The 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Travel Eyeglasses

September 15, 2020

Consider these 5 factors when you are looking for your next travel eyeglasses.

Your pair of travel eyeglasses is one of the best and most practical accessories that you can bring with you when you are out on a holiday. 

How to choose your travel eyeglasses
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The 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Travel Eyeglasses

    This all-around accessory should be one of your must-have gears when traveling because it is hard working and has a variety of uses that range from protecting your eyes from the sun, dust, and pollutants, to upgrading your outfit for the day. 

    Investing in travel eyeglasses 

    There are many reasons for investing in good-quality travel sunglasses. It may come from your desire to reinvent yourself when you are out traveling, which for many people, is already reason enough to finally make that purchase. 

    Whatever your reason is, your travel eyeglasses will allow you to make a bold and adventurous statement (you should check out this range of orange glasses). On the other hand, it can also help you showcase your more cultured and serious side. 

    Aside from style, there are eyeglasses with UV filters as well as transition lenses that can protect your eyes from harmful UVA rays to reduce the risk of getting skin cancer around the eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration to name a few. 

    How to choose your travel eyeglasses 

    In choosing your travel eyeglasses, you can consider several factors before finally making that purchase. After all, it is an investment since your goal is to use it long-term. 

    Here is a quick guide that you can refer to when selecting your travel eyeglasses 

    1. Decide on the brand that you will buy

    I think deciding on which brand to buy will ultimately determine or influence the succeeding aspects of your decision. An inexpensive brand can be purchased readily because, well, you do not really need to wait long and save up for it. Chances are, you will have some extra money to spare for an economical pair of eyeglasses. 

    If you choose a branded frames and advanced lenses for your eyeglasses, it becomes a whole different story though. First thing that you have to consider is budget. How much are you willing to shell out for a branded pair of eyeglasses? Will you save up for it or use credit cards? The decision is up to you. 

    However, budget is just one side of the story when buying branded travel eyeglasses. You are also paying for its quality which means that it’s guaranteed to last you longer and you get all the protective benefits you would expect from a topnotch product. 

    In the end, it’s always good to invest on quality because of its many advantages. 

    2. Choose lightweight frames and lenses

    It’s important to choose lightweight frames for your eyeglasses when traveling because it is more comfortable to wear. In addition, you can opt for plastic lenses that can be made thin for a lighter finish. 

    When you are outdoors you will get all sweaty and hot. Chances are, when the frame of your eyeglasses is heavy, there is a greater likelihood that it will fall of your face and get damaged. Moreover, when you are traveling, it is more likely that you will be wearing your eyeglasses for an extended period of time. 

    Lightweight frames will provide you a more comfortable feeling without causing those irritating and often unsightly marks on your nose. 

    During the few instances, your lightweight frame leaves some red marks on your face, it will not feel sore when you finally get the chance to remove and clean your glasses (which may be well into the nighttime, right before bed). 

    3. Consider your face shape 

    Your face shape will ultimately decide the type of travel eyeglass frame that can boost how you look. In general, faces that are round go well with eyeglass frames that are square or rectangular in shape. 

    Different types of eyeglasses to choose from
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    The angles of the square or rectangular frame can balance the look of a round face. For oval faces, frames that are wide and with a defined bridge will complement it well. 

    In contract, square or angular faces are best enhanced with frames that are round or oval in shape. It’s the same principle as the above – round frames soften the look of a square face. 

    If you are unsure of your face shape, you can try several frames to find one which one will balance your look. In the end, the key is creating some contrast against your face’s most prominent features to soften and enhance it. 

    For example, a broad face will go well with a frame that will give it an illusion of slimness. 

    4. Get one that you can use on different occasions 

    Most accessories nowadays, including eyeglasses, are made to be used for different occasions because it is more practical that way. 

    Just the same, when you are choosing frames for your travel sunglasses, consider its usage beyond traveling such as in the office and even for formal events. 

    5. Go for environmentally-friendly materials 

    Probably one of the biggest wins in the realm of environmental care and sustainability is the use of eco-friendly materials including eyeglass frames. Yes, many eyeglass frame brands nowadays are made of biodegradable materials such as bamboo, wood, and cork. 

    Environmentally-friendly travel eyeglasses
    Photo by Kenaz Nepomuceno from Pexels

    As such, why not choose these brands for your next pair of travel sunglasses? They look good and stylish without any hint of being flimsy or substandard. You will be doing our environment a big favor in the long run. 


    There are many factors that you can look into when choosing your pair of travel eyeglasses. In the end, though, you can simplify it down to cost, finish, material, and adaptability. 

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