ChocoVron Big Oven Butterscotch: A Classic Favorite In Convenient Packs [Review]

August 27, 2021

Sharing my review of ChocoVron's Big Oven butterscotch bars; why we love it at home and why we recommend it.

ChocoVron Big Oven Butterscotch bars are chewy, buttery, fragrant, and overall delicious. I love butterscotch and I was really happy to have discovered Big Oven butterscotch bars because they taste as good as the ones bought from famous tourist destinations around the Philippines.

A bag of ChocoVron Big Oven butterscotch

ChocoVron Big Oven Butterscotch: A Classic Favorite In Convenient Packs [Review]

    Butterscotch in the Philippines

    Technically, butterscotch is a type of confection made of brown sugar and butter. It can sometimes be in the form of hard candy or as a sugary sauce. In the Philippines though, butterscotch is similar to brownies in form and texture but the former is paler because it doesn’t contain chocolate or cocoa powder.

    Filipino butterscotch draws its flavor from butter, brown sugar, and vanilla. Despite its simplicity, butterscotch is delicious and packed with a rich taste.

    My personal love for butterscotch

    There are only a few pastries that I consider as my favorites and one of those is butterscotch. I think I first tasted it during college when my classmate brought a big bag of butterscotch after our semestral break. 

    The first moment I tasted it, I knew that I will have a love affair with butterscotch. Back then, it wasn’t readily available in the stores and malls near UP Diliman so I only got to taste butterscotch whenever a classmate from Iloilo or Bacolod City would go back to Manila from the province.

    Trying ChocoVron Big Oven Butterscotch for the first time

    Our family is a big fan of the ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies because they are of excellent quality. Our kids’ faces would light up when they see us opening a bag of Big Oven brownies. 

    A man holding different ChocoVron Big Oven products

    As such, Big Oven brownies have always been a part of our grocery list; we would buy a bag or two just to make sure that we wouldn’t run out of it.

    Anyway, it was during one of those grocery runs when we discovered Big Oven butterscotch. It was an easy decision to try Big Oven butterscotch because we trust this brand, just the same. 

    I honestly bought Big Oven butterscotch for myself but I didn’t realize that our kids would love it, too, when they got to taste it. Now, they love both Big Oven brownies and butterscotch, thus, we make sure that we have both of these at home.

    Personally, I was surprised with Big Oven butterscotch because it tastes as good as the ones that my classmates brought from the provinces. What’s good about Big Oven butterscotch though is that it’s conveniently available in supermarkets.

    Where to buy Big Oven butterscotch

    You can buy Big Oven butterscotch from major supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. You can also buy it from ChocoVron’s website, as well as from Lazada and Shopee.

    Big Oven butterscotch comes in 200-grams big pack (P65, individually packed), 180-grams pack (P50), and 130-grams (P40, individually packed).


    We love the rich and authentic taste of Big Oven butterscotch. It’s moist, chewy, and buttery; similar to the butterscotch bars I used to taste when I was in college. What I also like about Big Oven butterscotch is that it's conveniently available in supermarkets, grocery stores, and online stores.

    It’s one of my most favorite desserts and even my kids enjoy eating it, too.

    Big Oven butterscotch review

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    1. favorite namin to ng mga kids at kami ni hubby.. Sulit yung presyo nya sulit din yung sarap nya malinamnam hindi nakakaumay at talagang mabubusog ka..

    2. Masarap po itong big oven butterscotch at chocoVron ni big oven dati po kasi nag online selling ako nito kaya bago ko po ialol sa customer natikman ko muna at talaga namang good news ito para sa mamimili dahil makakaavail kana nito sa any super market store, lazada at shopee doba sobrang dali nalang nya hanapin super sulit ang lasa kaya mapapaulit ka ng bili dahil hindi mo pag sasawaan bagkos magiging favorite pa ito ng buong pamilya mo❤️❤️❤️

    3. It is perfect for snacks and for Baon pack for travels.ChocoVron Big Oven Butterscotch bars are chewy, buttery, fragrant, and overall delicious. It will definitely become an all time favorite of my kids.🤗😍

    4. Nice review about this product. Looking forward to give it a try ,if it's recommended, how we loved to have it. We personally love some of these amazing goodies,

    5. Ang ganda naman po ng inyong review. Paniguradong bibili ang mga nagbabasa ng mga nirereview niyo .

      Natry ko na po itong ChocoVron Big Oven Butterscotch .. At ang sarap po niya .. Sulit na sulit ang pinambili ko .
      Ginawa ko din po itong pampasalubong nung umuwi ako ng probinsya .. At hindi na ako nagtaka kung bakit sobrang nagustuhan nila ito lalo na ng anak ko ..

    6. Butterscotch is really our all time favorite, super yummy and you can buy it in supermarket, my siblings really like it when I buy this as a pasalubong, they really love it so much that they eat it all nonstop, haha, the best very yummy and you will never regret buying it. highly recommend this one.

    7. Masarap po kumain Nyan pag may kasama Ng kape👌❤️

    8. Isa SA paboritong kainin Ng mga bata,,butter bread,, like ChocoVron😋😋

    9. Big oven brand is one of my favorite brownies and scotch, Affordable price na sya and super worth pa ng taste of flavor nila.
      Favorite namin to ng anak ko everyday pag lalabas ako ito lagi di mawawala sa bibilhin ko .

    10. Butterscotch is really our favorite snacks, when we visit in Bacolod and I buy this one as a pasalubong my siblings really love it that they eat it nonstop, the best very yummy and perfect for snack time, me myself Highly recommend this one, I guranteed that you will never regret it.

    11. let's try the big oven butter scotch this is the most like dessert because this big oven is really delicious even my children are happy when I buy it it's not expensive but it's worth it and my kids and I really enjoyed eating that big oven And you'll be really full .

    12. i really want to try this chocovron dahil i heard a lot na masarap daw po ito and good thing about this it is in convenient packs must try po and great review

    13. Napakasarap po talaga nitong Big Oven natikman ko napo kasi ito.. Ang ginagawa kopo nun inilalagay ko din sya sa ref 😅 Mas lalo syang masarap kapag matigas. ehee Worth it to buy po talaga Siguradong magugustuhan din ng boong pamilya..

    14. I've never heard of anything like this. I wonder if they sell anything similar in our area.

    15. I love these! I love their butterscotch and i think they also have the chocolate and cheese brownies combo too. Their polvorons are great too. It's not just ideal snacks but also an excellent pasalubong too.

    16. Wow yummy snacks idea. Thanks for sharing with us

    17. I do but their brownies and chocolate chips but I haven't tried their butterscotch. Thanks for the review.

    18. I love butterscotch too!! I've actually never tried Big Oven Brand, I want to now!

    19. This looks nice and yummy snack between meals. Bloggers and people work get hungry fast and this would be perfect option.

      Fransic -

    20. I tried this. It's not so sweet. It's affordable too! Perfect kids snack in the afternoon (and kids at heart. hahaha).

    21. Butterscotch is also my favorite. He He. Will defintely try them when I am in your part of the world.

    22. I don't think I've tried this before but that looks like a great product to check out sometime. My mom loves butterscotch snacks.

    23. I love butterscotch but this is my first time to learn about this brand. I am not sure if we had this brand here in my area. I would love to try this out.

    24. These sound so handy! I'd love to try these if they were in my country.