The Top 9 Reasons Why We Trust Kidloland [Review]

September 03, 2021

We're so glad to have discovered Kidloland because my kids learn from the nursery rhymes while keeping them entertained.

Kidloland is undoubtedly one of our recent best discoveries to supplement the learning progress of our two kids. That’s because Kidloland is packed with countless educational games, children’s music, nursery rhymes, and videos of popular children’s songs, just to name a few. It has literally made screen time much more worthwhile for our two kids and we couldn’t be happier.

Kidloland app review

The Top 9 Reasons Why We Trust Kidloland [Review]

    Our personal experience with Kidloland

    A friend recommended Kidloland to me because she has been using it for her own kids. After looking through the app and seeing posts of other parents about Kidloland, I sent an inquiry to the company.

    Kidloland's nursery rhymes
    Kidloland's nursery rhymes

    Long story short, I was able to secure a partnership with Kidloland in which I can have premium access to the app but I have to provide an honest account of our experience in using it.

    Of course, I readily agreed because of the many good things I’ve heard about Kidloland. After downloading the Kidloland app to my phone, I went through the usual walkthrough and I was given my unique code which I used for logging in to my phone.

    To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t an easy transition for Miguel and Rafa because they’ve been so used to watching YouTube kids (they still do, although occasionally). However, after about two weeks, the two kids eventually took an interest in Kidloland. 

    In fact, Miguel would always choose Kidloland over YouTube kids and we’re just glad that he liked it. It’s also the same with Rafa, he is a lot more engrossed with the nursery rhymes and songs in Kidloland.

    Why we trust and recommend Kidloland

    Like many parents, we’ve had struggles when it came to screentime. Honestly, we don’t want to completely remove gadgets from our kids because we’ve seen that they’ve learned so much from the children’s shows that they watch.

    Kidloland's selection of songs and videos
    Kidloland's selection of songs and videos

    Miguel was able to learn the alphabet and the numbers from watching YouTube kids. Rafa, on the other hand, is learning to imitate the actions from the nursery songs that he watches. 

    Our only concern with limiting screentime is the possible radiation emitted by these devices plus, of course, we want our kids to enjoy actual playtime outside like running, seeing the birds fly, observing the insects crawl, picking the plants, and just being rascals.

    Just the same, if our two kids will use their gadgets, we want them to watch something that is educational and will develop their skills. As such, we deemed Kidloland as the perfect learning app for our kids.

    Here are some of the things that we like in Kidloland:

    1. The songs and videos are grouped according to age appropriateness

    This is probably the best thing that we like in Kidloland. You can choose the age group where your kids belong (0-2, 2-4, 4-6, and 6-8) and you will be presented with songs and videos that are recommended for these age groups.

    For example, for the 0-2 age groups, it’s nursery rhymes, surprises, storytime, coloring, ABCs. For the 2-4 age groups, it’s mostly the alphabet, learning first words, and life skills. For the 4-6 age groups, kids will learn math, science, coding, and geography. And for the 6-8 age groups, it’s mostly more complex math, geometry, time telling, coding, and so on.

    2. Kidloland is interactive

    Kidloland songs and videos are interactive. I also consider this as an important feature of Kidloland because it’s not a one-way thing in which kids just watch. They get to interact with the song, like when they touch an object it will change colors or something will pop to reveal an item.

    3. Kidloland has an extensive library of nursery songs and videos

    The Wheels On The Bus on Kidloland
    The Wheels On The Bus

    Kids will never run out of activities to do and videos to watch with Kidloland. For one age group alone, Kidloland has an extensive array of nursery rhymes, games, stories, activities, and workbooks to choose from.

    4. It keeps them entertained while learning

    Kidloland keeps your kids entertained while they learn. That’s because Kidloland has amusing background music and voice prompt to keep kids engaged.

    5. The videos have bright colors and beautiful animations

    I also like the bright colors and high-quality animations of Kidloland. I think these are the primary reasons why we were able to convince our two boys to try the Kidloland app.

    6. Kidloland helps develop life skills

    This is another win for Kidloland. My eldest child has a global development delay so he needs all the help that he can get in developing his life skills. 

    The different activities in Kidloland
    The different activities in Kidloland

    I was a little skeptical with Kidloland at first because, well, how can a children’s app do that? I mean, kids use gadgets to get entertained anyway. Oh well, I was wrong because Miguel was eventually able to learn how to bathe and feed a monster. Of course, nothing beats teaching Miguel the actual things, which we also do.

    7. it only requires a one-time payment per year

    By the way, Kidloland is a paid app. However, it does require just one payment per year (priced at $59.99) and you’re on your way to using it for an unlimited time during the full subscription period.

    8. Kidloland can be used offline

    Learning is fun in Kidloland
    Learning is fun in Kidloland

    When you subscribe to Kidloland, you can access all songs, activities, games, and videos. That means that you don’t have a connection to the internet or data to be able to

    9. The app can be accessed on multiple devices

    If you have more than one child using Kidloland, there’s no need to fret. You can install Kidloland on more than one device and then access the app from all these devices. Your kids will not have to fight it out on who gets to use the app first.

    How to download Kidloland

    You can download Kidloland from Google Play and the Apple App Store. In your device’s app store, search “Kidloland” and click either “install” or “get.” The app will install automatically on your device.

    Educational activities in Kidloland
    Educational activities in Kidloland

    To subscribe, follow the steps below:

    • Open the app
    • Press settings
    • Follow the subscription prompt (you can also get savings from Amazon)
    • Once subscribed, you are on your way to using the Kidloland app


    Screen time is often a controversial topic of discussion among parents. Personally, we find gadgets to be beneficial to our kids’ learning as long as we keep it within a limited amount of time (one hour for us).

    If you do decide to allow your kids some screentime, make it fun and educational for them by choosing an app like Kidloland. 

    Kidloland has an extensive library of nursery songs and videos to keep kids entertained while they learn new things at the same time. That’s the reason why we trust Kidloland and why we recommend it to our fellow parents as well.

    Reasons to love the Kidloland app

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