How KoalaEye’s Blue Light Eyeglasses Protect The Eyes From Too Much Strain [Review]

October 28, 2021

Find out in this post how KoalaEye blue light glasses help reduce eye strain to promote overall health and wellness.

The shift to work from home arrangement during the pandemic meant being in front of the computer for long hours since we have easy access to our devices at home. While it may have led to greater work productivity, the extended time rendered has led to greater work-related stress as well as physical strain like headaches because of eye tension. As such, it’s a must to use a pair of blue light glasses like those that I recently discovered from KoalaEye Optical.

KoalaEye Optical blue light eyeglasses review

How KoalaEye’s Blue Light Eyeglasses Protect The Eyes From Too Much Strain [Review]

    Who is KoalaEye Optical?

    KoalaEye Optical is an online store that sells eyeglasses and sunglasses. KoalaEye is a fairly new entrant into the eyewear scene but it offers a wide range of stylish and comfortable glasses that will surely appeal to a lot of customers. 

    What’s even better is that KoalaEye offers a full range of screen protection glasses that I, later on, learned to have a number of health advantages. This optical shop ships worldwide and accepts various payment options, making ordering your ideal glasses convenient for you.

    How to choose the right pair of eyeglasses for your face shape

    What I liked the most about KoalaEye is its emphasis on choosing the ideal pair of glasses that can flatter your face shape. To be honest, I’ve never really given careful thought to that because I used to just buy whatever design suits my fancy. With KoalaEye, it was a new learning experience for me which I liked.

    KoalaEye Mike eyeglasses for men with blue light blocking technology
    Mike Eyeglasses For Men

    So how do you really pick the perfect pair of glasses? Here’s how:

    1. Start by identifying your face shape. There are six basic face shapes, namely round, oval, square, diamond, heart, and triangular.
    2. Round faces are almost symmetrical. The facial width and length are almost the same, and the jawline and chin are also round. Square or rectangular frames will make a round face look slimmer because of the contrast in shape and width.
    3. Oval faces tend to have foreheads that are slightly wider than the chin. An oval face goes well with different frame shapes like square, rectangle, oval, and even round. The key is to choose a frame that is wider than the entire face.
    4. Square faces generally have sharp features like a wide forehead and cheekbones and an angular jawline. As such, you need a frame that will soften the angles of a square face like oval or round eyeglasses.
    5. Diamond faces have narrow foreheads and jawlines but strong cheekbones. For this type of face, you need a pair of glasses that are wider than the cheekbones like cat’s eye-shaped frames or oval frames.
    6. Heart-shaped faces have a wide top and a narrow bottom. A good way to balance this face shape is to use eyeglasses that are round or even a square frame but with rounded edges.
    7. A triangle face has a narrow forehead and broad cheek and chin area. A cat-eye frame or browline eyeglasses would work well for this face shape.

    Choosing KoalaEye’s Mike eyeglasses for men

    After using the guide above for choosing eyeglasses, I eventually settled for the Mike eyeglasses for men.

    A model wearing the KoalaEye Mike blue light glasses

    What I liked about KoalaEye Optical’s website is the ease in choosing the eyewear that is right for you. From the main menu, you can opt to check all available models, or immediately choose men’s eyeglasses, women’s eyeglasses, or sunglasses for men and women

    Then, you can further narrow your choice based on color, size, rim (full-rim, semi-rimless, or rimless), shape, and material.

    I picked Mike because of its timeless design that is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s just a casual day in the mall or a formal event. I can also wear it at home when I’m working in front of the computer and not feel overdressed.

    Mike is a full-rim round frame that is made of metal. It has a black color which will complement any attire I’m wearing. Mike is also very lightweight and comfortable to wear so I can use it for an extended period of time and not feel hampered by it.

    What I like about Mike eyeglasses is that it also features blue light blocking technology to keep my eye strain at bay when I’m busy working in front of my electronic devices. 

    I’ve been using my Mike eyeglasses since I received them and I noticed that my eyes feel relaxed and it’s more comfortable looking at the computer screen because there is less glare. I really like it because my eyes don’t feel tired even after working for more than eight hours in front of my laptop.

    The health benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses

    Blue light blocking eyeglasses work in a straightforward manner and that is by absorbing the excess blue light emitted by digital monitors, such as in laptop and desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

    Blue light blocking glasses from KoalaEye
    Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Blue light causes eye strain as well as affects the quality of one’s sleep. Thus, blue light blocking eyewear contributes to one’s overall health and wellness by lessening eye strain, promoting better sleep because blue light delays the release of melatonin, reduces headaches, and prevents the occurrence of eye diseases.

    KoalaEye Optical’s products use the same blue light blocking technology to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of those light emissions from gadget screens.

    KoalaEye’s glasses come with a lens reflection tester that allows a user to see the light reflected by the products that they purchased. If the glasses reflect blue light, then that means that they are doing a great job in filtering the said electromagnetic emission.

    Where to buy KoalaEye eyeglasses

    You can order a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses from the KoalaEye Optical website. You may get your first pair at only $4.99 in this page.

    Placing your order is simple. Choose the specific product that you like, add it to your cart, input your shipping details, and your gift card or discount code if you have this, pay, and then checkout.

    Worldwide shipping is free with the code “Koalaeyefree”.


    Our eyes take a great toll every day, especially when we work in front of the computer all day long. Just the same, the work from home arrangement in the pandemic has done no good as most of us tend to render longer hours staring at screens because, well, we’re just at home.

    A good way to protect and take care of our eyes is to use blue light blocking glasses, such as those offered by KoalaEye Optical. These glasses reduce eye strain to lessen the overall stress that we may get from working too long.

    KoalaEye Optical Mike blue light eyeglasses review

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    1. I use contact lenses and I'm considering of buying eye glasses which I can use when I'm at home.
      I like that you have guidelines listed here in details especially choosing the perfect glasses based on the shape of faces. I also need those other factors here to select the perfect one for me.
      This is a comprehensive and helpful guide.

    2. Thank you for sharing this great review about KoalaEye Optical , importante tlga ito to protect and take care of our eyes lalo na laging nakaharap sa mga gadgets . ❤️ (Joaquin Eli Bacod)

    3. Jursalyn Lhar Beatingo28 October 2021 at 20:17

      Relate ako jan naka dalawang palit na din po ako ng eyeglasses pero sa gusto ko lang ng design hindi ko alam yung GAnyan steps thank you fof sharing po dadi iv sakto may plan ulit ako bumili nas convenient pa kasi pwede online lang and madalas pa naman gadgets tayo nakaharap kaya must have talaga.

    4. I had to switch in.. love all its features and advantages... It was really a good choice.. you can say ... It was perfect ,and it cares

    5. That so good sir,more power to you po💗Have a great day