6 Safety Tips To Remember When Using An Inflatable Kiddie Pool [Must-Read]

April 29, 2021

Here are some simple safety tips when using your kiddie pool to ensure maximum fun and enjoyment for your kids this summer.

My two kids love being in the water that’s why when we were forced to postpone our beach getaway plans last year because of the pandemic, we immediately bought an inflatable kiddie pool for them. I’d say it was one of our best decisions during the quarantine because the children loved being in the pool so much.

Safety tips when using an inflatable kiddie pool

6 Safety Tips To Remember When Using An Inflatable Kiddie Pool [Must-Read]

    It was initially our eldest son because our younger boy was too small for the pool. Eventually, the two of them were already playing in the water. Khris and I were always happy seeing them enjoying themselves. Even if we couldn’t travel to the beach, the kiddie pool is still a great and safer alternative than going to a resort.

    Choosing the best inflatable kiddie pool

    When choosing the best inflatable kiddie pool brand, you only have one thing to consider and that is the safety of your kids. That’s why when buying an inflatable pool, you have to ensure that it’s sturdy.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive although admittedly, brands that are available at a higher cost are almost always of good quality. However, when we bought ours, we chose one that we considered was reasonably priced and durable. What you can do is to check the material if you are satisfied with its thickness.

    Two kids enjoying the water in an inflatable kiddie pool
    Our two kids enjoying the water

    You can also ask the sales personnel of the store if the material of the inflatable pool can withstand the air and water pressure, as well as the beating from the kids happily jumping and wading in the water. They’re mostly helpful in explaining the features of the different pool brands as well as the reinforcements of each item.

    We also considered the size of the pool. Yes, our kids are still both toddlers but there are also big children with us in the house who also appreciate the water, so we bought a big pool that could also accommodate youngsters who are pre-teens.

    Keeping your kids safe when they're swimming

    Any sensible parent would not want their kids to be hurt in any given situation. Just the same, it’s wise to take extra precautions especially when they are in or near water.

    1. Don’t let your kids out of your sight

    Never letting your kids out of your sight is probably the best safety advice when letting your kids use the pool. We’ve heard countless news about children being involved in accidents because their parents failed to keep an eye on them. We don’t want that to happen especially because children are vulnerable when in or near water. Even in shallow water, always be watchful of your children.

    2. Follow the safety instructions indicated in the product manual or on the item itself

    The next practical advice to keep in mind is to follow the safety precautions indicated either in a manual or printed in the pool itself. The words may look like the usual product information but don’t ignore them because they are helpful reminders when using the inflatable kiddie swimming pool.

    3. If you have a small child, never let them go

    There was one point when our kids were swimming that our youngest son was able to crawl away from his Mommy even when he was being held firmly. The water was shallow but we were afraid just the same. Terrified that he might slip face-first into the water and not know what to do. So, hold your little ones tightly when they are swimming.

    4. Have them wear the appropriate attire

    Little boy loving the water in an inflatable kiddie pool
    Kuya loves water

    When swimming, have your kids wear the appropriate bathing attire. Avoid anything that may tangle, pin them down when they fall, or cover their faces when in the water. They should wear clothes that are light and snug to avoid any untoward incidents.

    5. Tell your kids not to run or dive

    Even if your kids are small, it wouldn’t hurt to keep repeating to them to be careful when swimming. Remind them not to dive or to not to rough it out too much with the smaller kids.

    6. Make sure that the pool is always well-inflated

    My kids love to lean on the walls of the kiddie pool. However, I noticed that when the air inside is starting to deplete, the walls would not be able to support the kids when they suddenly leaned. 

    In fact, the children have a more tendency to fall over because of that. We don’t want that to happen because they might hit their head on the floor or any hard surface. As such, be sure to check your kiddie pool regularly to ensure that it’s well-inflated.


    We consider our kiddie pool to be one of our best purchases for our kids. It’s priceless when we see them happily enjoying themselves in the summer. It’s also a better and much safer alternative than going to a resort.

    However, don’t let accidents ruin the fun so be sure the practice these safety tips when using your kiddie swimming pool.

    Do you have anything to add to this list? Share them in the comments section below.

    Safety tips to keep in mind when using an inflatable kiddie pool

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