How to Get a PSA Online Appointment

February 02, 2022

If you would like to set an online appointment with the PSA, here are the few simple steps that you can follow.

If there’s one advantage that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, it’s that it encouraged people to harness the power of digital platforms to ensure the continuity of work, education, as well as other vital areas of our economy and society. Even our government agencies, such as the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), have mostly shifted to digital platforms to be able to continually provide services to the public while helping minimize the need to personally transact in the offices.

How to Get a PSA Online Appointment

How to Get a PSA Online Appointment

    Those online service platforms were designed and activated to provide Pinoys the option to file their transactions, claims, inquiries, and follow-ups remotely..

    Easy appointment system by the Philippine Statistics Authority

    Just as we are trying to minimize face to face dealings, there really are some transactions that require the applicant to be physically present at the government agency’s office. In such cases, the applicants are required to set an appointment with the agency to avoid overcrowding offices and long lines of people waiting to be attended to.

    The PSA has recently fully implemented the online appointment system for Civil Registration Services. This means that if you are planning to get a copy of a PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, or CENOMAR at a PSA office, you need to create an appointment online. Yes, very similar to creating an appointment for your passport application and renewal with the DFA.

    How to set an appointment with the PSA

    If you need a copy of your PSA birth certificate, PSA marriage certificate, or CENOMAR, or would like to request for the PSA death certificate of a family member, you can do so by setting an online appointment to visit the nearest PSA outlet in your area.

    Setting an appointment online:

    1. Log on to and click on the CRS Appointment System image to view the Privacy Notice. 

    Step 1 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 1

    Tick the I Agree button to indicate your agreement and proceed. The Important Reminders for setting an online appointment are shown on a pop-up screen. Click the Next button.

    2. Choose the PSA CRS outlet where you wish to set an appointment. If you are requesting for a PSA certificate that underwent Court Decrees and Legal Instruments for the first time, book an appointment at East Avenue.

    Step 2 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 2

    3. Input your name, a working email address, and your mobile number. The PSA will send a copy of your appointment sheet via email. For urgent updates on your appointment, they may also call you on your mobile phone. If you agree to the collection and use of your personal data, tick the box below the form and click on Next.

    Step 3 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 3

    4. The system will send a 6-digit verification code to your registered email address. You must get that code and type it on the OTP Verification field. Click the Verify button to continue.

    Step 4 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 4

    5. You will be asked for the type of PSA certificate you are requesting for, including your relationship to the owner of the document. Provide your complete name as well. There is an option to add another certificate if you need more than one type. Otherwise, click the Next button.

    Step 5 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 5

    6. Select the date and time of your appointment and click Next.

    Step 6 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 6

    7. You will be shown the important details of your appointment. Please take note of the date and time you chose, your email address, and your mobile number. If all are in place, click on Confirm.

    Step 7 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 7

    8. When your appointment is confirmed, you will be shown a Civil Registration Service Appointment Slip with a barcode. The same will be sent to your email as a digital copy.

    Step 8 of PSA Online Appointment
    Step 8

    9. Be at your chosen PSA outlet on the date and time of your appointment to get your PSA certificate.

    Important reminders when visiting your chosen PSA outlet:

    1. Present the CRS Appointment Slip to the Information Marshal for validation. You may present the digital copy or a print-out.
    2. Get your Application Form and a Queue Ticket Number and present this to the transacting window with your payment, valid IDs, authorization letter/SPA if you are requesting for another person, and other supporting documents.
    3. Get your Official Receipt and check that all information are correct.
    4. Claim your PSA certificate on the scheduled date and time of release. Proceed to the Releasing Area. If you are requesting for another person, you may be required to present the OR, valid IDs, authorization letter/SPA, and other supporting documents to the Releasing Officer.
    5. Check the correctness and completeness of the documents you receive.

    Other Important Reminders:

    1. Be at the PSA CRS outlet at least 30 minutes before your appointment schedule.
    2. Bring valid IDs (document owner/s and authorized representative) that match the names encoded.
    3. Basic fees are: a) Copy issuance, Authentication and Annotation of Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates: Php 155.00 per copy, and b) CENOMAR: Php 210.00 per copy
    4. Authorized representative is not allowed to delegate another person under his/her authority to request for the civil registry documents.
    5. An authorized representative is only allowed to request for 2 unrelated individuals.
    6. Minors are not allowed to book an appointment.
    7. Securing an appointment is free of charge and CRS appointment slip is non-transferrable.
    8. For concerns and inquiries, transact only with authorized PSA personnel.


    You also have the option to order your PSA certificates online and have these delivered to you. is an online channel authorized by the PSA to receive orders for PSA birth, marriage, death certificates and CENOMAR through their website. To order, click on this link.

    Steps on how to get a PSA Online Appointment

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