5 Quick Ways To Relive Happy Memories With Your Favorite Childhood Snacks

May 28, 2021

Food evokes happy memories, as such, relive the good old days by indulging in your favorite childhood snacks.

There are some things that are hard to change and a perfect example of this would be eating our favorite childhood snacks. That’s because no matter how old we get, munching on our beloved childhood snacks will always bring out many happy memories from the past.

Relive happy memories with your favorite childhood snacks

5 Quick Ways To Relive Happy Memories With Your Favorite Childhood Snacks

    Don’t you find it amusing when you take a bite on your favorite chips and nibbles, cheerful images with your friends during school breaks come rushing in your head? I definitely do and it makes me smile whenever I think of the good old and carefree days of our youth.

    Chippy is my all-time favorite childhood snack

    If I were to choose just one snack brand, it would always be Chippy barbecue flavor. During my elementary days, I would always buy Chippy in our school canteen and ate it as I played with my classmates and neighbors. In high school, in college, and even up to this day, I eat Chippy because it makes me happy when I do so.

    A bag of Chippy red is my favorite childhood snack
    Picture from Chippy's Facebook Page

    Chippy’s different flavors

    Chippy’s taste has evolved over the years, to be honest. I liked its old flavor more but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like its current taste. I still enjoy these crunchy barbecue-flavored corn chips with gusto.

    What’s even better is that Chippy has added two more flavors to its line-up: Garlic & Vinegar (Chippy Green) and Chili & Cheese (Chippy Blue). A few years ago, I tasted what I think was a limited-edition flavor: Chippy Twister in Taco & Spice flavor. I liked it but couldn’t find this flavor in stores anymore. Anyway, Chippy fans still have three flavor options to choose from these days.

    How to relive happy childhood memories with your favorite snacks

    The challenges and pressures of our day-to-day life can take their toll on us. We get stressed and we become overwhelmed with the many things that are going on around us. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you! So, just sit back and relax.

    Childhood snacks that Filipinos love
    Some of the snacks that Filipinos of all ages love

    Better yet, reconnect with your childhood friends and loved ones. It’s as easy as a click of a button these days. Reminisce the good old days of your childhood as you munch on snacks and remember the activities that you adored while growing up.

    There’s nothing more comforting than seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Here are some quick and easy activities for a trip down memory lane:

    1. Catch up with your friends

    Set up a virtual catch-up session with your elementary or high school friends. Think of the days when you are in your favorite hangout place or neighborhood store enjoying the affordable but yummy snack that never fails to put a smile on your face — the iconic Chippy.

    With Chippy’s many different flavors, opening a pack or two after a day’s work can take anyone back to the good old days.

    Spice up your virtual meet-up by mixing all different Chippy flavors in a bowl. What’s more, you can even encourage your friends to make their own homemade dips like melted cheese with ground beef for a Chippy Nacho snack.

    Why not teach your friends a cool hack by making a delicious onion dip using onions, mayonnaise, sour cream, and cream cheese? Or impress your friend with your gourmet skills in the kitchen by making a spinach artichoke dip.

    2. Bond with your siblings

    When things get rough, all we need is just a cheesy snack to get us through the day. So, bring out a pack of Chiz Curls and grab your favorite drink.

    A bag of our favorite childhood snacks
    Bag of our favorite childhood snacks

    Think of the days when you were little and you always ran to the sari-sari store to buy your favorite cheesy snack with your leftover allowance. It will surely make you smile when you reminisce about playing under the sun while snacking on your much-loved comfort food.

    With a bag of Chiz Curls, have a great time bonding with your siblings by talking about the silliest moments you had as kids. And while you're at it, you could also unearth old photos and recreate them now that you're all grown up.

    3. Indulge in sweets

    Remember the days when you gave yourself chocolate as a reward for doing well in school or for finishing all your household chores? Well, nothing will stop you from doing the same thing now. Reward yourself after a day of hard work by enjoying a pack of mouthwatering Cream-O cookies.

    Try making a refreshing Cream-O smoothie or pudding pops with ice and vanilla ice cream. You could also whip up a frozen, no-bake Cream-O cake or create cake pops. After all, you deserve all these sweet treats and more!

    4. Take a quick break

    Fretting over a long and busy day? Take a quick break to relax and relive your carefree childhood days by popping in your favorite Maxx Honey Lemon Candy. Now you can enjoy a refreshing and stress-free grind.

    Sometimes remembering the good old days with your go-to candy is all the break that you need.

    5. Bring out the kid in you

    The everyday routine can wear you down. There are times when you’d surely miss the good old days of your childhood when the littlest things can make you all excited. Well, don’t fret because a childhood staple is still around to add color and excitement to your day.

    You can bring out a coloring book to help you de-stress every once in a while, and enjoy a bag of Nips Chocolate. That should bring out the kid in you and give you good vibes for all your stressful days.


    There’s nothing more calming than thinking of our happy days of our childhood. As such, we should regularly take a few moments to indulge in those warm, wonderful, carefree memories of youth. Unplug and unwind with Jack 'n Jill's Pinoy classic snacks.

    You can get your favorite snacks at the nearest neighborhood sari-sari store, convenience store, supermarket, or even online stores. For more information, you can visit www.urc.com.ph.

    5 ways to relive happy memories with your favorite childhood snacks

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    1. I have never heard of Chippy's, but they look good. I am a sucker for corn chips and anything nostalgic!

    2. Yes, eating Chippy brings so many childhood memories. This is my go-to eat when I crave something to munch. Id like to go it with a refreshing soda.

    3. Eating my childhood snacks brings back memories too. My snacks were similar with different brand names. I guess all of us ate similar things, huh?

    4. I have to admit that I don't eat many of the foods I ate as a kid, but those Chippy's do look good!

    5. Perfect timing! I'm munching on Iced Gems as I'm reading this! My childhood go-to snack would be Mr. Chips. Weather hanging out with my sibling or drinking with my buddies, I'd always get myself a bag of Mr. Chips.

      PS: URC's factory is just a few blocks away and lakas maka-throwback ng amoy ng chocolates.

    6. Aaah I don't know any of these snacks as I'm in the UK, but I totally agree that they nostalgic! I found a childhood sweet on holiday and it took my right back there. Great memories.

    7. haha, this is actually a very convincing post. Snacks made me so happy as a child. "When things get rough, just bring out the snacks" Love that !

    8. All time favorite ko din po yung chippy perfect snack na talaga with friends.My favorite flavor po is chili and cheese 🤗 Perfect din ito marathon with family🤗

    9. Chippy is my ultimate favorite Filipino chicheriya. Of course there are so many good ones now, too. But Chippy is always something I look for from time to time.

      I have so many memories of my childhood that involves a bag of Chippy. Hihi.

    10. Actually, Cream-O are sold here in Japan as the cheaper version of Oreos (Like 100 yen per box). Didn't know they were from the Philippines!

    11. ohhhh! you just made me think of one of my favorite things to eat when I was a child. I can't remember the name of it right now, but I can picture them. Chocolate, cake-like, sometimes with carmel.... I wonder if I would still think they are good or not?

    12. I may not have the happiest childhood memories and most of them I don’t want to remember but yeah , don’t want to ride to myself , there’s some few that would love to relive like playing and eating the all time fave snacks . As a Filipino now based in Scotland , so nice to remember the popular and yummy red chippy.

    13. Whenever I see Chiz Curls in a supermarket, I reminisce my past. Super favorites snacks ko tlaga🤤