How To Sign Up & Earn From Affiliate Marketing Via Involve Asia

May 15, 2023

Here's how bloggers and content creators can start off in affiliate marketing via Involve Asia.

If you are a blogger, publisher, or content creator, who's looking for additional ways to monetize your website, social media page, or network, then I highly recommend that you consider Involve Asia. Involve Asia is the leading affiliate marketing platform in Asia where publishers can partner with and promote the brands they love and earn from the sale via commissions. It's that easy!

How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing Via Involve Asia

How To Sign Up & Earn From Affiliate Marketing Via Involve Asia

    Some of the reputable brands that are on Involve Asia are Lazada, Shopee, GrabFood, iHerb, AirAsia, KKDay, Zalora, and so on. In terms of the different media that you can use for promoting your affiliate links, Involve Asia accepts different options.

    What are the eligible channels where content creators can promote Involve Asia affiliate links?

    What's good about Involve Asia is the flexibility when it comes to the channels that you can use for promoting your affiliate links. You may choose from any of the following:

    Websites and blogs

    I am an old-time blogger and I still believe websites and blogs are the best media for sharing detailed and rich content. Blog articles can be made engaging with videos, photos, social media embeds, and even affiliate links for your recommended products and shops. It's in my blog where I primarily share my Involve Asia affiliate links although I also have links embedded in my social media pages and posts.

    Social media channels

    Content creators may use their social media pages like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook for promoting their affiliate links. As long as you can share a link through your social media channel, then you may apply to be part of the Involve Asia Network.

    Mobile Apps

    Yes, as long as you can share affiliate links within your mobile apps, then you may qualify for the Involve Asia partner program.

    Other ways to earn

    Some of the other ways to earn from Involve Asia are by sharing affiliate links and discount codes through your personal social media pages, messaging apps, and email newsletter.

    How to succeed in Involve Asia affiliate marketing

    I think the only way to succeed in affiliate marketing is by being genuine. If you are a believer in the product that you use and share, then your readers will feel your sincerity and encourage them to buy the products that you use.

    Also, remember to add value to your posts. It should be focused on the benefits that you want to share such as tips and recommendations. And then naturally recommend the products that you love. Take note, it shouldn't be hard-selling because that won't add any value to your post. Also, recommend just a few products at the same time not a hundred items simultaneously. That way, your readers can have an informed decision.

    How to sign up for Involve Asia

    You may use this link to sign up for Involve Asia: SIGN UP HERE. Just fill out the necessary fields and then submit it for review. In terms of the review process, it can take an hour to a few days. Don't worry because you will receive an email from Involve Asia if you got it.

    In terms of the requirements, Involve Asia will onboard creators with at least a thousand followers or substantial traffic (around 5,000 to 10,000 monthly pageviews for blogs).

    In terms of payment, you should have a bank account or PayPal to receive your payout.


    I've been using Involve Asia for years now and have found that it's a great income source for my blog. In terms of earnings, I believe I would've earned more if I didn't use display ads on my blog because that competes for readers' attention. 

    Just the same, I believe affiliate marketing has a lot more earning potential than display ads especially since my audience is generally from the Philippines and within Asia.

    How to join Involve Asia

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