The Top 5 Vacation Spots In The USA

September 14, 2020

Here are the top 5 destinations in the USA that you can consider for your next travel or holiday plan.

The year 2020 has been an utterly unkind year for those who love to travel. The COVID-19 pandemic which broke out late last year and surged earlier this year meant that there is not yet any clear sight as to when international (and even some domestic) travel will resume. 

Top 5 vacation spots in the USA
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The Top 5 Vacation Spots In The USA

    Even travel plans, put together many months ago, had to be postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19 travel restrictions. As a result, many of us have been stuck at home without a vacation abroad in sight. 

    Gradual easing of restrictions 

    I was talking to a friend, who is based in Houston, Texas, over messenger some days ago. I asked her what the situation is in the USA and she said that, since cases have seen a decline over the last weeks or even months, there is already gradual easing of travel bans and restrictions. 

    In fact, she and her husband have already been to several different places within their area to visit some friends. Their working hours have already returned to normal and the manpower complement in their office (a retail store) has resumed to full capacity. However, there is still caution and safety protocols are still being implemented when they travel. 

    Best places to travel to in the US

    At some point, I asked her what the current trend is when it comes to travel and she said that it is still picking up. Nonetheless, people are already going out to travel locally. After all, a lot of times, there is really no need to leave the US to have a vacation since there are plenty of wonderful places to visit without needing to get on a plane. 

    For US citizens, and even Filipinos based in the USA, here are five of the best vacation spots that you can visit in the USA. 

    1. Florida 

    Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is one of the most holiday destinations among tourists because it offers a lot of things to do as well as activity options. 

    Some of the most famous landmarks in Florida are its theme parks in Orlando, such as Walt Disney World, Universal, and Sea World, to name a few. There are also plenty of beautiful white sand beaches in Florida, particularly in Destin and Fort Walton. 

    Then again, accidents are quite common in Florida because of its busy highways so be careful when driving in Florida. Practice all road safety precautions and avoid unnecessary distractions when driving. 

    Also, when going on a long ride, ensure that you are well-rested. In cases when an unfortunate incident occurs and you are involved, you can always contact a car accident lawyer from Jacksonville. Then again, if you are worried about driving in Florida, there are a good number of public transportation available. 

    2. Las Vegas 

    If you like bright lights, world-class shows, and even some sporting events, then Las Vegas is definitely for you. It is also in many people’s bucket lists because of all the casinos in Las Vegas. 

    Furthermore, because of its outstanding entertainment scene, Las Vegas is one of those destinations that you most likely regularly see all over your TV screen  

    Las Vegas is a fun, vibrant, and exciting city with that offers a lot of things to do to its visitors. You’ll find excellent bars and restaurants and meet a variety of interesting people. One thing that can be hard to do in Las Vegas though is to sleep. 

    3. New York 

    New York is also a pulsating city that is best-known for its bustling tourism industry. Possibly one of the most iconic landmarks that you must see when in New York is the Statue of Liberty, which symbolizes freedom, opportunities, and democracy. 

    In New York alone, you would have countless sights to include in your itinerary such as Times Square, Broadway Theater, Empire State Building, Ellis Island, UN Headquarters, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Rockefeller Center, and endless rows of luxury shops. 

    You should also not miss the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Lincoln Centre, and the 9/11 museum, which guarantee that you will have a lot of new things to learn while roaming around the city. Like Vegas, New York also features in many movies and TV shows, so you can take a tour of some of the most well-known film hot spots (including the Friends building). 

    4. California 

    Being culturally-diverse makes California an interesting state to visit. California’s warm climate makes its beaches a great place to enjoy the sun, sand, and the sea breeze. 

    Honestly, with the many things that it offers travelers, it can be quite hard to decide on where to begin in California. In any case, if you would like to explore a new city, head over to San Francisco which is known for the Golden Gate Bridge and for being the cultural center of California. 

    For some family-friendly holiday, you can visit any of the state’s beautiful beaches such as Ling Beach and Laguna Beach. But if you want a more adventurous weekend, Yosemite Natural Park is definitely for you. 

    If you want to witness some glitz and glamour, take a trip to Los Angeles and take a souvenir photos of the famous Hollywood sign. As the global center of entertainment, you might even witness a movie being filmed in Los Angeles. 

    5. Alaska 

    You might have to travel a bit further to reach Alaska. Nevertheless, the trip is definitely well worth it. In Alaska, you will be treated to the unadulterated beauty of nature, wildlife, and unique culture. Moreover, there are numerous lakes as well as volcanoes located in the Aleutian Islands and the coastal regions. 

    Some of the wildlife that you can expect to see in Alaska include moose, bears, and even whales. What’s even better is that you might also get a rare glimpse of the glorious northern lights. 


    Traveling is forever changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that does not mean that we cannot go out and enjoy the beauty of the world again. 

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    Depending on the current guidelines being imposed by the government, we can start somewhere near, such as these in these US destinations or anywhere applicable for that matter. 

    Anyway, the pandemic will no doubt pass and by then, we can travel and go on a holiday again.

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    1. This is a great list of vacation spots in the US! California is my absolute favorite state. But Alaska is beautiful in the summertime. Las Vegas is full of bright lights and entertainment! New York is on my bucket list.

    2. Its lockdown but still good to know about the beautiful world . Thanks for sharing with us.

    3. I'm a forver tourist! I've been to all places you mentioned. I can safely say my favorite is Las Vegas. There's buffet everywhere! I still couldn't get over the fact that the bar tenders were always asking for my ID. Apparently, to them i look like a minor but at that time i was 22.

      I really hope that this pandemic will end soon so we can all go on with our normal routine and go back travelling!

    4. I would love to see Alaska one day. I've visited a few cities in the USA, but Alaska is one area I haven't been able to get to yet.

    5. Your post was like a brief trip around the US. Would love to visit Florida and Alaska.

    6. Your blog post is like a quick trip around the US. Would love to visit Florida and Alaska

    7. I live in the US already six years but still didn't see NY, Vegas, and Alaska. So now it is a great time to plan spring vacation, and I hope the pandemic will be over finally.

    8. These are great suggestions! We've been to Orlando, but I'd love to visit the rest as well.

    9. Inspiring read. We have been on "house arrest" for so long and my feet is itching for a walk or visit to some places even just within the Philippines. I would love to go to New York if restrictions will loosen enough.

    10. I have been to a couple of these but not all of them. Thanks so much for sharing this! Now I have a few new places to add to my list when I visit the States.

    11. Florida would be at the top of my list too. I have always been fascinated with that beautiful state. Hopefully someday we can visit!

    12. Definitely! Alaska would be my very first destination!

    13. My favorite place in the world to be is Florida. There is so much to do there.

    14. I enjoyed Las Vegas so much. I really want to go to Alaska too. I love winter a lot!

    15. I really think Alaska with its sparse population would make a very good "slow travel" vacation during these times of Covid - if you are able to get to there, that's the best!

    16. This is a great list - especially with everything opening back up with less restrictions!

    17. ROXAS EDGARDO8 May 2022 at 03:12

      This Is So amazing, Sobrang Gaganda po tlaga sa mga yan Mommy and daddy, that's why, this is one of my bucket list.. hndi lang sa mgaganda kundi patuloy ring hinahangaan pag dating sa mga bagay bagay... really proud both of you mommy and daddy, Can't wait po for you're new blog πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    18. Jowana Gumboc8 May 2022 at 03:12

      Wow. Magaganda nga po ang lugar sa USA. Maraming sa atin nangangarap na makapunta dyan. Isa na ako dun.😊😊

    19. Lahat po yata tayo. Thank you po. :)