5 Best Free Educational Online Games For Kids [You'd Be Surprised]

April 27, 2021

Here’s a list of fee educational online games that will not only help keep kids entertained but help polish up their skills as well.

In this day and age when the internet is the primary source of entertainment and information, it’s also reassuring to know that the World Wide Web is also a great source of educational materials. However, as parents, we’re aware of the fact that most kids these days would rather get amused that learn something from the websites they browse or videos they watch. That’s the reality that confronts most of the parents I know and if you have kids as well, I’m sure you’d be able to relate to what I’m saying.

Best free educational online games for kids

5 Best Free Educational Online Games For Kids [You'd Be Surprised]

    Switch to educational videos

    One of the best workarounds is to switch to educational channels and websites that combine both entertaining and educational videos. If we’ll let our children watch videos, then we might as well give them materials where they can pick up good values or where they can learn from.

    We’ve been told by our pediatrician as well as friends to limit the screen time of our kids and that’s what we do. However, they do get bored easily and would let go of their gadgets after around 30 minutes and then play with their toys instead. We’ve also exposed them to a lot of play outside the house and I think that contributed to their love for physical activities.

    Just the same, I do admit that my kids have also learned a lot from watching educational videos. My eldest son can recognize the alphabet and numbers because his most favorite videos are all about counting and letters.

    Educational online games

    I’ve also recently discovered educational online games lately. I browsed through some of them and I think they have a good potential in keeping kids busy as they learn. All of these games have desktop and mobile browser versions so you can use your mouse as controls or tap the touchscreen directly with your fingers.

    Here they are:

    1. 2048 Cuteness Edition Math Puzzle Game

    This fun game is great for developing the simple addition skills of kids. The goal is to combine two tiles with similar numbers. For example, the number “2” tiles will continually appear on the board. 

    Free 2048 Cuteness Edition Math educational online puzzle game
    2048 Cuteness Edition Math Puzzle Game

    If they appear beside each other, you can combine them to produce a “4” tile. Combine more tiles with similar numbers i.e. two “8” tiles to produce “16” and so on, until you reach the tile with the number “2048” or the board has been filled with tiles.

    2. Burn Matches Math Logic Puzzle Game

    This game is great for teaching kids how to solve simple equations by moving matches on the screen depending on the instruction. 

    Free Burn matches Math logic educational online puzzle game
    Burn matches Math logic puzzle game

    For example, an equation may require the player to remove a match to solve the problem. Once done, the matches will burn and you will move to the next level.

    3. Fast Typer Game

    While this type of game is definitely not for small kids, it can still benefit high school level teens by helping them develop their typing accuracy. 

    Free fast typer educational online game
    Fast typer game

    This game is simple; using your keyboard, you just need to accurately type as many words as you can within one minute. The score is based on the correct words that you typed.

    4. Space Words Online Spelling Practice Game

    This is one of my most favorite games because it teaches kids the correct word spelling. In terms of the level of skills, this game is great for beginners. You will base the word that you will form on the image above the game area. For example, in the picture below, you need to for the word for the number two.

    Free Space Words online educational spelling practice game
    Space Words Online Spelling Practice Game

    To get the letters, the layer needs to shoot the incoming asteroids to destroy them and get the letters needed to form the word. The player will advance once the word is formed.

    5. Spell School Word Spelling Game

    This is another really simple yet fun and educational game for kids. You just have to form the word that corresponds to the image shown. 

    Free spell school educational online word spelling game
    Spell School Word Spelling Game

    The player can do this by dragging the letters to the boxes. The next picture will be revealed once the word is formed. It will definitely keep kids entertained but I’m sure even grown-ups will love this game.


    While some parents are wary of letting their kids use gadgets, I believe that it’s ok as long as you give them guidance on what media to consume. You can choose for them educational shows as well as games. These will not only keep them from getting bored, but it will also help them develop new skills and even acquire new knowledge.

    In the end, exposing the kids to technology has its benefits as long as they get proper support from their parents.

    Free educational online games for kids

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    1. I like your list po. And i agree ok lang naman gumamit ng gadgets basta yung may matutunan sila. Kasi kung pati gadget bawal na sila and hindi na rin nakakalabas mas lalo silang makakaramdam ng bago sa bahay.

    2. These are all great picks. I think it's important to use technology to our advantage when trying to encourage a love of learning in our kids.

    3. I love discovering online games that are educational. These will be good for my boys to play

    4. As our five-year-old has just had to go to hybrid schooling, we are scrambling at find some activities to keep her busy the 3 days a week she is out of school. I'm all for educational games!

    5. Great online games. Especially the Math ones.. They're surely helpful for kids learning.

    6. Nice list! These educational online games will somehow ease their boredom now while still learning.

    7. Thank you for this! I've been looking for new games for my kiddos. I'm saving these.

    8. These really fun games . Yes kids learn more when they can learn with playing.

    9. Badly need this list coz we could not avoid kids to use gadgets :)

    10. I think finding the balance is very important. Guiding them through what they consume and encouraging outdoor activities as well

    11. I've never heard of these games before, but I have always enjoyed playing educational online games. They're fun! -LYNNDEE

    12. Thank you po! Yun naman po ang importante, yung may natututunan sila sa paggamit ng gadgets. Hindi yung puro tutok lang sa screen ng gadgets tapos hindi naman educational ang pinapanood. :)