5 Enjoyable Online Culinary Games For Teaching Kitchen Skills To Kids

December 22, 2021

Here are five online culinary games to help teach kitchen skills to children in a fun and enjoyable way.

I may not be an expert when it comes to whipping up exceptional cuisines in the kitchen. However, I’m proud to say that I’m fairly comfortable in experimenting and even recreating dishes for my family. That’s because I’ve been exposed by my parents to kitchen work at a young age and I think it’s a valuable skill to pass on to my kids as well.

Online culinary games for kids

5 Enjoyable Online Culinary Games For Teaching Kitchen Skills To Kids

    The benefits of having kitchen skills

    Aside from giving one the confidence in the kitchen, having a good set of kitchen skills brings many advantages to a person.

    Personally, I find kitchen work to be relaxing. The cutting, slicing, and chopping involved in preparing the ingredients for our meal is a good way for me to take a break from my usual routine. As such, I consider it to be a good stress reliever.

    Furthermore, being able to prepare your food using fresh ingredients is a lot healthier than, say, takeaway food. Not only that, you can eat your favorite food items anytime you want to if you know how to cook them.

    Fun online culinary games for children

    Getting children involved in the kitchen is an amazing activity for them. It’s a great opportunity for collaborative parenting and co-creation to help boost their self-confidence. Some light kitchen work will also aid in the development of their motor skills and coordination.

    However, not all children may be ready or immediately excited to help out in the kitchen. A good way to expose them to kitchen skills is through online culinary games.

    Here are some of the online culinary games that they can try:

    1. Breakfast Time

    Breakfast Time is like a restaurant game in which the player will be asked to serve breakfast to the guests. In each round, items will be matched one at a time per order until the full order has been completed.

    Breakfast Time Online culinary games

    Each round is given a minute to complete the order. However, serving a wrong item will leave customers irate. Breakfast Time may not be ideal for small children as it can frustrate them. It’s a good game for fifth to sixth graders though.

    2. Burger Maker

    Burger Maker is a fun game in which the player will be tasked to assemble the ingredients according to the correct order which is from bottom to top. The goal is to be able to create the perfect custom-made burger within a 10 to 15-second time frame.

    Burger Maker Online culinary games

    As soon as the player is done with the ingredients list, they will have to click the "serve now" button under the finished burger to serve it to the customer. This game is perfect for second or third graders but older students may find Burger Maker uninteresting.

    3. Lunch Shop

    Lunch Shop is the perfect game to develop the kitchen skills of young children. It’s essentially a service game where players will be asked to prepare whatever is pictured on the screen. 

    Lunch Shop Online culinary games

    Of course, it will start with preparing the ingredients at the bottom. This game will surely be fun and interesting for first to second grade children.

    4. We Bare Bears Chocolate Artist

    We Bare Bears Chocolate Artist is perfect for developing the creativity and motor skills of children. This is a cute and engaging game in which the player will be tasked to create shapes and patterns on the computer or tablet screen using a mouse or a finger.

    We Care Bears Chocolate Artist Online culinary games

    These food shapes and patterns will then be served to incoming customers once finished.

    5. Pizza Party

    Pizza Party is a game in which the player will serve guests with custom made pizzas. What’s good about this online game is that it uses classic and familiar pizza ingredients such as tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, basil and pepperoni.

    Pizza Party

    Pizza Party is quite easy to play as compared to other similar online games available. In Pizza Party, the crust is automatically prepared for the player. Not only that, most of the pizza orders, save for the ham and mushroom variants, start with tomato sauce. What also makes it simple is that there are only a few total ingredients to choose from and the ingredients can be added in any order that the player pleases.

    Pizza Party is ideal for second and third grade pupils. The lower levels of the game may not be perfect for older children but the higher rounds offer more advanced pizza flavors such as Quattro Stagioni, Margherita, Marinara, and Pepperoni Pizzas, to name a few.

    Pizza Party has a UK version that uses the Pound sterling symbol for the currency.

    What’s good about these games is that they are all absolutely free and feature an intuitive and highly-engaging interface that kids will definitely enjoy.


    Having basic kitchen skills is good to have because it gives many benefits to a person. Being in the kitchen is a great stress buster plus being able to prepare your own food ensures that it’s healthy and delicious.

    That’s why it’s also advantageous to expose children to the kitchen early on. Just the same, if the kids are still not comfortable to be in the kitchen, they can play fun and enjoyable online culinary games.

    Recommended online culinary games to teach kitchen skills to kids

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