in the country and access areas that are typically reserved for official summits, like:

    At the end of each day, the palace lights up the night with one of Abu Dhabi’s most impressive and family-friendly attractions called the Palace in Motion. This event begins after sundown and runs every 30 minutes. In three awe-inspiring acts, it showcases the Emirates’ journey through the years.

    Getting ready to visit Qasr Al Watan? Below are some reminders you need to know before heading there with your children:

    • Kids three years old and below can enter for free.
    • Young guests under 12 must come with a responsible adult holding a valid admission ticket.
    • Only guests aged four to 17 can redeem junior tickets.
    • All guests must present a government-issued ID as proof of age.

    2. Kids HQ

    Experts say that engaging in physical activity is one of the most effective ways to prevent learning loss. Though exercise may not always directly lead to learning, it does help build up your children’s energy and helps them focus longer inside the classroom.

    So, instead of allowing extended screen time at home, bring your little ones to places like Kids HQ in Dubai.

    Covering more than three floors of space, this incredible play center in Al Barsha 2 offers high-energy youngsters a venue to run, climb, jump, and explore safely during holidays and summer breaks.

    Kids HQ also hosts educational programs with classes and activities that make learning fun. Aside from that, they have an area designed specifically for toddlers that can support early learning through sensory play.

    3. KidZania

    Adults learn how to do things through practice. Children can also achieve the same through pretend play.

    Visit KidZania with your little ones and let them experience what it’s like to be independent and live in the city safely.

    Complete with buildings, paved streets, and its own currency, this child-sized indoor cityscape engages imaginative boys and girls in role-playing scenarios wherein they can try over 40 different professions.

    Here, children aged four to 16 can have fun while developing the interests that can shape their future careers. The experience also allows them to earn and spend pretend money, teaching them resourcefulness, creativity, decision-making, and social skills.

    4. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

    If your children are more interested in life sciences than culture, consider visiting tourist spots featuring different species of wildlife, like SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

    This marine-life theme park on Yas Island is expected to be a popular edutainment destination upon its completion in 2022 because it will house the biggest aquarium in the world with the most impressive collection of marine life.

    With roughly 25 million liters of water, the marine-life park will be home to over 68,000 sea creatures, including manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, and schools of fish.

    Guests can view all this and more from the aquarium’s focal viewpoint, the “Endless Vista.” This 20-meter-tall vertical window showcases stunning aquatic scenes that will provide educational value to guests of all ages.

    5. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

    Home to the fastest roller coaster on Earth, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi isn’t just for thrill-seekers.

    It’s also the perfect place for youngsters who want to understand the laws of physics, particularly those responsible for the extreme speed of Formula Rossa and other Ferrari World rides.

    From learning how to drive a go-kart at the Karting Academy to engaging in simulated races in the Scuderia Challenge, you and your kids can have the most immersive learning experience here.

    Just don’t forget to bring enough courage and check the height requirements for each ride to make sure that everyone enjoys their time at the theme park.

    Fun and Learning in the UAE

    The UAE houses some of the best edutainment destinations in the Middle East. Make sure you visit the ones listed here to prevent learning loss in your children while having the best possible time on your next family getaway.

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