3 Reasons Why We Love ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies [Dad-Approved]

May 07, 2021

Sharing with you my review of ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies where you will find out why it’s a favorite at home.

One of our current favorite store-bought pastries at home is ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies. Among the four of us though, it’s our eldest son who is so in love with ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies. His face would readily light up once he sees a pack of Big Oven Brownies. However, we try to limit it to two pieces of brownies during snack time to minimize his sugar intake.

Why we love ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies

3 Reasons Why We Love ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies [Dad-Approved]

    How we discovered ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies

    We used to buy a different brand of packed brownies. However, I always found that brownies brand to be a little bit dry and lacking in chocolatey taste. It was perfectly fine with our little boy though and he would always look forward to eating brownies during snack time.

    One time when we were doing our groceries at the supermarket, that brownies brand was out of stock. We found ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies on one of the shelves that featured local food products. ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies was packaged well and it no doubt gave the impression that it was of good quality.

    When we arrived home and opened that pack of ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies, I was impressed because it smelled delicious. I gave a piece to our son and he immediately loved it. Khris and I tasted it as well and it was much better than the old brand that we bought. From then on, we only bought ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies whenever we were out grocery shopping.

    Why we love ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies

    ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies is one food brand that we’ve been loyal to for a long time. Of course, we wouldn’t keep on buying ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies if we felt that it wasn't of good quality. Nevertheless, here are some more reasons why we like ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies at home:

    1. Big Oven Brownies are delicious

    We love ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies because it tastes good. Each brownie bite tastes freshly baked, moist, and chewy. It has a rich chocolate flavor that has remained consistent over the years. What’s more, Big Oven Brownies don’t have a stale aftertaste like other commercial brownie brands.

    2. Big Oven Brownies are affordable

    ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies are affordable. The 200-gram pack of individually-packed brownies is P65 while the regular 200-gram pack costs P50.

    If you want to include these ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies in loot bags for your kiddie party, then go for the individually-packed variant.

    3. Big Oven Brownies are made by a local company

    ChocoVron is a local company based in Laguna. Aside from brownies, they also offer butterscotch, chocolate chip cookies, as well as different polvoron variants.

    My personal advocacy is to support local companies and small businesses. However, I like to do it wholeheartedly that’s why I’m happy if the local companies that I’m supporting carry products that are excellent and worth their price.

    Where to buy ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies

    You can buy ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies in almost all major supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores. You can also buy it online at Lazada, Shopee, and ChocoVron’s online store.


    One of the products that we make sure that we have in stock at home is ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies. It’s delicious that’s why both our sons love eating it for their morning snacks.

    Moreover, Big Oven Brownies are affordable and made by a local company. I’m sure that you’d also love it once you've tried it, that is if you haven’t done so yet.

    ChocoVron Big Oven Brownies review

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    1. I love brownies too. I would love to try these. The good thing it is very affordable.

    2. Must try po lalo na bet ko yung 3 reason mo ang pinaka importante sa lahat pag bumibili ka. DELICIOUS, AFFORDABLE. and lets support local business po.

    3. Na try ko n po bumili Ng Big Oven products. Ang sarap po. Bet n bet ng kids ko.

    4. have already tried this, it is really delicious and have good texture than other kind of brownies. kids will surely love it

    5. I love this Cookies and Brownies , super Perfect for coffee .. really must try this from Chocovron Big Oven highly Impressive and Truly Recommensed.. dahil hindi ka Magsisisi sa sarap ng mga Sweet nila.. siguradong sulit na sulit to Order at Magugustuhan din ng mga Bagets

    6. Iba talaga when it is mass-produced in packages like that! It's cheaper plus it is so yum! I also see this brand dito sa city namin. :) Try ko nga!

    7. I've not heard of ChocoVron until today. I'll check it out. I bake but it's been quite difficult to find time to do so nowadays and having a pack available can be quite handy.

    8. I think this is the first time I heard about ChocoVron. I never really baked a perfect brownies so I usually go for packed ones like this. Hehehe I should go out sometimes to look for it if meron dito sa min.

    9. Uhm yes!!!! Now you got
      me craving for this kinda stuff. I could east sugar once in a while lol

    10. ay hindi ko pa to na try. is it easy to bake? parang bet ko ng meron kaming ma munch on ng son ko pag nanonood ng movie!

      1. Ready to eat na ang Big Oven brownies kaya super convenient nya. :)

    11. Masarap po talaga ang products nila. Hinda masyadong matamis kaya hindi ka mauumay agad.