7 Snack Food Items That We trust For Our Toddlers

December 23, 2020

Here is a list of our trusted food brands that we usually buy as snack items for our two babies.

Snacking is an essential part of our toddlers’ day. It keeps them full until the next meal or milk time so they are less grumpy. Snacks also give them the energy for play and other activities throughout the day.
Snack food items that we trust for our toddlers

7 Snack Food Items That We trust For Our Toddlers

    Choosing snacks for our babies 

    In choosing the best snacks for our babies, we wanted items that are both delicious and healthy. It may sound simple but we had to try out several different products first before we were able to settle on brands that our babies really liked. 

    Khris and I are happy because these food items don’t just taste good but they are made of healthy and natural ingredients without additives and preservatives. And it’s not just our babies that love these delicious bites but for us, too. 

    The top brands that we trust 

    Here are some of the food brands that we usually buy for our babies’ snacks. These are common products that you can buy in grocery stores, convenience stores, and even online. We usually alternate them so that our two little boys would not get tired of the taste. 

    1. Marie Biscuit 

    I think most Filipinos have had Marie as their first snack item when they were babies. These are rich and milky cookies that easily soften when they become wet. Anyway, I think Marie is a type of biscuit and not its brand name because I see several food brands offering Marie biscuits.

    2. Nissin Bread Stix 

    Nissin Bread Stix is a brand of bite-sized breadsticks that come in handy plastic packs. What we love about Nissin Bread Stix is that it’s not too sweet, it has hints of saltiness, and it’s easy to chew. It crumbles easily so it’s really ideal for babies. 

    We used to keep in stock several bags of Nissin Bread Stix because our firstborn would not eat any other cookies or bread except Nissin Bread Stix. 

    3. Nissin Eggnog cookies 

    Nissin Eggnog cookies can also be considered classic Pinoy snacks. I remember liking Nissin Eggnog from as far back as my elementary school days because it tastes creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. 

    Anyway, our babies love Nissin Eggnog cookies, too, and we clearly understand why. Its taste and quality remain the same throughout the years. 

    4. Lemon Square Whatta Flakes Spanish Bread Flavor

    I think this is a newly-launched variant because it has only been a few months ago since we started seeing this on grocery shelves. This is one of our current favorites at home because it’s really delicious. 

    Lemon Square Whatta Flakes Snack Food Item For Toddlers
    Lemon Square Whatta Flakes

    It doesn’t taste exactly like classic Spanish Bread but you can definitely distinguish the buttery flavor that is enhanced by the sugar sprinkled into the surface of the crackers. 

    5. Lemon Square Cookie Bites Cheesecake 

    Lemon Square Cookie Bites snack for toddlers

    Cheesecake-flavored cookies? Yes, that’s correct! These Lemon Square cookie bites is like Nissin Eggnog cookies with hints of cheese taste. 

    6. Monde Cheese Bar 

    We love the milky-cheese flavor of Monde Cheese Bar. It’s a bit on the sweet side so we go easy on this when giving it to our babies. Just the same, Khris and I love to pair this with coffee for our afternoon break from work. 

    7. Monde Special Mamon 

    You can never go wrong with classic Monde Special Mamon. It’s soft, fragrant, and milky. It’s not too sweet, so we’d like to believe that we’re not feeding our babies too much sugar when we give them Monde Special Mamon. 

    Monde Special Mamon snack for toddlers

    What we also like about Nissin Special Mamon is that it’s firm; it doesn’t crumble too easily so there is less food wastage. 


    These are currently the snack items that we trust for our babies. They also like these brands because they taste good and are generally delightful to munch on. We’d also like to believe that they are healthy because, as the manufacturers claim they are made of natural ingredients.

    Snacks food items that we trust for our toddlers
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