Greenmax Cereal Drink: A Truly Healthful Instant Beverage

December 14, 2021

If you are looking for nourishing and delicious cereal drinks that has nuts, seeds, oats, and cereals, then Greenmax is the best choice for you.

Greenmax is a range of instant beverages made of nuts, seeds, oats, and cereals. What sets Greenmax apart from similar products in the market is how mindfully it is made to ensure that it adheres to high quality standards. As such, Greenmax is perfect for those who are looking for a truly nourishing quick breakfast or snack that’s vegan and vegetarian friendly. It can even be part of one’s overall healthy diet.

Product review of Greenmax cereal drink

Greenmax Cereal Drink: A Truly Healthful Instant Beverage

    About Greenmax cereal drink

    Greenmax is a leading breakfast cereal brand based in Taiwan for over 50 years and is manufactured by a company called Mayushan Foods Co. Ltd. Greenmax was born out of the company’s desire to provide food products that are mindful of consumers’ health and wellness. Thus, care is integral in the manufacturing process of Greenmax to ensure excellence in its products.

    Greenmax Black Sesame Milk Oatmeal
    Greenmax Black Sesame Milk Oatmeal

    One thing that’s notable about Greenmax is that its company has a dedicated Quality Control Department to ensure that all components that go into the final products are free of contaminants, toxins, pesticides, bleach, and artificial elements. Greenmax products are also free of GMO and gluten.

    Greenmax cereal drink variants

    Greenmax has several available flavor variants that customers can choose from depending on their preference. These are the following:

    • Pure Black Sesame Powder
    • Pure Golden Flaxseed Powder
    • 32 Multigrain Cereal
    • Adlay & Oat Nuts Cereal
    • Adzuki Bean & Purple Rice Nuts Cereal
    • Black Sesame Cereal
    • Black Sesame Milk Oatmeal
    • Black Soybean & Multigrain Nuts Cereal
    • Flaxseed & Adlay Nuts Cereal
    • Flaxseed & Adzuki Bean Nuts Cereal
    • Flaxseed & Black Sesame Nuts Cereal
    • Flaxseed & Black Soybean Nuts Cereal
    • Yam & Black Sesame Cereal
    • Yam & Mixed Cereal
    • Yam & Multigrain Cereal

    My personal experience in trying Greenmax

    I love to drink cereal beverages as an alternative to my after-dinner coffee. However, I do find commercial cereal drinks to be either too sweet or too starchy. When I was searching for cereal beverages that are nutty and more natural-tasting, I stumbled upon Greenmax. There were many good feedback about it so I decided to try it.

    Greenmax Yam and Multigrain Cereal
    Greenmax Yam and Multigrain Cereal

    I first ordered the Greenmax Flaxseed & Black Sesame Nuts Cereal and the Greenmax Yam & Multigrain Cereal.

    The Greenmax Flaxseed & Black Sesame Nuts Cereal has a subtle sweet flavor but it doesn’t contain milk or cream. it’s a chunky drink in the sense that it contains generous bits of seeds, nuts, and cereals. If you want to enjoy the natural taste of black sesame and nuts, then this variant is for you. I like to add a little fresh milk when I prepare my mug of Greenmax Flaxseed & Black Sesame Nuts Cereal.

    Meanwhile, I first thought that the Greenmax Yam & Multigrain Cereal was a sweet yam drink but it turned out to be a savory soup preparation. My family instantly loved the mild savory taste of this variant and we like to add it to our misua noodle soup.

    A mug of Greenmax cereal drink

    I’ve also tried the Greenmax Black Sesame Milk Oatmeal and it has become my instant favorite. It has a mild sweet milky flavor that is delightful to the taste. It’s not overpowering to the palate like other brands because of the balance of the wonderful nutty flavor and the milk.

    Aside from consuming it on its own, you can also add Greenmax cereal drink to any hot or cold drinks, shakes, and even overnight oats.

    Where to buy Greenmax cereal drinks

    Greenmax cereal drinks are available through the QuantaGoods website, the local distributor of the brand. You can also conveniently buy Greenmax in Lazada and Shopee and have it delivered to your doorstep.


    Greenmax cereals drinks are made of healthy oats, nuts, and seeds. Beyond that, the process in which Greenmax is manufactured is very mindful to ensure that consumers are provided with not just delicious but also nourishing food products. 

    All in all, Greenmax cereal drink is ideal as a quick breakfast or snack even for vegans and vegetarians.

    Greenmax cereal drink review

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